Friday Favorites

Favorite Summer Braid:

Photo Courtesy of Us Hairstyles
“Although the weather has reached a high this week in Arizona, the forecast calls for even hotter days to come. This signals the start of summer and hair days of consisting of ponies and braids to keep locks from getting sweaty and sticky. In anticipation of three months lounging by the pool and relaxing at home, I found this braided ‘do, which I will definitely be sporting in the weeks to come!” -Tamara
Favorite New Read:
Photo Courtesy of Good Reads
“I saw this book at the Phoenix Art Museum, and though I’ve yet to read it, I was instantly enthralled with its message of how to stay classy in a world with a lot of trashy. I try to exude class through my outfit choices, just as Audrey Hepburn did, but there’s so much more to being classy than just dressing the part. I’m hoping it’s a good read with great tips.” -Audrey
Favorite Red Carpet Look:
Photo Courtesy of E! Online
“From the minute she stepped onto the carpet for the ACM Awards, Carrie Underwood was a winner in her pearl fringed gown. The look was styled to perfection and something I will remember many award shows later.” -Stacia

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