Bikini outfit ideas

Bikini season is finally here! It can be somewhat stressful to find the perfect swimwear for your Spring Break adventures. If you are leaning towards the one piece idea, you can try to find one similar as the picture. As the bathing suit shown in the picture, a deep cut in the middle makes the bathing suit look sensual.

blackbikini2Photo courtesy of

A one piece can also become an easy outfit. You can wear it with some high waisted shorts, some vintage sunglasses and a cute beach hat. If you are thinking about a two piece, the one displayed in the picture is flawless. A trend that seems to be returning is high waisted bikini bottoms, similar to the ones from the 60’s. Which in my opinion it is not a bad trend to come back.

bluebikiniPhoto courtesy of

You can wear a decorative cover-up with it. The color matters as well. Spring time colors can make your bathing suit prominent. Any bright pastel colors like pink, orange, turquoise, and etc. Most importantly wear a bathing suit you feel comfortable in and at the same time beautiful.

vscoverupPhoto courtesy of

Article by Heisy Rivera

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