Gucci’s 2016 collection: Reinvented and ruffled

By Fay Schneider 

Author Fay Schneider playing with perspective and showcasing the ruffles trend // Photo by Nathan Thrash
Author Fay Schneider playing with perspective and showcasing the ruffles trend // Photo by Nathan Thrash

The fashion of any particular decade is like a window to the soul of every 10-year period’s culture. The influences on each decade’s fashion ranges from pop culture to politics (thank you, Jackie O). Each new wave of high fashion trickling down to street style has the ability to make the last look that much more ridiculous while introducing its own dose of abstract impracticality — we’re looking at you, Miley Cyrus’ 2013 EMA’s outfit.

This fashion evolution is so very persistent, yet too often we can find ourselves entertaining the same recycled styles and inspirations. Designers, well aware of this, reach for the extreme, trying anything to achieve a gasp or flicker of awe from the stares of the outside fashion world. Onlookers hungrily gaze over the runways, jaws dripping for something new, sulking back to their own closets without any fresh inspiration. Because of this, the obsession of excessive designer label printing has been slowly but surly fading out of popularity and designers such as Gucci have become more mainstream and less a creative source of high fashion.

That is until Gucci reinvented their name with Alessandro Michele’s Spring 2016 Womenswear Collection. Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s new creative director, is starkly different from his predecessor Frida Giannini. Michele brought with him the creative flare the brand needed to thrive and inspire. He uses many of his own unique styles to influence Gucci’s new collections.

Perhaps the most exciting is the incorporation of trompe l’oeil ruffles. These ruffles are actually more or less sketched onto the garments to create the illusion of fabric folds and beautifully tied bows. This style, favored in the 1970’s, is not only something to keep an eye on this next season, but a source of artistic creativity to inspire everyday street wear in the spring. Check out a few of the pieces from Gucci’s Spring 2016 Womenswear Collection that has fashionistas from Phoenix to Millan ruffle-happy:

Photo retrieved from Vogue
Photo retrieved from Vogue
Photo retrieved from Vogue

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