Akris Collection debuts at PHX Art Museum

The pARTY, a black-tie annual fundraiser by the Phoenix Art Museum, took place on Saturday, February 28. Tickets to the event were $750 per person, or $7500 per table, and guests were treated to a night straight out of an episode of Gossip Girl—sans the Blair-Serena drama—and what would a night with Phoenix’s own New York-esque elite be without fashion?

It may not be fashion week any more, but while the catwalks wait, Neiman Marcus teamed up with the Phoenix Art Museum to present the Akris Spring/Summer 2015 collection.







Akris is a fashion house based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The label has been around since 1922 as a family business. Albert Kriemler, grandson of Akris founder Alice Kriemler-Schoch, is the head designer and has worked for Akris since he was 20 in 1980. The full Akris Spring/Summer ’15 collection can be found here.


akris7(The Chic Daily contributor, Serena Zhang)



Photo courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com

Andy Warhol was an iconic artist, most well-known for his pop art. Guests at ‘the pARTY’ were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at an upcoming Phoenix Art Museum exhibit in his honor.

andy2Photo courtesy of ArtFixDaily.com

As Mr. Warhol once said, “Fashion wasn’t what you wore some place anymore.It was the whole reason for going.”


Mary Way was one of many stylish guests at ‘the pARTY’ that let her clothes celebrate Andy Warhol for her.

Even the Phoenix Art Museum staff paid tribute.


The Andy Warhol exhibit will be available to the public at the next First Friday on March 6.

ExhibitAnnouncementPhoto courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum

Event photos and video by Candice Maniga

Other images courtesy of the Huffington Post, and the Phoenix Art Museum.

Friday Favorites

Favorite shoe:

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and Altuzarra’s thigh-high boots have gotten lots of love. But I quite liked the truncated version of them myself, with their Victorian-inspired shape done in black leather laden with silver grommets. The white lace ruffles shyly peeking out from them make me positively giddy.-Emily
Favorite Look from Milan Fashion Week:
Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection is beautiful! This is my favorite look because I am obsessed with jackets, and the way she mixes traditional black and white with different textures is edgy but still classy. Check out her full collection here- Alyssa
Photo Courtesy of Style.com

How to: Outfit Transitions from Daylight to Dead of Night

Sometimes, your school or work schedule can overlap a bit with your social life. It can be a quite the hassle to have to go home, completely change your outfit and rush out the door before your friends think you’re ditching them. I know from experience that sometimes life doesn’t slow down for fashion.

Here are some quick and easy outfit transition tips (plus an example!) that will save you an extra few minutes.

1) Make one part of your outfit the “staple” piece that will stay the same. Focus on changing the things that go around it. In my opinion, dresses are the easiest piece of clothing to transform (see below).

2) Simply switching out accessories can make a major difference. Changing pearl studs to hoop earrings can totally change the tone of your outfit. Other easy changes include changing your outerwear or shoes.

3) Pick something out that morning that you’re comfortable in because you’re going to be wearing it all day. Unless you’re a total stiletto pro, save the six inch heels for your evening plans.

4) Plan ahead of time. Have a fairly decent idea of what your plans are for the evening and have clothing set aside.

5) Shop for items that go with several items in your closet. Don’t box yourself in with items that only go together with only one or two other things.

Day Picture:

Wear tights underneath the dress and pair with a cardigan and flats. This look gives off a more professional vibe that’s great for the office or a long day of classes.

dayoutfitPhoto by Savanah Yaghsezian

Night Picture:

Ditch the cardigan for a leather jacket (if it’s cold enough) and exchange the flats for a chic pair of ankle boots with knee socks.

nightoutfitPhoto by Savanah Yaghsezian

Article and Photos by Savanah Yaghsezian

Shoesday Tuesday: Nike edition

Ok, bear with me on this one… I was doing some online window-shopping this weekend, and I just couldn’t help but notice a trend that I don’t understand. When it comes to workout shoes, the more flamboyant, and honestly verging on obnoxious, shoes were the most expensive ones. Now, I understand that we live in a wonderful time that wearing workout clothes and shoes can be an everyday look. However, this is going much too far.


NikeW_2Photo courtesy of Store.Nike.com

This is the Roshe style, which has become very popular in recent months, and is priced at $80. Not too bad, and these could be used as a pop of color in any cute and functional outfit.

NikeW_1Photo courtesy of Store.Nike.com

Now, this pair is customizable so it is understandable that the cost would go up to $135. For quality, custom shoes, the price is not going to be cheap. Again, this style of Nike is the perfect combination of comfortable and cute. Pair it with the right skirt and t-shirt, and you have street style perfection!

