Less is more: The art of minimalist fashion

By Daniella Rudoy

For generations, the more extravagant your outfits, the more stylish you appeared; the busier the print, the more time you spent coordinating your ensemble (so it appeared, at least). But extravagant fashion’s more lazy twin is strutting into the spotlight and proving that less is more when it comes to looking chic.

Minimalism is the new easy way to look like you’ve spent hours working on an outfit when in reality, you’ve spent no time at all. So it come as no surprise that the trend is taking the fashion world by storm. Unlike other trends that require a runway body not all of us are blessed with, minimalism is beautiful on every body and everybody.

Minimalism is all about the “this was the first thing I threw on when I woke up, but I still look great” ideal. Looking like you rolled out of bed and onto the runway is the ultimate objective when it comes to minimalism, and that’s easily attainable with a few pieces that can be added to your wardrobe. Hop on board with this new fashion sensation with a few signature pieces, dozens of outfits and endless style envy.

The basics of a minimalist wardrobe are a pair of boyfriend jeans, a white button down shirt, a t-shirt dress and a versatile pair of sneakers.

The White Button Down + The Boyfriend Jean + The Sneakers

Photo retrieved from PopSugar
Photo retrieved from PopSugar
Photo retrieved from Not Another Blonde
Photo retrieved from Not Another Blonde

The combination of a white button down, loose-fitting jeans and signature shoe result in an effortless outfit that anybody can pull off. This outfit screams sophisticated and classy, and is extremely versatile. Switch out the sneakers for a black heel and instantly upgrade the look to dressy. You can’t go wrong with a cool, timeless look like this one.

The T-Shirt Dress + The Sneakers

Photo retrieved from With Love From Kat
Photo retrieved from With Love From Kat
Photo retrieved from Worthminer
Photo retrieved from Worthminer

Another minimalist fashion staple is the striped t-shirt dress. You’ve seen it everywhere this summer, so it’s no surprise that its deemed a fashion necessity. You can wear it casually with some sneakers, or tie a denim button down around your waist for that extra chic-factor. You could even tuck your dress into some boyfriend jeans and wear it as a flowy striped t-shirt.

The beauty of minimalism is that it takes close to zero effort to look put-together, which is perfect for lazy fashion fanatics like myself. It consists of pieces that almost everybody has in their closet and creates timeless, elegant outfits. So rummage through your closet and hit the runways…er, I mean streets.

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