The Dressmaker: A closer look at the film’s fashionable fads

By Emily Taylor

Brimmed white hat. Bold red lip. Dior black trench coat. Shall I go on?

From the opening scene of The Dressmaker, Tilly Dunnage , played by Kate Winslet, proved to be a striking style icon. The film followed the return of an accomplished dressmaker in 1951to her ramshackle, Australian town. Her welcome, however, was anything but warm.


After being accused of murder as a young girl, Tilly and her mother were shunned by the town.But could a little girl commit such a crime? Was she actually guilty of murder?

Though I cannot give the answer away, I can rule Tilly guilty of having killer style. After transforming the frumpy Gertrude Pratt into “the most striking girl in the room,” Tilly set the town into a fashion frenzy. She began designing dresses for all the women, creating only the most flattering and fabulous pieces.

The elegance of her creations went unmatched. From the bombshell bodice, hugging waistline, and sophisticated hemline of each dress, she accomplished the sassy yet classy ideal so true to 1950s fashion.


Throughout the film Tilly never failed to defy the idea “a dress can’t change anything.” This misconception was combatted, for instance, when her LBD (little black dress) was used as a weapon of distraction, leading her town’s rugby team to victory.

This, however, was a minor example of how powerful a dress can be.  Audience member, Brielle Ashford, was inspired by “how much confidence and radiance one beautiful piece of clothing could bring someone.”

Brielle also mentioned the movie shed light on the idea a dress does not make a woman, but rather a woman makes a dress. This expresses clothes only take women so far; personality is the true determinant of beauty.

Tilly Dunnage payed homage to another essential beauty principle of less is more. Her wardrobe may have consisted of extravagant gowns, however, she maintained an effortless image by sticking to the basics: simple yet flattering dress shapes, classic yet subtle colors, and minimal yet bold makeup.

Several of the movie’s most stylish trends are being recycled in today’s fashion. Playful swing dresses, for example, have been in high demand. Modern takes on this classic item have surfaced in stores such as Nordstrom and Anthropology, and are able to accompany styles from boho to street chic.

Winged eyeliner is another beauty technique still popular in today’s culture. The simple act of drawing a line across one’s eyelid has become an essential part of many girls’ makeup routines. Okay…so maybe it’s not that simple, but it is the perfect way to get that timeless look seen on celebs from Lauren Conrad to Adele.

Though the movie’s fashion was admirable, so was its emphasis on individuality and class. If the style trends of the 1950s found their way back to today, so can this era’s commendable ideals of beauty.


Branded: A Guide to the Top Names in Menswear

By: Chad Bramlett

Logos and brands dominate the arena of fashion and offer instant recognition and effortless style.

In recent years, a number of brands brought back the old art of branding, bringing logos and iconic brand pieces to the forefront of everyday fashion.

The following five brands proved themselves to be more than just trends and found followings and respect both in the circles of fashion elites and everyday consumers.

Each brand, however, carries its own sense of style and identity, marking them as the most influential and respected in menswear.



Image via ASOS.com

With the influence of Kanye West and his Yeezy collections as well as a revival of the brand, adidas has claimed its spot as one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the world of fashion.

If you want to go for a minimalist or athleisure look, adidas provides a multitude of solid pieces including simple logo tee shirts, classic track pants, and footwear.

A simple trefoil tee shirt or a pair of fresh Stan Smiths will gain you instant style points with almost no effort.



Image via Supreme

One of the classic skater brands, Supreme marks the rise of skate and punk culture in modern fashion.

Although it is a relatively young brand, this New York-based brand has garnered a cult following throughout the world, and is infamous for its sold-out collections.

If you want to sport a rebellious, yet respectable look, Supreme is the brand for you.

Calvin Klein


Image via Urban Outfitters

The revival of Calvin Klein marks the return of 90s styles and trends. This brand, however, is back with a modern, sophisticated look.

Recent campaigns and collections, including the widely influential “#mycalvins” ad campaign, gained the brand a newfound popularity and reaffirmed their spot as a top brand.

Look to this brand for modern, yet timeless pieces.



Image via Stüssy

A staple in streetwear, Stüssy offers something for everyone. Known for its fun, eclectic pieces, this brand has established itself as the quintessential go-to for original, yet classic street style.

Go for its classic tees and sweatshirts, but stay for its fun hats and pants.



Image via Zara

This Spanish brand has eased its way into the spotlight over the past few years, but is slated to become a huge name in menswear.

One of the world’s biggest retailers, Zara creates new, innovative lines at a fast pace. This outpouring of new pieces brings effortless style within reach of all.

Zara introduces refined, contemporary pieces ranging from well-crafted basics to more elegant, unique pieces.



DIY High-Waisted Shorts

img_3133By: Gabrielle Hester 

High-waisted shorts are a staple piece especially here in the Arizona heat. We’ve all contemplated whether the $50 perfectly distressed shorts are really worth it. Instead of spending tons of money, why not DIY your own unique pair? Here are the few simple steps to make an incredibly customizable pair of shorts!

1. Go Thrifting!

Take an adventure down to your local thrift store and begin your search for the perfect pair of high waisted jeans.

I found mine at my local goodwill for around $7!

2. Measure

Once you’re home try on your jeans and make a mark with a sharpie on both legs to your desired length. (Tip: always cut it longer because it’s easier to cut off another inch or so than to cut them too short!)

3. Make the Cut

Fold your jeans in half so that the marks you made earlier are visible. Cut on a flat surface. Make sure to cut at an angle with the outer edge being slightly higher than the inner corner. Make sure to keep the cut straight and along the mark.

4. Time to Distressimg_3125

Here’s the fun part! Grab an old toothbrush, or a piece of sandpaper, tweezers and some scissors.

Once you’ve decided where you want to distress, place a magazine under each leg to ensure you don’t cut through the other side.

Cut little slits where you want holes in your shorts. I cut a slit on the back pocket and in the front towards the bottom.

I used tweezers to pick at strings in the slit and try to fringe it.

An alternative is to rub sandpaper on the slit to try and distress it and make the strings more visible so that you can pick at the strings.

5. Wash Them

Now it’s time to wash your wash your masterpiece. Luckily, the washer helps to distress your shorts further. When you’re distressing your shorts don’t worry about fringing the bottoms because the washer will fray the ends!

6. Customize

No DIY is compete without a little customizing! I left mine distressed, however you can add studs to the pockets, patches, or even lace on the bottom of the shorts.

7. Admire your Creationimg_3127-1

Pull your shorts out of the dryer, slip them on and rock your new staple fashion piece!

This DIY is super simple and so fun! Everyone will be asking you where you got your amazing shorts and you can proudly say you made them yourself!

The best part about these high-waisted shorts is that they are super versatile!

You can pair them with a bralette and simple tee, a crop top, or even throw on a flannel and wear tights under your shorts to make a transition into fall.

I paired my shorts with a striped tee from Brandy Melville and a golden pair of sandals from Target.

If you try out this DIY go ahead and tag @thechicdaily in an Instagram post of your beautiful creation!

Put a choker on it // Photo retrieved from The Fashion Tag

The 90s is back! Trends for your next #tbt

By Sabina Zofcik

Recently, older trends from the 90s have become a huge hit among the modern day young generation. Something special about fashion from the past has captured the attention of today’s society, and fashion designers continue to get inspiration from previous fashion trends. For example, designer Ground Zero has stated that the inspiration behind their fall 2016 collection was “very inspired by 90’s culture, portraying a gang of edgy, strong-willed girls from the hood.”  Not only do designers find something special in the way people expressed themselves through fashion during the 90’s, but celebrities seem to be the icons that translate their love for previous trends.

Recently, celebrities such as the Kardashians, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Taylor Swift have brought chokers back to life. Kylie Jenner said on her app that she’s “SO into” the choker trend and “really loving choker necklaces. They sex up any outfit.” Chokers seem to be a great fashion statement that brings together an outfit that can either be worn during a special occasion or something casual. Elastic tattoo chokers were most commonly worn during the 90s, but today, chokers range from the basic original chokers to beautiful handmade crystal chokers.

Put a choker on it // Photo retrieved from The Fashion Tag

Put a choker on it // Photo retrieved from The Fashion Tag

Similarly, another trend that has come back in style is the berry dark lip. Dark lips in the 90s were worn by a lot of people who were inspired by the 90’s grunge style. Today, the grunge style is no longer as popular, but the dark berry lips have stayed and have evolved into becoming one of the most popular lip colors in today’s fashion world. Kylie Jenner lip kits have taken over the cosmetic industry as people continue to talk about how amazing her liquid matte lip kits are. Kylie’s lip kit has colors that have the dark berry tones such as the color Kourt K and the color Dead of Knight. These lip colors bring forward that grunge 90’s feel that has today turned into glamour rather than grunge.

Photo retrieved from Buzzfeed

Kylie’s lip kits are allll the rage // Photo retrieved from Buzzfeed

Converse is a brand that has been around since 1908 and is still an extremely fashionable trend that people of all ages still wear. Converse shoes transformed the way sneakers were perceived. The extraordinary design of the shoe is timeless, and for 108 years now, Converse shoes never seem to go out of style. Converse were also very popular in the 90s as movie heart throbs, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, were spotted wearing the shoes in his movies.

Leo rocked Converse even before they were cool // Photo retrieved from Pinterest

Leo rocked Converse even before they were cool // Photo retrieved from Pinterest

Overall, certain fashion trends seem to either be timeless or something that was created in the past but has now been transformed into new fashion statements. Chokers, darker lip colors and Converse shoes are only a few of the many other fashion trends that have been taken from the past and  re-created with a new modern edge.



By Kaylin King

Sitting here in front of my laptop with a spoonful of peanut butter wondering why I’m not at New York Fashion Week, then realizing its because I’m sitting here in front of my laptop…with a spoonful of peanut butter. Though I may not be on the runway, this PB wont stop me from keeping up with the big shots VIA social media. Here are my favorite looks:

ALEXANDER WANG (surprise, surprise)

Yes, I am crowning him king of this week, here’s why:

This week he’s collaborated with the best names out there for the culture. This new #wangsquad is composed of the biggest names on the scene, a masterpiece of rappers and models ft. the Jenners, Vince Staples, A$AP Ferg, Tyga, and Travis Scott generates the perfect vibe.


concluding his Spring/Summer runway show, he debuted his collaborative collection with adidas Originals. Yes, Alex…perfect finale!

“The Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang collaboration subverts boundaries between fashion and streetwear. Flipping brand conventions, Wang rotates the Adidas Originals’ trefoil and “Orriginals” logos upside down, becoming newly and defyingly symbolic.”



Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig’s Marchesa took the trophy of elegance in my book. It may be their smaller size (but big effect) that impresses me most. Chiffon, lace and feathers had me floating.






What I admire most is Tom Ford’s abstract approaches and prominent edge. His appearance this week wasn’t on a catwalk, but a a dinner party at the Four Seasons with celebrities like Julianne Moore, Tom Hanks, Rita Ora and Iman. His styles were dark and full of fur.
160909141339-tom-ford-2-exlarge-169 14156129_616796691824876_1356347065_n-1