If You Haven’t Noticed Charli XCX is Putting Out THE Album of the Pandemic

By Cameron Rubner

British pop superstar Charli XCX is back in the studio not even a year after she released her third studio album “Charli” back in September of 2019.

On April 3, a document seemingly from Atlantic records (but actually fan-made) leaked, stating that Charli was working on her fourth studio album titled “How I’m Feeling Now.”

The next day Charli went to Twitter and confirmed the document actually revealed true information.

She quote tweeted the fan-made document saying “Whoever made this is a genius.”

In a video Charli officially announced the album, saying that she’s using this quarantine time to make a new album.

She also stated that she would be keeping the process very open, posting demos, acapellas, text messages with collaborators and even hosting zoom conferences for her fans to gauge their opinions and also take some advice.

On April 6, Charli posted screenshots with PC music founder and frequent collaborator, AG Cook. Cook executively produced “Charli” and also her highly acclaimed 2017 mixtape, “Pop 2” and has production credits on her other 2017 mixtape “Number 1 Angel.”

In the same tweet, she posted a conversation between her and producer and 100 Gecs member Dylan Brady. Brady has production credits on “Charli” and Charli was featured on the 100 Gecs “Ringtone” remix.

The first single that Charli released for her new quarantine album was titled “Forever” which came out on April 9.

Sticking true to her word, Charli posted her writing process for the song and the ideas that AG Cook had for the outro onto her social media.

She even let her fans vote on what would be the cover art. Since the release of “Forever,” Charli has posted snippets of four more songs, with the Dylan Brady produced number, “Claws,” releasing next.

Charli said the album is slated to release on May 15.

Make sure to follow CharliXCX on both twitter and Instagram for live updates on the album.

Check out her first single “Forever” from her new album

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