The reign of Lauren Conrad: (Delicate) statement necklaces

Lauren Conrad has started yet another fashion-forward trend. In her most recent season of her LC Lauren Conrad line of women’s apparel at Kohl’s, she has released a line of miniature statement necklaces. The trend of large and vibrant necklaces has become a staple to women of all ages’ closets in the past few years. Conrad has toned down the flashy ways of statement necklaces by making almost miniature versions of those in style. You can decide for yourself if the trend is here to stay, or whether we should keep the statement necklace era around for a few more years in these side-by-side comparisons of similar styles.










Left Photo Courtesy of   Right Left Photo Courtesy of









Left Photo Courtesy of   Right Photo Courtesy of










Left Photo Courtesy of  Right Photo Courtesy of








Left Photo Courtesy of  Right Photo Courtesy of

As dainty and light jewelry is making its way to the top of our trends lists, will miniature statement necklaces do the same?

Article by Maddy Ryan

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