Halloween Street Style

Arizona State University students are already dressing up for the much anticipated “Halloweekend.” Here are some great costumes we saw and were inspired by!
Senior Taylor De Soto, 22
Costume: Greaser
Costume Inspiration: Taylor said he loves leather jackets and also liked the way that greasers wear their jeans.


Senior Sarah Lords, 22
Costume: Frida Kahlo
Costume Inspiration: Sarah said Frida is inspirational, and her art is stunning and moving. Sarah had to look at Frida’s art pieces twice to see the beauty in them.


Graduate student Kimi Pike, 23

Costume: Tiger Lily

Costume Inspiration: Kimi said she wanted to unleash her “inner Indian warrior princess.” She was inspired by a dress at buffalo exchange so much that she went home and made her entire costume herself!


Sophomore Abigail Knox, 19
Costume: Barbie
Costume Inspiration: Abigail said she wanted to be retro Barbie because she is “into 50s and 60s full skirts and that classic look.”


Freshman Eric Ontiveros, 24
Costume: Sailor
Costume Inspiration: As a child, Eric said he always liked the militant look.


By: Muriel Woodland and Gianna Mocilnikar

Photos by Gianna Mocilnikar

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  1. Kudos on Halloween Street Style! What a great representation of costumes. I could almost believe in reincarnation between Frida and Barbie…

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