Friday Favorites

Favorite Laugh:


Photo Courtesy of 9GAG

“Whether it’s for prom, a wedding or a fancy event, we all know that girls take their hair very seriously. But there is something about seeing guys in updos, curls and braids that is so strange and hilarious to me. Hope this brings you as much entertainment as it did me!” -Stacia

Favorite Monthly Beauty Box: 
Ipsy formely MyGlam Glam Bag September
Photo Courtesy of Beauty Flawed
“Lately, I’ve heard a lot about monthly beauty box subscriptions and have shared the “Oohs and Ahhs” experience by peeking into the boxes some of my friends have received. Whereas other companies give you trial-sized samples, beauty blogger Michelle Phan created ipsy to give customers full sized products for $10 each month, the same price as many other companies. Not only is the Glam Bag a great value, but you also take a beauty quiz so you can have products customized just for you. And after you receive your products, their website includes how-to’s by their top stylists and members.” -Tamara

To start receiving your monthly glam bag, visit here!

Favorite Pairing:

d811afb6e2c570319a5747025782433ePhoto Courtesy of Pinterest

“There’s nothing I love more than a perfectly fitted blazer. But don’t think the beloved blazer can only be worn in the office or to your next interview. Opt for a neutral-colored blazer (other than the usual black hue we find so flattering), an embellished top for underneath and to tone down the professional style of the blazer, throw on a pair of dark or light jeans. Heels are optional of course! For a more comfortable feel, try wearing ballet flats.” –Alexa

Favorite Heel:


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

“I saw a few women this week wearing T-strap heels. They are so classy and cute, can be dressed up or dressed down — the perfect versatile black heel. I’m hoping to get my hands (or feet) on some soon!” -Audrey

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