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The Chic Daily is a blog dedicated to reporting the latest fashion, beauty and health & fitness news and trends. The blog is produced by members of The Fashion Journalist Club at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

The Fashion Journalist Club is a student-run club based on Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix Campus. It consists of passionate writers who dream of working in the fashion journalism industry.


Sam is studying abroad in France this semester! She’s going to send some updates from France every now and then, and will be resuming the role of President when she returns for Fall 2015!

Hello my name is Samantha Stull and I have been a member of the Fashion Journalist Club since September 2013 and I am excited to be taking over as president beginning May 2014. I am a sophomore print journalism major at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and I am also pursuing a minor in French. Ever since I can remember I have always loved dressing up. When I was young, my mother wasn’t able to get me to wear pants until about 2nd grade—I had to wear skirts and dresses. This love of dressing up has never gone away and has sparked my interest in fashion journalism.  My favorite magazines are Vogue, Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and I love to shop at Forever 21 and Nordstrom Rack. I hope to one day live a fashionable life in New York City and work as a fashion writer or editor at a large publication. I am excited for this exciting upcoming year for FJC!

JanPic Hello everyone,  my name is Alyssa Tufts and I am Vice President and acting President this semester while Sam is abroad!

I joined and starting writing for the blog my freshman year and fell in love with the club. I am even more excited to continue to write and be able to make connections with new members and introduce you to people and the opportunities available. I aspire to create my own publication company in New York or Los Angeles where I will have several magazines, one of which will be focusing in fashion. I want to live in a fashion-centered city and get to travel and work in Europe in my career as a fashion journalist. My favorite brands are Kate Spade, Fossil, Banana Republic, and Michael Kors to name a few. You’ll probably find me reading a book, an edition of a magazine or catching up on my fashion social media.



Hello! I am Persephone Price, and I was elected to be the executive editor of the Fashion Journalist Club here at ASU. I am a sophomore studying journalism with a minor in creative writing. I want to someday obtain my dream job of writing about fashion for a living. My style is inspired by Alexander McQueen, Ulyana Sergeenko, blogger Louise Ebel, and basically anything I find to my liking. I’m always overdressed; I once wore a pink floral full midi skirt to a Megadeth concert. My wardrobe is composed of a lot of retro pieces, many from thrift and secondhand stores, and I feel naked when I’m not wearing pearls and lipstick. It is a joy to be blogging and editing for The Chic Daily; blogging keeps me inspired to learn more about fashion as well as develop my writing skills and own personal style.



My name is Madison Skye Rowbotham and I was elected as co-editor for the Fashion Journalism Club in May 2014. I am a sophomore at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Ever since I was nine years old, I have dreamt about living in New York City pursuing a career in fashion journalism writing for a major fashion publication like Vogue or Elle. I have written for two local Arizona magazines covering fashion and had the opportunity to cover both Phoenix Fashion Week and Scottsdale Fashion Week. I joined FJC my freshman year as an outlet to keep my fashion writing sharp. I love doing research, and by that I mean flipping through magazine pages, browsing fashion blogs, and learning more about the fashion industry and its growth every day. I am completely immersed in it. I love shopping at H&M, Urban Outfitters and Buffalo Exchange.

My style is constantly changing as I am always sporting new trends and styles. I live in dresses and skirts but I like to add a little bit of edge to every outfit. I am so excited to see what this year as co-editor of FJC has to offer me and I can’t wait to share my love for fashion with all of our fabulous new members!

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