NikeW_3Photo courtesy of Store.Nike.com

Now, this is where things get a little hazy for me… This pair of shoes is priced at $180. I have never really been a fan of the whole wedge-sneaker concept, but with the rigid texture and contrast between the black and white, this shoe is really not selling itself. Why would someone pay almost $200 for a pair of heels that essentially look like baseball cleats? Maybe this is just a style disagreement between the rest of the world and myself, but I really do not understand.


This trend is actually more prominent in men’s shoes. And, it is understandable. In general, men have at most anywhere from three to five pairs of shoes, so it makes sense they are willing to spend more money for a quality shoe that will last them a long time.

NikeM_3Photo courtesy of Store.Nike.com

This skateboarding shoe is priced at $115. Not too bad for a quality and versatile pair of shoes. This grey can be dressed down with a simple t-shirt and jeans, and could be dressed up with a button down and nice jeans for a cool, but still casual look.

NikeM_1Photo courtesy of Store.Nike.com

Now, leopard print is my favorite pattern so I can appreciate when a man is bold enough to try something like this. These Roshe style Nike’s are priced at $155. Now, as I said before, for a quality versatile shoe, $155 isn’t a terrible price point. But, I don’t understand why this same style costs $75 more than the women’s Roshe. Yes, the materials are different, but the style and support for the foot are the same? One of the many mysteries of the fashion world I suppose…

NikeM_2Photo courtesy of Store.Nike.com

This pair of Nike’s cost $245. They are customizable, so that could add some price fluctuation. However, I do not understand how a man could wear these? Or work out in them? I just feel that over $200 for a snakeskin tennis shoe is too much… The strap, laces and logo placement are all very distracting to create a very VERY busy shoe for a very unreasonable price point. Maybe one of you guys can explain this trend to me? Post or comment below.

Thanks for reading! Walk fabulously my friends.

Article by Courtney Mally

5 celebrity looks on your Budget

Every day we see our favorite celebrities in magazines and on social media rocking the coolest new styles and flawless outfits. We want it, we must have it…but wait. That special bag or beautiful new dress costs a good chunk of cash.

Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new pieces for your wardrobe, you can find the same pieces for less at mass retailers and department stores. Mix and match, and before you know it, you’ll have a similar outfit and a happy wallet!

Taylor Swift and her pastel blue coat:

Taylor Swift leaves her home with a powder blue coat and beige Prada bag in New York City

Always stunning, Swift turns heads in this baby blue shade, complete with a white beanie and a chic pink bag.

Your options: ASOS Boyfriend Coat (Light Blue) $69.70

For a coat you can wear on many occasions, this is quite the steal. It’s originally around $150, but now you can get it at us.asos.com. You can pick up a white beanie from Forever 21 for $6.90 and black tights from Target for under $5, where you can also find a similar pink handbag for $20 or less. Add a pair of basic black pumps and you will never go out of style.

Photo courtesy of Nosotras.com


Emma Roberts and her cozy sweater:

Emma Roberts 1Photo courtesy of TimeInc.net

This is too comfortable to resist. For a similar look, try the textured marled knit sweater from Forever 21 ($32.80) and pair it with cat eye sunglasses from the same store ($5.90)



Gisele Bündchen and her plaid shirt:

While you can’t have her life (the career, the hot hubby…)  you can have the same plaid shirt!

The exact shirt is a Rails Top that you can find at Bloomingdale’s for $128. For a less expensive version, try Forever 21, where a similar top sells for $15.80. If you want a black leather jacket to add a tough-girl touch, try H&M, where you can find one for $49.95. Wear with a pair of skinny jeans from your closet and you are all set!

Photo courtesy of Dailymail.co.uk


Kate Hudson and her puppy sweater:

kate-hudson-435Photo courtesy of TimeInc.net

Dog lovers, show your love for your favorite animal with this sweater, as Hudson so proudly did. The I Heart Ronson “Cadillac Dog” sweatshirt is under $25 and the entire line is available at JCPenney. You can find a similar pair of classic black sunglasses at Forever 21 or Target. Pair with your favorite pair of jeans and you look stylish and comfortable.

Kristin Cavallari and her Maxi Dress:


Her entire outfit is so on-point it hurts, but luckily you can create a similar look without breaking the bank. She’s wearing a Bardot Stripe Maxi Dress that is available exclusively at Nordstrom’s for under a hundred dollars.

If you want to look for a less expensive option, try lollicouture.com. I found a similar maxi dress for $11.99! To complete your look, pair with black accessories and shoes. H&M sells black tote bags for under $20.

