Friday Favorites

Favorite Vintage:


Photo Courtesy of Glamour

“It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Glamour Magazine. This past week, they brought some of their vintage covers back in honor of their 75th anniversary. I couldn’t help but fan-girl out, especially over this charming 1962 cover!” -Stacia

Favorite Magazine Spinoff:
Photo Courtesy of The Meta Picture
“If anything is always in “vogue,” it’s the Disney princesses. Jasmine rocked it on the cover, and I love the subtle Chanel logo on her hip! What’s your favorite?” -Tamara

Favorite Spring Trend:


Photo Courtesy of

“Now that it’s spring, we can start wearing the looks we adored last fall in the Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear shows. I’ve always loved Alice + Olivia. One of the brand’s looks (and a new spring trend) was a tea-length skirt. It’s a much more formal look than the recently popular maxi dresses. The skirts are classy and elegant, and I hope the trend catches on.” -Audrey

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