Halloween 2014: Costumes for Two

Halloween is always more fun when you spend it with your best friend or significant other. To make the most of the celebration, get creative and dress up together! Here are some ideas to consider:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Who doesn’t love Disney characters? This is an adorable option, especially because you can put it together with pieces from your closet. Add your own twist with a red skirt, tutu or shorts!


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Mickey and Minnie 1

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Tigger and Piglet

This is perfect for the best of friends! It’s also a cute DIY costume. Using black felt or marker on orange separates (try leggings and a tank top) will create Tigger’s trademark stripes. For Piglet, pink leggings and a striped pink shirt will do the trick. Don’t forget about the headbands, which are easily made and the perfect finishing touch!

Tigger and Pigglet

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Thing 1 and Thing 2

You can make this costume using a variety of different pieces, so be creative and go all out! You can experiment with red dresses, shirts and leggings to find the best look for you and your friend!


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Thing1Thing2 pic 2

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad

Superman and Batman

These outfits are just one of the many ways to dress up as Superman and Batman. You can add tutus, capes and leggings.

batman and superman

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Ana and Elsa from Frozen

This idea is more expensive than the others and requires a trip to the nearest Halloween superstore, where these dresses are sold. But you will get to be a beautiful princess from an adorable movie, so it will be worth it!



Photo Courtesy of Spirit



Photo Courtesy of Spirit

Story By Rachael Bouley

Darling Dorm Decor: How to Have a Chic Room on a Budget

The word “dorm” often conjures up images of drab walls, bare dressers and boring desks. But a dorm room isn’t just a place to sleep and study. It’s a place to make all yours, a place that can inspire you from morning until night. Check out these tips on how to (affordably) add some chicness to your dorm room so stepping through the door will feel just like coming home.

Photo _1

A crucial element of any dorm room is photos of friends and family. Save desk space and add cuteness to the walls by ditching the picture frames and hanging photos on twine. You can find cute clothespins at any craft store for a detailed touch. Print out inspirational quotes from Pinterest for a daily dose of motivation, or gain major hipness points by using old-fashioned Polaroids. Tip: To make sure everything stays up, invest in some gummy adhesive tabs (a dorm essential) to put on the back of each photo so the thin twine isn’t supporting all the weight.

Photo _2

You’ll definitely want to have some pens and pencils handy to jot down any reminders or homework assignments. Maximize desk space and have easy access to your writing utensils by putting them in a chic mini pail. (Definitely good for fashionistas on a budget—I found this polka dot pail in the dollar section of Target!)

Photo _3

Don’t underestimate the style power of displaying everyday items. Having a stack of fashion-forward magazines on your bedside table not only looks chic, but you can flip through the pages anytime you’re desperate for some last-minute style inspiration.

Photo _4

Craft stores are great for putting together some DIY decor (see the hanging clothesline photos, above), but party store goods can provide some much-needed pizazz to blank walls. Go monochrome, like with these black and white bursts, or add a pop of color. Use hooks to hang up wall decorations like these, and put some adhesive tabs on the back to ensure that your fashionable decor will stay up for the whole semester.

Photo _5

Even with ample drawer space, it can be hard to decide where everything should go in a dorm. Display any memorable tokens (concert tickets, newspaper clippings, letters from friends and family) in a mason jar. Serious adorability coupled with sentimental value? Exactly what a dorm room needs.

Story and Photos By Libby Allnatt

The Rise of Kendall Jenner

unnamed (2)

Photo Courtesy of Beraplan.com

Coming from a prominent family in the entertainment business, Kendall Jenner has been in the public eye her whole life. She appeared on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in 2007 and now she is seen all over the pages of magazines and walking down the runways. This year Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential Teens included Kendall (along with her sister Kylie) and recognized her for her modeling career. “To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be,” said Kendall during a Q&A with Interview magazine.”I was always looking up to supermodels.” To prove her commitment, she dropped her last name for her modeling career. “She’s a real professional. I love that her card just says Kendall,” Michael Kors told E! News. “So she’s not trading her name and I think she’s going to have a great career.”


Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post

In 2011, she landed her first official campaign for Forever 21, and then in 2012, Kendall was the third Miss Vogue cover girl for the Vogue Australia issue. That was just the start. She caught the eyes of many in the fashion world and began working with high-end designers. Her first Fashion Week debut was in Spring 2014. She walked for Marc Jacobs in New York, Giles in London, and Chanel, Chanel Haute Couture and Givenchy in Paris. In September, she walked for Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Diane Von Fürstenberg in New York, Ports 1961, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, and Bottega Veneta in Milan, and Balmain and Chanel in Paris.

unnamed (1)

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Along with modeling, Kendall has a clothing line with her sister that is featured in PacSun. Kendall and Kylie have also been working with Steve Madden and launched a Madden Girl collection. Rumor has it she might be this year’s Victoria’s Secret Angel. “People think that this [success] just came to me. But it didn’t. What I have has almost worked against me,” She stated in an interview with LOVE magazine. “I had to work even harder to get where I wanted because people didn’t take me seriously as a model.” Although many argue she is where she is because of her family, Kendall has proven herself in the fashion world and her success will only continue.

Story By Giselle Vazquez

It’s a Wild World: Anxieties in College

College tends to be some of the best and most difficult four years of a young person’s life. Many questions relating to ‘what it all means’ are asked in the minds of students, and I think it’s easy to question every decision you’ve ever made in your life the moment you enter college.

Statistics of people between the ages of 18 and 24 suffering from anxiety and depression have rapidly increased over the years. Not only is there the pressure of the academic journey, there is also a loss of identity and in some cases, students find themselves so desperate to feel fulfilled, that they become depressed or anxiety ridden.

I spoke to a few female college students here at ASU and what they had to say about the stressors of college is disconcerting. Alex Whitten, a freshman majoring in journalism, says, “ One of the most stressful things, I believe, about college is finding where you belong not only with peers but within your major and questioning whether what you’re doing is worth it or not.” I think there are a lot of other students here who would without a doubt, agree with her statement, but it’s very easy to feel alone when everyone deals with these feelings in different ways.

heartPhoto by Cianna Leparulo

Women in particular struggle with the idea of perfection and what that means for them. This pressure can relate to body image and as I mentioned before, self-discovery. When asked about these pressures, Alex claims, “I absolutely feel pressure about body image. At our campus, we have a lot of health majors, and accordingly they all look tan and amazing and I rarely have time to work out because of homework. Also, being at ASU, there’s always the pressure to go out and drink and smoke and I just don’t have that need and don’t want to.”

These four years can be very confusing in so many ways, and it doesn’t just pertain to freshmen. Lauren Clark is a junior majoring in journalism as well, and says, “I have definitely experienced anxiety over stress and emotional conflicts. And while there may have been times in my life I might have been feeling depressed, I don’t think I would classify under the medical term for depression.” It’s clear that these years can be difficult for anyone, and while some may suffer more than others, we are all familiar with the feeling. I think the most effective way to get through these issues is to surround yourself with positive people and remember you’re not alone.

However, I understand it’s not always that easy, so seek therapy or an outlet of creativity. In the end, college students deal with a lot of anxiety and depression, and instinct is the best tool a young person can have when dealing with their emotions and their future. This life is all yours, and you have the power to write it however you choose.

Photo and Article by Cianna Leparulo

Fashion-NFL Monday Night Football

When you think about NFL football players, your initial impression of them are tough, rugged men who have to shop at the Big and Tall store all the time. Something I feel is overlooked is that NFL players are some of the most well dressed men. The same swagger and style that the players express on the field, they also express it in how they clothe and accessorize. Here are some football players who are trendsetters with their play on the field and how they dress off the field.

  Victor Cruz

victor-cruz-dujour Salsa-Dancing

 Photo Courtesy of GQ.com                  Photo Courtesy of TheSpish.com

Victor Cruz is a very popular player in the NFL. He is one of the leagues top receivers, and has helped his team, the New York Giants, to a Super Bowl win in 2011. He is also famous for celebrating his touchdowns by performing the salsa in the end zone. Just how the salsa is a vibrant and fun dance, he shows those qualities in what he wears off the field. In a 2013 interview with Michael Hainey of GQ Magazine, Cruz expressed his views on fashion saying, “When I pick clothes out or when I wear my clothes, I want to express myself through my clothes. I can’t be a monotonous athlete who wears the same thing, I don’t want to follow the trend, I want create my own trend.”

Cam Newton



Photo Courtesy of ChicitySports.com               Photo Courtesy of GQ.com

When you think about game changers in the NFL, one player that comes to mind is Cam Newton. In his rookie season for the Carolina Panthers in 2011, Cam Newton broke records such as most rushing touchdowns for quarterback, most passing yards in a game for a rookie and more. This season he continues to show he is a prolific quarterback, and continues to show off his sense of fashion week after week. Before the Panthers play, look at what he is wearing entering the locker room, and after the game during the press conference you will see that he is the best dressed on the team.

