Spring into New Shoes

Ah shoes. We can never have too many. We need a pair for every occasion and every outfit. Good thing spring has brought about a plethora of new shoe trends to try that will definitely spruce up our shoe collections.

Spring Shoe 1

Photo Courtesy of The Dressing Room

 CUTOUTS are a great way to add some dimension to an outfit. We’ve seen cutouts in dresses, leggings, etc. And now, we are seeing cutouts in shoes. Opt for a cute pair of shoes with fun, geometric shapes. They’re the perfect amount of unusualness that won’t go unnoticed.


Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar

Another recurrent look in the shoe department for Spring ’14 is SHEER. That sheer, transparent look is a unique way to achieve a barely there effect. Many top shoe designers like Manolo Blahnik are showcasing clear or see-through shoes in their spring collections.


Photo courtesy of Fashion156.com

 PLATFORM shoes are making a huge statement this season. For a while, platform shoes were a thing of the past, as shoes with the thinnest of heels were dominating the fashion world. Now, chunky platform shoes are making a comeback and are being sported in all shoe types – sandals, heels, wedges, and even sneakers.

Spring Shoes 4

Photo courtesy of The Right Hair Salon

When isn’t FLORAL a popular trend for spring? This year, floral printed shoes are the ideal catch, being sported in shoe styles like sneakers, loafers, flats, and many more. The variety of colors in a floral print make it easy to pair with many ensembles.


Photo courtesy of Heart of Gold

METALLIC shoes give that glimmer and shine that standout in a crowd. Metallic shoes are the new neutral option for spring and are a fun alternative to nude shoes because metallic also works with a variety of colors.
Step up your shoe game ladies and give these spring shoe trends a whirl.


By Madison Rowbotham

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  1. Lovin this trend report. Usually I’m a metallic junkie (ooooo shinyyyyy) but I think the sheers might be my fave trend for fall…I mean, the polkadot booties the gold toe?! ❤

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