Cautious Clay in Paris

By: Lauren Bukoskey

Cautious Clay walks out on stage at his show at Point Éphémère in Paris on Feb. 21, sings a few songs, and said-

“Damn you guys in Paris are quiet.”

However, I don’t think the audience  that night were necessarily quiet. I think they were overwhelmed that they had been taken on such lyrical and emotional ride by a man playing the flute in Vans and a three quarter length tee.

Simple and honest with his outfit choice, but not so much with his musicality and his IMG_3733lyrics. He sold out his U.S. leg of his tour, and has started his Europe tour. He will also be releasing new music with John Mayer this year as he has been working on a few songs with him, after appearing on John Mayer’s Instagram story show called Current Mood. Mayer started following Cautious on Instagram and he took that as a way to slide in the DMs.

I was like ‘Hey Man’,” Cautious said.

Cautious thinks the collaboration will be released early March, but what we can expect is the same genuine and authentic sound he creates in every song, including in his new EP Blood Type. It is not hard for him to get too personal with his lyrics, as he tends to keeps his songs raw and personal.

“It’s a fun way to express myself and not feel restricted by expectations, so I enjoy writing,” Cautious said.

The lyric from his song “Stolen Moments”- “I think that loneliness will serve us well,” is the most personal he has written.

After using Soundcloud heavily and creating beats during college, writing and singing seemed like a pretty natural fit.

On top of playing the guitar, saxophone, and flute (some times all in one song) during his live shows, he also isn’t in a rush to sign to any music label.

“I’ve already picked up a lot of going this far, riding it out and having a team I build out. Pretty exciting, just figuring it out,” Cautious said.

After the successful year Cautious has had, one can’t blame him for hesitating before signing to a label. If anything-that would ruin his simplistic and genuine platform. For any fans of his, you’ll appreciate this: Cautious Clay will “always be that one tough act to follow,” he said. 

**Photos courtesy of Cautious Clay’s Instagram account.

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