Friday Favorites

Favorite Fashion Spread: 


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

“It is one of my guilty pleasures to actually keep up with the Kardashians, so I was thrilled when I found out that Kendall Jenner was going to be featured in this fashion spread in the June/July issue of French Vogue. I am excited to see her modeling career take off like this after walking in the Marc Jacobs fall runway show during New York Fashion Week.” -Samantha

Favorite Event:

SeeYouThere - Phoenix

  Photo Courtesy of CK Scrapbook Events

“I saw this last week and am planning on surprising my mom with an early birthday present by going this weekend! A scrapbook convention…what’s more mother-daughter bonding than that? They have vendors and classes on creating pages, using bling to spice them up and how to incorporate different materials for festive, fun pages! Many other classes are going to be held on Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to kill some time, hop on over to the Phoenix Convention Center!” -Alyssa

Favorite Accessory: 


Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

“My two favorite things right now are headbands and bugs. I’ve been wearing a headband every day since I discovered how magical they are for a girl growing out her bangs, and I really ought to invest in a pretty one. This one from Anthropologie would be ideal with its row of charming golden bees.” -Persephone

Favorite Look:


 Photo Courtesy of Instagram

“Just when I was beginning to think that the ombre trend had run its course, this dress caught my eye on Instagram. I love the two-tone blue ombre on the bottom of this little white dress. The dress is fun and flirty, and perfect for summer! I will definitely be on the hunt for a dress like this.” -Madison

Friday Favorites

Favorite Trend:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

“I am definitely having a moment of appreciation for matching separates. Especially ones that involve a solid color with some texture. I think matching sets are the perfect summer solution for hot days when you still want to look polished and stylish. When going for a more casual look, the trend can also be worn in variations of loose-fitting sets or crop tops. I have a feeling this just might be my new go-to for summer.” -Samantha

Favorite Family Photo:


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

“These photos from the Ralph Lauren Gala at Windsor Castle are stunning! Ralph Lauren has been a staple in the fashion world for such a long time and his clothing personifies clean and sophisticated. Some of the celebs in attendance were Emma Watson and Cate Blanchett, oh, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge who hosted the Lauren family pictured above.” -Alyssa

Favorite Bathing Suit:


Photo Courtesy of ModCloth

“I absolutely do not need another swimsuit. But I am absolutely going to buy this Esther Williams one from ModCloth anyway. I always appreciate a retro one-piece; not only is it modest and flattering for every figure, it’s sexy in a classic way. The sky blue color is a favorite of mine lately, and this one is made in a luxe, velvety material. This bathing suit also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and there’s a high-waisted bikini version too, which I own in red and completely adore.” -Persephone

Favorite Movie Look:


Photo Courtesy of Just Jared

“I saw the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and was obsessed with all of Emma Stone’s outfits in the movie. I love this outfit that she wears because of the mixtures of colors, prints, and textures. I love the preppy look on top and the edgier look on the bottom. The coat is just fantastic. I love the outlining in white and I think the mint green looks fabulous with the purple.” -Madison

Friday Favorites

Favorite Summer Look:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“I love dressing comfortably in the summer, and my favorite color to wear is black, so it makes sense that I fell in love with this look when I saw it on Pinterest. The simple black dress is accessorized perfectly with those amazing gladiator sandals and round sunglasses. This look definitely gives me some summer outfit inspiration and it’s a perfect replacement for the common floral summer sundress!” -Samantha

Favorite Eyeshadow Palette:


Photo Courtesy of Glamour-Zine

“I just found this eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay and think it’s adorable! Perfect for summer and there’s a wide array of colors to mix and match! Happy experimenting with the most loved shades from Urban Decay!” -Alyssa

Favorite Outerwear:


Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

“I recently became obsessed with the notion of wearing a cloak. Yes, that’s right, a cloak. Perhaps I’ve been spending too much time watching my boyfriend play fantasy video games. I scoured the internet for a modern take on the Medieval staple, and after sifting through dozens of the Dracula-esque, I think I’ve found it. The modest brown hue, shortened length and smart pairing make this cloak socially acceptable to wear even today.” -Persephone

Favorite Met Gala Look: 


Photo Courtesy of Popsugar

 “Blake Lively is my fashion icon. She always looks classy and sophisticated. This Gucci dress hugs her curves perfectly and shows just the right amount of skin. I love that she did retro waves to complete the look. Ryan looks handsome as like always in his blue-velvet tuxedo by Gucci. It’s daring and I love that he took a risk. This duo was definitely high up on my best-dressed list from the Met Gala 2014.” -Madison

Friday Favorites

Favorite Makeup Launch:


Photo Courtesy of Bare Escentuals 

“I have always loved the idea of liquid foundation, but because my skin is so fair and sensitive it has always been hard for me to find a product that works for me. I have been using Bare Minerals powder foundation since I first started wearing makeup and I just haven’t ever been able to switch even after trying many other brands and types of foundation. Now that the brand launched their first liquid foundation on May 1, maybe my search will finally be over! I’m definitely going to pick up a bottle of this new product to try.” -Samantha

Favorite Custom Jewelry: 

origami owl jewelry
Photo Courtesy of My Joy-Filled Life

“I found Origami Owl while online shopping for Mother’s Day, but these are perfect for many occasions. The picture features their “Living Locket” collection where you can customize the locket size, type and finish, then select charms or plates you would like to fit into the locket. I just ordered one for my mom, but they are great individualized gifts for friends or relatives.” -Alyssa

