How To: Transition Summer Clothes for Fall

Chilly weather is finally starting to hit us here in one of the hottest cities in the states, and these cooler temperatures can only mean that it’s time to adjust our wardrobes for the fall! Exciting, right? You may have been able to get away with wearing your summery clothes up until now, but you definitely won’t be able to do so for too much longer. However, transitioning an outfit from summer to fall doesn’t have to feel like a total hassle. Without maxing out your credit card, a few simple tips can help switch up your looks for the season. A cardigan or sweater, ankle or tall boots and cozy accessories can make you fall-ready instantly. So don’t say goodbye to this summer’s clothing just yet! Here’s a simple way to create a new look for the fall that still incorporates your favorite summer pieces.


Start off with your go-to summer outfit. On a blazing summer afternoon, a tank, some high-waisted shorts and a pair of sandals or flip-flops are ideal. Choose your favorite pieces from this summer to serve as the basis for a trendy fall look.


To warm this look up, grab your favorite cardigan or buy a new one for this season. In the photo above, I went with a simple gold cardigan that is longer in length, loose-fitting and super cozy! Throw it over your selected tank and shorts to feel more comfortable while still showing some skin on a breezy day. Pair this outfit with a pair of combat boots (or any boots of your choosing). As an added bonus, look into picking up a pair of long socks, which look adorable peeking out of the top of your boots! You can get them in all different colors, lengths and patterns. Be sure to choose pieces that show off your own unique style and personality. Add some simple jewelry, like bracelets and earrings, to complete your look!


Later that evening or on a cooler day, change up that outfit by swapping your shorts for a pair of capris or jeans. Play with dark-wash, light-wash or distressed bottoms and see what you like best. Match this with your favorite closed-toed shoes. A pair of flats in any color or clogs (as seen in the picture above) are perfect for the fall. For accessories, choose bold head pieces to make a statement wherever you go. Knitted headbands, bows and beanies are just what you need to top off your look!

Transitioning your closet from summer to fall doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Remember to use these tips as the weather continues to cool down. Fall is all about layering, which means you can continue wearing your favorite warm-weather staples underneath some additional accessories. Grab your fave boots, sweater and a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy the fall!

By: Nadaa Kemmou

Photos by: Salma Kemmou

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