Photo Courtesy of UsMagazine.com


Article by Rachael Bouley

Fashions at the 87th Academy Awards

Red carpets are being rolled, fairy god-stylists are returning last night’s dresses and jewelry, the clock has struck midnight on this year’s awards season, and as the saying goes, “they saved the best for last.” Whether or not a star was honored with an Oscar nom, half the fun is in the fashion, and boy were they were dressed to go out with a bang.

These are our nominees for the looks that could have won an award of their own.

The Newcomers:


The Defending Champions:





Men in Black and Blue:


Power Couples:


  • Adam Levine (performer) and his wife Behati Prinsloo.
  • Channing Tatum (presenter) in Dolce & Gabbana, and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Zuhair Murad.
  • Chris Pratt (presenter) and his wife Anna Faris in Zuhair Murad.
  • Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor nominee) in Alexander McQueen and his wife Hannah Bagshawe in Alexander McQueen.
  • John Legend (Best Original Song winner and performer) and his wife Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Marad.
  • Neil Patrick Harris (host) in Brunello Cucinelli and his husband David Burtka in Calvin Klein.

The Oscar Nominees:


The Winners:


That’s a wrap on the fashion for the 87th Academy Awards. Who do you think should have gone home with an Oscar for Best Academy Award Fashion?

Images Courtesy of: E! Online, Oscars, VOGUE, JustJared, and Red Carpet Fashion Awards (RCFA)

Article by Candice Maniga


Confessions of a Polish Addict: The Six Essential Nail Colors

If you’re like me, your nail polish collection seems to grow exponentially without you even realizing it. After all, it’s difficult to embark on a routine trip to the store without tossing a bottle or two of colorful lacquer into the cart. But when it comes time for a manicure and you find yourself sifting through dozens of bottles, or you experience the excruciating indecision that comes with choosing a color, you may have reached “overload” status. Curating the perfect nail polish collection is an art form, and I’m here to help you out (even though my own hoard of polish is a bit out of hand – hey, we’ll learn together, right?).

To get you started, I’ll share my carefully devised theory – you really only need six nail polishes. That’s right – six! The right nail polish collection should be like a group of friends – each member has its own characteristics that contribute to the harmony of the group. You want the group to be small, and each member is bursting with their own personality and traits.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your existing collection, or you’re building one from scratch, use this template. Pick one type of polish from each group, and soon your polish bag will be simple, organized and stocked with everything you need to help you find a nail color for every occasion or mood.

The classic:


Whether or not you would classify your style as “girly,” every polish owner needs to have at least one of these traditional nail hues. Cotton candy pink and cherry red are the top contenders, but a tangerine orange or summery coral are fun, modern twists on the classics. The bottom line: you can’t go wrong with one of these stunners.

The neutral:


Sometimes you don’t always want your nails to dazzle; you just want them to look chic. That’s what neutrals are for. Go with crisp white for something that’s still eye-catching, soft charcoal gray to add a bit of edge, or a nude taupe if you’re keeping it classy. Neutrals stand out in a sea of crazy nail art, so these simple colors definitely make a statement. Bonus: The muted colors elongate your fingers and make chips less noticeable.

The dark:


Black polish lost its “goth” label years ago and is now a nail color staple. Like the neutrals, black makes a statement in the most simple way possible, and it is the go-to color if you want to feel a little extra cool or high-fashion. Opt for a rich navy or a deep mahogany for a unique way to go dark.

The pastel:


After a week or two of wearing dark polish, it’s refreshing to go for a color that’s more reminiscent of a ballerina than a biker. Pale pink is subtle and a girly-girl classic, while lavender is a perfect hue for spring. For a more trendy look, polish on some crisp mint green, which is still soft but in an edgier way.

The funky:


So your nail polish bag is filled with colors that are trendy, classic, simple… what about if you just want your nails to be bold and fun? That’s where the unconventional nail hues come in – brights and neons in all colors of the Crayola rainbow. Lime green and royal blue are edgy by nature, while banana yellow has a slightly higher “adorable” factor.

The glamorous:


You may have all the necessary colors, but a true nail connoisseur knows it’s all about playing with texture too. That’s why it is absolutely essential to have a glitter polish as part of your stash. Sparkling silver is a classic that looks good over nearly every hue, while a mashup of pink and purple glitters is the ultimate Barbie look. For a look that is both glam and statement-making, opt for a unique kind of sparkle, like a coppery bronze.

It’s important to never feel limited. The world of nails is all about exploration and experimentation, after all. However, having a general guideline about which kinds of colors to go for is a key method of simplifying your collection, and we could all use a little simplification in our beauty repertoire.

Photos and Article by Libby Allnatt