Favorite Vintage:


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

“While browsing Etsy, I discovered Chariot Marie, a shop filled with vintage pieces that are candy-colored and incredibly feminine, like this dreamy 1970s dress, described by the shop owner as “perfect for the modern-day flower child.” The shop screams summer to me: a summer of lemonade stands, frolicking through daisies and dancing the warm nights away.” -Persephone

Favorite New Collaboration:


Photo Courtesy of Fashion Times

“MAC and Lorde! Ugh obsessed. I always thought Lorde sported the coolest lip colors. She always pushes the boundaries in the beauty industry with her over-the-top plum shades. I can’t wait to pick up a new product from her collaboration with MAC. The colors are so daring!” -Madison

Campus Street Style | April 30

Who ever said that finals time had to be completed with sweat pants, topknots and venti lattes? Not The Chic Daily! We are proud to present you with an amazing collection of finals outfits to cap our Campus Street Style column for the 2013-2014 school year. This extra warm week, girls were sporting shirts with gorgeous neck detailing that were paired with looser bottoms. Guys were spotted in trendy graphic and baseball tees, with the exception of one stylish professor sporting chinos and a chambray shirt. In terms of shoes, these great outfits were paired back to athletic kicks, oxfords, ankle booties and gladiator sandals, all trendy in the current fashion market. Enjoy and take note before you reach for the sweat pants, but please pair your enduring all-nighters with a stylish cup of coffee or two.


Senior Laine Baker

Major/Concentration: Sustainability

Laine’s gorgeous and confident style is highly saturated in monotone colors, such as black and white, and is influenced heavily by unisex fashion.


Professor Matt Garcia

Director of the school of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

The Chic Daily swooned over Professor Garcia’s eclectic mix of textured fabrications, influenced heavily by “Lower East Side professional wear.”


Senior Sarah Clevinger

Major/Concentration: Theater

Sarah’s unique style is a product of many thrift store finds, such as her festival-like top that was purchased at Goodwill.


Senior Nate Mortensen

Major/Concentration: Marketing and Finance

Nothing major influences Nate’s style other than the stores he frequents, such as Urban Outfitters and American Eagle, that supply cool clothing pieces that fit his extra tall frame.


Freshman Rachel Riebe

Major/Concentration: Sustainability and Global Studies

Rachel’s adorable and laid back look is self-described as “boho and indie.” She also frequents Urban Outfitters.


Sophomore Chenggong Pan

Major/Concentration: Economics

Chenggong’s cool and fashion-forward style (cough Cartier bracelet cough, cough) is heavily influenced by fashion books, specifically from China.


Senior Ana Cross

Major/Concentration: Painting and Art Education

Ana’s spotted outfit is a perfect depiction of her youthful style: colorful with flow-y, comfortable tops, complete with pigtails (for late finals nights).


By Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland



Friday Favorites

Favorite Space:


Photo Courtesy of The Decorista

“If you’re a true glam girl, fashion doesn’t end in your closet. One of the things I’m most looking forward to in the future is decorating my own house. And I’ll be sure to reference this photo for inspiration!” -Tamara
Favorite Sun Hat:
Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters
“As I was looking at some of the pictures from Coachella on Facebook and Instagram, I saw some very cute sun hats. Sun hats often have a stigma of being fogey or only for older people, but there are so many fashionable styles out there that are perfect for fun in the sun.” -Audrey
Favorite Fashionista:
Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.23.26 AM
Photo Courtesy of Instagram
“I am not ashamed to admit that I am an avid The Bachelor/The Bachelorette watcher. One contestant has particularly stuck out to me in recent years, however, and it’s n0t just because her husband is the adorable hunk Sean Lowe. I immediately fell in love with Catherine (Giudici) Lowe for her personality, but it soon turned into a love of her style as well. I follow her on Instagram and am always inspired by her cute and chic outfits! Check them out for yourself @catherinegiudici!” -Stacia

Campus Street Style | April 23

This week on the Tempe campus, The Chic Daily spotted some serious trendsetters. We know black pieces are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, but ditching the bright and festive colors of spring for casual black pieces this time of year is not only bold, but also appealing and surprisingly popular right now in the fashion world. In addition to the black piece trend, we saw Middle Eastern influences with turbans, ’90s influences with acid wash and high-waisted denim, and, one of our favorite trends, lunar fashion. As the semester comes to a close and finals approach us, remember: “Dress well, test well!”


Senior Ayan Said

Major/Concentration: Psychology

Ayan’s style exemplifies ’80s and ’90s trends, as she credits her style inspiration to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Ayan Said wk 14

Junior Ryan Krebs

Major/Concentration: English (Literature)

Classy, laid-back, and minimalist are how Ryan describes his style, but no outfit is complete without certain standout pieces to make his outfit pop.

Ryan Krebs wk 14

Junior Lauren Bailey

Major/Concentration: Graphic Design

Hipster hardcore is how Lauren describes her unique style.

Lauren Bailey wk 14

Juniors Lisha Coleman-Computer Science (left) and Ilacian Johnson-Sustainability

Lisha Coleman and Ilacian Johnson wk 14


Junior Hillary Roth

Major/Concentration: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Hillary describes her style as casual and trendy.

Hillary Roth wk 14 (1)

By Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland