Thanksgiving Clothing

Be thankful for the cute and comfy trends of fall this Thanksgiving. Current fall styles make it easy to be both fashionable and comfortable—wherever the holiday may take you.

First and foremost, consider color. The perfect Thanksgiving wardrobe matches the dinner table with golden and natural tones. A few fundamental colors are brown, deep purple, burnt orange and forest green.

The hottest color this season is oxblood, a dark reddish-brown hue featured on recent runways. Similar to the color of the holiday staple cranberry sauce, oxblood is easy to add to the Thanksgiving wardrobe color palette.

As bold continues to be big, feel free to color block; combining a few autumn colors can be striking. Even in small quantities, these colors are fun and easy to incorporate with your existing wardrobe. An oxblood purse, a burnt orange scarf, purple flats or gold jewelry adds holiday flair to any outfit.The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Audrey Weils, Thanksgiving Fashion

With these colors in mind, never underestimate the power of print. Native American-inspired prints and jewelry are trendy this fall, and especially appropriate for the Thanksgiving season. These Southwestern pieces are just as beautiful at the dinner table as they are on the runway.

Glitzy, retro or eccentric, all prints are in. Printed leggings, scarves, sweaters, and even shoes are fun choices.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Audrey Weils, Thanksgiving Fashion

For a more glamorous look, try an embellished sweater or ornate jewelry. There’s always room for a little glam, even when enjoying Thanksgiving with the family. In the Phoenix heat especially, accessories can transform a summer outfit into a cute and fun holiday ensemble without adding bulk.

Loose knit sweaters and flouncy tunics are also a must this season and a great way to stay comfortable even after the pumpkin pie. They are easy to find in multiple colors and prints.

With color, print, embellishment and cut in mind, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take advantage of a cornucopia of fall trends.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Audrey Weils, Thanksgiving Fashion

Audrey Weil

Photo Credits: Alexander Wang// Alexander Wang// Calvin Klein// Tumblr

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