Blue Luxe Boutique, As Seen on Tik Tok

By: Grace Copperthite

Hong Phan achieved her dreams by becoming a business owner at 19-years-old. Her love for fashion has blossomed into a cute and trendy online boutique that has blown up on Tik Tok. 

Phan fell in love with Project Runway as a child which inspired her to appreciate all styles. 

“I learned that fashion doesn’t have any restrictions,” She said. “It changes and adapts itself to the endless possibilities of style without limitations.” 

 As a current marketing student, Phan decided to kick start her career by creating Blue Luxe Boutique a couple of months ago. Starting a small business is never easy, and there are many hurdles along the way. She currently uses Tik Tok as a primary marketing tool, saying the app has helped her “obtain new techniques and strategies” to help cater to potential customers. 

Phan’s marketing experience has grown Blue Luxe greatly in such a short amount of time. Her motivation and mission statement is to “encourage others to find their own passions and admire opportunities.”  

Blue Luxe, to Phan, means inspiration. She loved the color blue, but realized that the color itself, signifies inspiration. This is shown through her “numerous support and comments from young girls saying it’s their dream to own a boutique.” Phan says that Blue Luxe has achieved its goal of being an incredible source of individuality for others and she hopes that it will continue to do so as her brand grows.

Phan says that’s hard to fathom where she will be in 10 years because it’s still a surprise where she is now.

“I hope it will become something more than just inventory in my room,” Phan said. “With the support and growth received, Blue Luxe is going to become something great.”

She plans to start an ambassador and collaboration team in the near future. Phan’s amazing support and success just goes to show that Blue Luxe’s mission statement rings true: true passion leads to amazing opportunities.

Blue Luxe Look-Book

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