What to Wear: Coachella 2012

Fortunately, it is that time of year again: Coachella! Thousands of people will be gathered at this year’s Coachella for another round of fun, music and fashion. Now, the most important thing is what are you going to wear?

If you haven’t started planning outfits in your head before you go to sleep every night for the past few months like most of us have, you are still in luck. With inspiration from this spring’s trends and your own personal style, creating three fabulous looks for each day’s events should be no problem.

Look 1 | Dressed In Denim


90’s denim is definitely making a comeback this spring, and the perfect way to showcase that is at this year’s Coachella. Dress up your denim by pairing it with lace or floral to create a cute and flirty look. Or, to create a more grunge feel, throw on a graphic tee with a pair of old, ripped jeans. Either way you are sure to look good in your denim.

Look 2 | Bohemian Beauty


A classic Coachella look that keeps reinventing itself year after year is the Bohemian style. The key to achieving the “boho-chic” look is to accessorize and pay as much attention to detail as possible. Put on a maxi dress or skirt for a flowy, carefree appearance and then accessorize your little heart out.

Look 3 | Tribal Time


Tribal and aztec prints are a definite way to look festive and stylish. The bold colors and print will make you stand out in the crowd. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints as well. Make sure to pair your tribal prints with a simple accessory to make the print stand out that much more.

Miranda Rivers

Photo Credit: Coachella

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