Tennis Inspired Fashion Trends & Where to Buy Them

By: Emma Oyen

Sports have been shown to influence fashion over the years. One, in particular, is tennis-inspired trends. These trends have recently been all the rage in the fashion industry. 

Tennis has inspired fun and relaxed looks that are perfect for both on and off the court! My own love for tennis has influenced my daily outfits. I have gotten into wearing pleated skirts, sneakers, and even matching sweat sets like my team used to wear for warm-ups on chilly days. 

Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration on how to style tennis clothes, where to buy them, and see looks from fashion icons like Bella Hadid, Danielle Bernstein, Emma Chamberlain, and more.

Keep reading to find tennis-inspired clothes you NEED and find new ways to style them! 

Trend #1: Tennis Skirts 

Tennis has inspired the wear of pleated skirts and athletic skirts that have both become a staple fashion trend. Here are some of my favorite finds.  

Princess Polly Rescue Me Pleat Mini Skirt: 

This is the perfect pleated skirt! The stretchy material makes it work for anything, whether it is everyday wear or dressing it up. Princess Polly currently has a large variety  of tennis-inspired skirts. This one in particular comes in many colors including white, blue, yellow, green, pink, and even denim.

Free People Give It A Whirl Set:

This set is guaranteed to wow your opponent on the court! Flexible, practical, and made for athletic wear. You can play your best match while still styling your new outfit. This set comes in deep navy with white detailing, and in white with grey detailing. 

Mayfair Athletics Tennis Skirt:

This classic and chic tennis skirt is a must-have! The timeless pleated look and sleek style can be easily paired with anything. The detailing on the waistband gives it a cute, vintage look and it is flattering to the body. 

Princess Polly Tahls Mini Skirt:

More from Princess Polly, the Tahls Mini Skirt is another style that rocks the tennis look! Another pleated skirt that is the perfect addition to every wardrobe. The tennis skirt is versatile and can be worn in many ways. Throw on a plain top for a simple look, or add a button-down shirt for a fun and preppy style.

 Princess Polly Aces Mini Skirt:

Another Princess Polly item puts a different take on tennis fashion with this comfortable tennis logo skirt. I love this outfit because it is easy to throw on for everyday wear, and is a chic sporty style.

Nike Court Victory Tennis Skirt:

Nike has many different styles of tennis skirts that are practical for actual tennis-play as well as daily wear. This is one of my favorite styles because of the elastic waistband, dainty details, and built-in spandex. This also comes in many different colors!

Trend #2: Sneakers

Additionally, tennis has inspired styles of sneakers that are seen as a streetwear trend. There are several shoe designs over the years that have been influenced by tennis, and currently, many that mimic the chunky look of a court shoe. 

NastyGal Bare Your Sole Chunky Lace-Up Sneakers:

NastyGal currently has several chunky shoe styles that imitate the look of a tennis court shoe. The best part is that these sneakers are so affordable! Their retail price is $60, BUT they are currently on sale for less than half this price at $24.

Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage:

The Nike Blazer combines a sporty look with a vintage design. These might be my favorite for everyday wear, and they go with absolutely anything! Style these with a pleated skirt and crewneck, or with your favorite denim. 

Windsor Smith Lupe Sneaker:

If you want even more spunk, try these extra chunky, all-white sneakers! The dramatic look is a sure way to boost your style and confidence. These sneakers feature an extra high platform and a geometric design. I call these my glorified tennis shoes.

Trend #3: Sweatshirts / Sweaters 

Sweatshirts, sweaters, and loungewear have also been inspired by tennis. Whether simply inspired by team warm-up apparel or outer gear worn by professional players over the years; there are many variations. 

Gucci Tennis Logo Sweatshirt:

Gucci has incorporated tennis graphics into several designs over the years. These designer, comfortable crewnecks feature tennis racquet detailing.

Lacoste Unisex LIVE Wool Blend V-neck Sweater:

Lacoste is an iconic brand that has highly inspired tennis fashion throughout history. Founded by the famous French tennis player René Lacoste in 1933, the brand quickly took off. Soon, the crocodile logo on the chest was worn by players everywhere and the brand continued to revolutionize tennis fashion. This V neck, preppy sweater look by Lacoste also incorporates a vintage feel.

Learn more about Lacoste’s influence on tennis fashion here:

Beginning Boutique Tennis Club Cropped Sweater:

Beginning Boutique Lounge Shorts Tennis Club:

Beginning Boutique also features tennis-inspired loungewear, perfect for a cozy day. This clothing features tennis racquet graphics and ‘Tennis Club’ lettering, which mimics a club team’s outerwear. I love these pieces because they can be worn separately or as a set. Wear it with white sneakers and you are good to go! 

The game of tennis has inspired several fashion trends and there are countless brands to find them at. Whether it be tennis skirts, sneakers, or sweaters, don’t be afraid to add some tennis-themed pieces to your wardrobe.

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