The new way to wear jewelry in the summer: Flash Tattoos

They are “jewelry inspired temporary tattoos,” according to the company who creates them. Flash Tattoos provide a new alternative to wearing just normal jewelry. These shiny, glimmering temporary tattoos come in metallic hues to mimic real jewelry. Their application is simple; just press the design on your skin where you would like it positioned and hold a wet cloth over it for about 30 seconds, just as you would any normal temporary tattoo, and you have a new accessory!


Flash Tattoos are the perfect option for the beach, pool parties, concerts and music festivals because they don’t get in the way or make you sweat on hot days. They are shiny enough to accomplish the same idea as real jewelry, with less hassle for those lazy summer days.

Flash Tattoos work for a beach vibe, a polished look or a bohemian style. Out of their current nine different sets of tattoos, many include cute elements like geometric shapes, feathers and palm trees. Each set comes with three to four sheets of tattoos, so you can combine your pieces for an intricate design, or share them among your friends.

The tattoos will last four to six days if taken care of properly. They are most easily removed with baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil, but will also begin to wash away on their own after several days. They are available for purchase on, and the website constantly has new styles.

By Sam Stull


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  1. holy moley! just went to and they are pretty affordable too! the possibilities for placement and combinations seem endless! im in love! great post!

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