Shoesday Tuesday: Stormy Weather Edition

Since I just moved to Arizona this fall, apparently this whole consistent rainfall thing is not an annual occurrence. I personally love a small break from the constant sunshine, but for those of you who don’t… there is a positive side: a reason to buy new shoes!!

A few weeks after the first rainfall of the season, there was a sale on Roma brand rain boots through Good Morning America’s “Deals and Steals”. So, naturally being my shoe-addicted self, I saw the sale as an opportunity to not only keep my feet dry and comfortable, but also expand my ever growing shoe collection!

 MaroonBoots#1 Maroonboots#2

Photos by: Courtney Mally

 The plum color of the boots works as a pop of color with a simple outfit, but they also compliment jeans and a t-shirt, or a dress.

Now, I realize that Roma brand rain boots are a little more expensive, so I did some research for those of you looking for a bargain. Target, Kohl’s and DSW has a variety of reasonably priced rain boots for around $30-$45 depending on your budget.



These boots are priced at $32.99, and come in multiple colors. The straps add a riding boot element, which is quite on-trend for fall.



These boots from Kohl’s are colorful and fun with the umbrella pattern. These boots also come in multiple colors and patterns and can be a great addition to any closet looking for good pop of color at a price of $44.99.



Now, these boots from DSW are my personal favorite. Priced at only $29.99 I think the leopard print and bow add a very girly, nice touch to a very functional, well priced pair of shoes.

I hope this inspired you all find some fabulously functional boots to endure the rest of this unpredictable weather! Enjoy!

Article by: Courtney Mally

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