OPINION: Grammy’s Fashion

By: Sam Ellefson

The 62nd annual Grammy Awards aired Sunday, and the ceremony was met with a mixture of celebration, confusion and disappointment.

Billie Eilish, 18, managed to pull a full sweep in the four major categories: Best New Artist, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Other major wins included Lizzo, who won Best Pop/Solo Performance, and Tyler, the Creator, who won Best Rap Album.

Tyler, who was previously nominated by the Academy for “Flower Boy” in 2018, made waves after expressing his mild discontent with how the Academy rewards black artists

Before the event could commence, musicians, icons and celebrities alike donned their best garments for the red carpet.

Opposite of these celebrities were individuals who fell into an obscure corner of fashion — garbs meant for political statements.

It is my personal opinion that politics can, but shouldn’t, play a substantial role in fashion. Artists who make statements on the red carpet are simply grasping at straws, because they have no other means of getting attention.

Lack of talent can be masked by outrageous antics or sincere partisan statements, but both supplement the fact that nobody knows who these individuals are.

‘Trumping’ the list of messy looks was Joy Villa, who predictably showed up in a Trump 2020 gown.

Villa has become known for her political floor gowns, and this year was no exception with a messy mixture of sequins, feathers and plastic. This look was definitely the worst of the night, and not just because of the message it portrays.

Coming close in second place for worst look of the night was Ricky Rebel, who wore a monochromatic extravaganza with the phrase “Impeach This” written tastefully in Sharpie on his butt.

Abandoning satire, Rebel’s look was a mixture of sheer lace and animal hide that looks like plastic wrap. Donning an umbrella and covering his eyes, Rebel’s look was purely for attention, and we all gave it to him.

Actress Megan Pormer wore a political dress as well, though this time the trend was executed with a conscious mind. Bearing the words “No War With Iran” across her chest, Pormer’s dress was a liberal and timely statement to make on the red carpet.

Although this statement is shared by many, it screams as a grab for media coverage by a dying celebrity.

Wearing a political piece does not solely occur in Washington.

It can be a eye-catching statement that everybody can gawk over in envy or disgust.

I hope that in the future, individuals watching award shows do not pay attention to these desperate grabs for the limelight. Rather, they should focus on the beauty of fashion and the merit being celebrated at the event.

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