Makeup tricks and tips for the Arizona heat

By Carly Doyle It may be fall, but we’re all still going to be rocking summer wear for at least another month; and that also includes, summer make-up. As a little shout out and welcome to any out-of-staters, here are a few tips I’ve picked up as a native on the best kinds of make-up […]

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Parisian Inspired Skincare Regimes

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Parisian Skin Care, Kortney Tenaglia

As The Chic Daily team anxiously prepares for summer, I can’t help take a deeper look into how I’m preparing for mine. Once finals are over I’m jetting off for well-deserved, relaxing and stress-free week alone in Paris – with my only commitment being to the Louvre and espresso. Summer is also the most important […]

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