Introducing the world’s first “CoverBoy”: James Charles

By Paige Closson

CoverGirl, Katy Perry, took to Instagram Oct 8 to introduce the new face for CoverGirl cosmetics, James Charles, the first ever “CoverBoy”.


Self-taught makeup artist and New York native, 17 year old Charles has nearly 700,000 Instagram followers and 100,000 subscribers on his tutorial based Youtube channel.

Joining CoverGirls include Cheryl Tiegs and Rhianna. Charles stated on his Instagram account, “I am so thankful and excited and cannot wait to show you all what we have in store.”


Fortune online publication claimed the decision to have a male represent the cosmetic company “Genius Gen Z Marketing” but CoverGirl is following in the footsteps of several other cosmetic companies, like MAC, that opted for men in their advertising campaigns in the recent past.

Alongside the announcement of the first ever CoverBoy, CoverGirl released their new mascara, “So Lashy”, meant for every lash type. In a statement released by the cosmetic company, they stated Charles is a perfect example of the mascara working for everyone.


CoverGirl representatives also added, “All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary- breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful. James Charles is no exception”.


Dustin Hoyman: Pushing Fashion Forward

By Jackson Dorsey

Dustin Hoyman, Phoenix fashion expert and creator of HYMN, the latest culture-driven and artist-centered media publication, began his fashion ventures in an unusual way – teenage punk rock bands.

“I looked a lot different back then,” Hoyman said with a smile, through his dark beard and gelled hair, clad in a lavender shirt with an accented floral tie.

“It was down and dirty, we were playing in dingy little clubs, and I was a punk rock kid wearing ratty jeans,” Hoyman said. “Our band even had a song titled ‘destroy the fashion revolution’ but I saw a big connection between what I did with music as an art form and what fashion designers do as an art form.”


Hoyman’s first dive into the fashion world started with PhxNoir, an exclusive news and culture website catered to the higher-ups of the Phoenix area. Hoyman pushed content to the site in its early stages, focusing on luxury goods.

“I decided I was going to sneak into Phoenix fashion week,” Hoyman said. “I received a media pass through PhxNoir and it was a great way to meet people. I went in not knowing  anything and ended up falling in love with it.”

Falling in love is just what Hoyman did. Following his first fashion week, Hoyman spread PhxNoir across the valley, growing the subscription list by the hundreds through partnering with those vested in the fashion industry.

“He was really ahead of the curve when he started blogging with PhxNoir,” said Samantha Stull, an ASU reporter who partnered with Hoyman.

“He found other people who were similar to him in wanting to grow the culture.”

Even some of Hoyman’s early punk rock buddies spoke to his awareness of the fashion industry, perhaps before Hoyman himself.

“His love of fashion did seem to come out of the blue,” recalled Matthew Yoder, a former band member and longtime friend of Hoyman. “It was great for me when I would show him all these new styles and brands, he really had an early apprecication for the art of it.”

Yoder currently works in the fashion industry and has seen Hoyman progress as a person through fashion.

“When Dustin started to pick up fashion, it was like the difference between someone who was standing a little hunched as opposed to standing up straight, and you see the confidence in that,” Yoder said.


Confidence is a trait that runs through Hoyman, the former 2011 bachelor of the year. Hoyman has routinely started new websites centered around fashion and culture in the Arizona area.

Indie Stich, another of Hoyman’s brainchildren served as a fashion blog concentrated on outfits and style icons.

With his latest addition, HYMN, Hoyman says the site focuses on the creators in culture, specifically in art, music and fashion.

“I want it to be bigger than just fashion, Hymn is my way to do something different than anybody in Phoenix, Hoyman said. “Instead of just talking about an outfit, I want to talk about the design, the inspiration behind it.”

Those that’ve worked with Hoyman highlight his passion, devotion and attention to detail, characteristics vital to the fashion world.

“His level of focus is infatuating,” Yoder said. “With every project that he has done from indie stich and now to Hymn, he has a very clear picture of what he wants it to be and he makes sure that that is always the underlying theme to the brand.”

Hoyman says he wants to build Phoenix culture through HYMN.

“We have a really cool fashion scene, a really cool art scene, and a really cool music scene, but they don’t really talk.” Hoyman said. “For me, HYMN’s going to be about picking up people that have really good ideas and really good content who want to merge, and nurturing them with HYMN as the driving force to promote their brand.”


Arizona Artisans gather for Pineapple Triangle’s Fall Market

By Paige Closson

Pineapple Triangle wrangled local artists and crafters for their Arizona Share That You Care fall market, Oct 15, at Downtown Phoenix’s The Vintage 45.


Founder, Madelyn McGrath, began Pineapple Triangle in hopes to bring together local artisans to raise money for charities. A portion of proceeds of each event goes to various charities with vendors also donating to a charity of their choosing.

For this fall themed event, vendors put their most festive foot’s forward, bringing products like fall scented candles by Burn Candle Company, orange and red palette prints by Buffalo Gals Company, and so much more.


