Journaling: Why you should try it

By: Riley Anderson

For Christmas this year I received a book called The Thoughtful Journal. My initial reaction was ‘oh great another book with empty pages that I’ll never write anything in’. journal1But upon opening the book, I realized how cute and organized it was.

When you first open up the journal there is a page of all the months for the year. I typically circle birthdays or events in this section to remind myself.

The next two sections are the ones you begin to journal in. The first section is the monthly overview, this is where you write about your past month and plan this month’s goals. It also asks what you look forward to and encourages you to plan something fun. This section also always has a fun question to answer that is different every month. The last important thing this section has is the habit tracker. Where you can track your habits to see if you’re breaking them!

journal2The next section is a weekly overview. This is where you write about what you want to focus on. The first step is to fill out the do more and do less section. Next is your weekly focus, where you can put goals, fun things to do, something you want to work on, anything really. Then at the end of the week, you can fill out the weekly high and weekly low, as well as give your week an overall rating. There is also lots of space for extra notes, list or inspirational quotes.

I never liked just journaling my thoughts in an empty notebook. If you’re like that too, then consider The Thoughtful Journal. It helps me vent, set goals, track my habits and reflect. I enjoy the fun questions you get to fill out and all the quotes. This book makes journaling fun and easy.

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