Eric Decker

1389817039470_eric-parker-jessie-james-gq-magazine-january-2014-denver-broncos-sports-football-nfl-03 Jets

Photo Courtesy of GQ.com                            Photo Courtesy of TheJetPress.com

Last season Eric Decker was part of what some say was the best offense during the 2013-2014 season with the Denver Broncos. He has been recently traded to the New York Jets so it will be interesting to see how he will play on a different team. But these past few seasons Eric has made a statement as a good player to have on your team, and also has made a good impression in men’s fashion.

Article by Renard Roberts

The Hair Transformation of Emma Stone

Although a natural blonde, Emma Stone made waves with her dark red hair color. But throughout her career, Stone has experimented with different hairstyles: everything from auburn to platinum blonde and back. Here is the timeline of her daring ‘dos.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At one of her first premieres, Emma Stone displayed her signature auburn hair color at the “Pineapple Express” premiere in 2008.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Going a little bit darker but sticking with her red hair color, she pulled half of her hair back for a simple but elegant style at the “Easy A” premiere in 2010.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

In 2010, Stone arrived at An Evening Benefiting The Trevor Project with straight across bangs and a honey blonde hair color.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Stone donned a sophisticated updo and a brighter blonde hair color that warmed her complexion.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Going platinum blonde, Emma Stone arrived at the Vanity Fair party with bangs that hit right at her eyebrows and loose, effortless waves.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the Condé Nast Traveler Annual Hot List Party in 2011, Stone went for a platinum blonde lob with side-swept bangs and tight curls that perfectly framed her face.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the MTV Movie Awards in 2011, Stone went back to red that was much brighter than the auburn that she had worn in the past.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the Glamour Women of the Year Event in 2011, Emma Stone showed off a deeper yet bright red hair color, keeping it simple with a loose pony.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Once again, at the Nickelodeon 25th Annual Kids Choice Awards in 2012, Stone went blonde, this time a darker honey blonde with simple, loose curls.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the London premiere of “The Amazing Spiderman” in 2012, Stone returned to platinum blonde. She wore it straight and long which perfectly complemented her dark smoky eye.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Showing off a shorter blonde lob at the Los Angeles premiere of “Gangster Squad” in 2013, Stone brought her bangs back.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

However, the blonde phase didn’t last long. At the 2014 Met Gala, Stone arrived with her signature long, red hair color perfectly styled in a side twist braid.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the 71st Venice Film Festival in 2014, Emma Stone made an entrance with her fiery red locks then cut into a tousled bob with a side bang.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

With her hair now a darker shade of red and her bob beginning to grow out, Stone shined at the 52nd New York Film Festival with her side swept shoulder-grazing bob.

Story By Lindsay Roberts

Favorite Fall Trends

Every season there are the set outfits that are all the rage, and are the staple pieces in the magazines, on the mannequins and on the streets every day. They determine the must haves in order to stay chic and trendy for the season. For this season, I have accumulated five top styles based off of research collected from: Vogue, Glamour, White House Black Market, Forever 21 and Express. Enjoy!

Poodle skirts are back!

Let’s go back to the ’50s where girls wore these knee length, poufy skirts, paired with a polo or cardigan. Well, this season we are wearing block colored skirts with crew neck sweaters and high heels (as seen in Express stores). Pair this outfit with pearl jewelry and curly hair for a full, flirtatious effect.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Bodycon dresses, tights and booties

Combine any colors and textures for this sexy, yet professional look. Try a black leather dress, black tights and suede black, heeled booties for the perfect fall outfit to wear out on the town. Combine with simple jewelry to not draw away from the outfit. (Seen in Vogue and White House Black Market.)

Knee-high socks

Remember that school girl look? These are seen in berry, grey, black and brown paired with mini skirts and/or high-waisted shorts. Can be worn with a blazer for a more professional appeal, or a cardigan for a laid-back look. Wear with booties or ballet flats and remember to coordinate colors. (Seen in Forever 21 stores and Glamour.)

Colored skinny jeans

Mostly seen in berry, white and mustard yellow, colored skinny jeans are coloring the windows of stores and the pages of magazines. Worn with boots, scarves and sweaters, they bring character and color to every outfit. These are can be acceptable almost every setting, casual or professional depending on how you wear it. My personal favorite way to wear this was seen in Vogue, where a model was wearing cranberry skinny jeans, brown leather boots and a mustard yellow over-sized sweater.

Leggings and Ugg boots

Who doesn’t love this cute and relaxed look for an everyday style? You can wear with scarves, crew necks, cardigans, t-shirts, you name it. It’s my #1 because it is so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. Also, it feels comfortable and looks adorable. Try wearing with a ballerina bun and classic cat-eye liner.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Story By Anna Furrey