Popular among jewelry vendors and rustic sign designs were products that felt close to home, featuring lots of cacti and state cutouts. Pineapple Triangle kept the homey vibe going, only featuring around 55 vendors, keeping the market feeling intimate and exclusive.

The event also boasted live music by local artists, 76 th Street, and food by funky food truck’s like The Flying Pigeon. For shopper’s Saturday morning caffeine fix, Scottsdale’s Teaspressa served their famous tea brewed like coffee while Mama’s Cold Brew offered refreshments for die-hard coffee drinkers.

For information on the next market hosted by Pineapple Triangle, check out their website.


PFW: Luxury and Couture Night

By Jackson Dorsey & Lerman Montoya

Phoenix Fashion week shined bright Saturday night as the latest runway looks sparkled down the runway. Saturday’s event showcased the best in Luxury and Couture looks, bringing designs from St. Louis, Missouri, Botswana and Los Angeles to Arizona. The mix of practical and flashy looks paired with outstanding materials highlighted the best of Phoenix fashion, and brought forth each individual designer’s unique spin.

Fashion week exceeded all expectations Saturday night, with bright lights, exciting music, flashy designs and cream of the crop designers.

Cosmogyrol by Jenine Nerecina 


This collection brought light to the runway. The flowy material of the dresses and capes were breathtaking. Jenine Nerecina brought an angelic quality to the show. Feathers, capes, and blush tones created the perfect La Vie en Rose.


MOWA by Emily Smith 


Panthers on the runway! Emily Smith brought African wildlife to Phoenix Fashion Week. This collection showcased bold prints, smokey eyes and amazing hair!

Barbara Bultman


The winner of the night was Barbara Bultman. With a collection focusing on chic minimalism, the models looked fierce on the runway. Wearing silky pants and flowing dresses, Bultman has made looking chic and comfortable easy.

ACONAV by Loren Arogon

Arogon’s collection began with a strong stage presence. Two women stood on the side and held Native American pots on their heads, and served as the columns of the show, supporting the beautiful collection of patterned gowns and dresses.

Native American, Indigenous, black, red, and white, materials

Dalida Ayach


Thigh high boots, Spanish lace, and rose embroidery. Dalida Ayach delivered the Spanish romance fantasy I have been waiting for. This collection looked straight out of the Milan runways.

Rachad Itani


Rachad Itani produced one of the most beautiful collections of the night. The entire collection was kissed by warm Champagne and rose petals.

Yas Couture by Elie Madi


Yas Couture never fails to excite people, especially on couture night! You truly saw quality high fashion in his collection! The detail that was in every piece of clothing was amazing. From lace fabrics to hand beaded gowns, Elie Madi brought luxury to Arizona.

Rocky Gathercole


Photo: Jackson Dorsey 

Gathercole, who has been regarded as one of the top Avant Garde designers, showcased bright and unique colors Saturday night, topping it off with a cyborg-esque collection with an iridescent finish. In addition to exciting and envelope-pushing designs, Gathercole also involved a bright and beautiful wedding line, paired with some of spring and summer’s best colors. Rocky Gathercole has dressed the likes of Katy Perry and Paris Hilton.


Photo credit : James Almanaz 


Phoenix Fashion Week Night 2 Recap

By Angelica Cabral

The second night of Phoenix Fashion Week featured contemporary fashion and dresses that looked like they were straight out of a fairytale.

I walked into Talking Stick Resort Casino Friday evening feeling like I had entered a movie scene. The runway area was filled with beautiful people who were following their dreams of succeeding in the fashion world- and they certainly were succeeding.

In the hours leading up to the show, vendors from all around were showcasing their products, fashion lovers took pictures on a red carpet and a DJ played some of the best remixes I’ve ever heard.



The show started with Laura Tanzer, who ended up winning Contemporary Designer of the Year by one vote.

My personal favorites were MXN and Resty, the finale of the night.

The MXN designers said tonight’s collection was largely inspired by candy and K-Pop culture. Each of their models wore a wig and lipstick to match the colors of their outfits, from bright blue to enchanting green.


They paired flashy jackets and flowery shirts with simple denim, creating a look that reminded me of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

Resty’s line had amazingly gorgeous gowns, reminiscent at times of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” Video or an evil Disney queen.

I could definitely see why Resty was chosen to be the finale; although the dresses ranged in color, each one was fit for a queen.

Dolcessa Swimwear was also in the show. The Las Vegas based line has provides beach wear for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue for years. Their collection had something for everyone, from fairly modest dresses to two pieces fit for a Bond girl.

I was amazed to see how far Phoenix Fashion Week has come. Although it doesn’t feature designers likeCalvin Klein or Marc Jacobs, it does something even better. It provides opportunities for upcoming designers with fresh ideas, and in the process it also gives the fashion community a colorful boost. This isn’t just a fashion show for celebrities or the “elites” of this world, it’s a show anyone can genuinely enjoy.