Fashion lookbook

On-campus styles: A lookbook

By: Olivia Munson

The fall semester at the Downtown Phoenix Campus has been underway for nearly a month. With each walk to class, I continue to see students rocking a variety of different styles.

Here is a lookbook of some of my favorites seen on campus to provide fresh inspiration for your outfits this semester.


Thrifted Chic

When I asked to take a picture of Yazmin’s outfit, I was shocked to find out that almost all of it was thrifted. She raved about how she got her jeans for only three dollars and her shirt for almost nothing. Personally, I love the new trend of dad polos, and pairing it with a tied front made the shirt even cuter. Yazmin paired her outfit with some shoes from the Gap and a bag from Timbuk2. The orange and blue complement each other perfectly for a fun summertime look.


Everyday (Not-So) Casual


Off-the-shoulder tops can be found a nearly every store you go into; Pacsun, Brandy Melville, the list goes on. These tops are in style and I loved the way Sofia styled her outfit based on this shirt. The overall idea is simple but with some accessorizing, she was able to amp up a seemingly casual ensemble. Her bag, from Amazon, was my favorite part since the pastel colors of pink and blue complemented the red and denim of her shirt and jean set. Her Nike shoes, from Nordstrom, completed the outfit to give it a not-so-casual vibe.


Flowy Floral

Floral patterns never go out of style and as summer comes to a close, it is time to embrace as much of the pattern as possible. Miranda’s shirt caught my eye and the bralette underneath really made the pattern pop. I liked how she matched the colors, and her accessories were as effortless as her bralette and scrunchie. Scrunchies are a must accessory-wise, especially in the Arizona heat. They are super affordable and cuter than regular hair ties when it comes to getting your hair out of the way as the sun gets unbearable. Miranda also told me that her shorts were DIY’ed from a normal pair of Levi’s jeans. She said it’s something she does often with old jeans, as it is a fresh and easy change for old denim.



For my look, kept things simplistic. I usually stick to one color and work around it. Since I have dyed my hair rose gold, I focused my outfit and makeup on pinks to really bring out the color in my hair. The light tones in my jumpsuit, from Illa Illa, highlight the matching ones in my hair. Jumpsuits are some of my favorite fashion pieces. In fact, I have this jumpsuit in three different colors. As a taller girl, jumpsuits accentuate the length of my legs and make me feel more confident than normal pants do. I topped off the outfit with white trainers, from Primark, and pink socks from Aerie to give the outfit another small pop of color.


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