Hidden First Fridays treasures: Annie Boomer Vintage

By Lerman Montoya

First Fridays are always long-anticipated events for most Phoenicians in the downtown area. Many people go for the entertaining live music. Some go to enjoy the creative spirit of up and coming artists. For someone like me, a fashion enthusiast, I go for the quaint vintage shops along 6th Street and Roosevelt. Nestled along a grove of trees and a community garden lies Annie Boomer Vintage.

Photo by Lerman Montoya
Photo by Lerman Montoya

Upon entering the shop, the beautiful displays and decorations hit your senses like a spritz of sweet floral perfume. Golden busts sit sternly on the shelves along the walls. Chandeliers dripping in gold and glimmer hang high on the ceiling, giving the shop a warm and welcoming aura.

Photo by Lerman Montoya

After walking around the shop for a couple of minutes, in awe of the glamour and finesse, Andrea Engelsberg, the owner and curator of Annie Boomer Vintage, was gracious enough to answer some of my questions. Inside of the fitting room, we stood and chatted for a while. I was curious to find out how long she had been collecting and selling vintage clothes and what had inspired her to start her business.

Photo by Lerman Montoya
Photo by Lerman Montoya

Andrea said she has had a passion for fashion since the ’80s. Much of her teenage years were spent searching through Tucson thrift shops for her next party outfit. With an eye for fashion and her creative mind, Andrea was “willing to stand out.” Following the footsteps of her grandfather, Andrea wanted to pursue a career in fashion. She attended the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in LA. She later returned to Arizona, where she majored in General Fine Arts at the University of Arizona.

Photo by Lerman Montoya
Photo by Lerman Montoya
Owner Andrea Engelsberg // Photo by Lerman Montoya

Andrea began collecting and selling vintage pieces in the mid ’90s. She loved how vintage clothes were “made to fit, dramatic, romantic, and made to last.” She began selling quality vintage clothing online but later expanded her business and opened up Annie Boomer Vintage. Her collection consists of silk cheongsams, embroidered  robes, sequined dresses, and jewel-encrusted heels.

Annie Boomer Vintage is now making a full return to the online market. You can stop by Annie Boomer Vintage on 908 North 6th Street on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 7 p.m., and  treat yourself to her quality vintage pieces for 50-75% off.  If this departing blowout sale is not the event of the year, I don’t know what is. You can also purchase her clothes on her website. From one fashion enthusiast to another, I hope to see you all there!

Photo by Lerman Montoya
Photo by Lerman Montoya

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