The Hair Transformation of Emma Stone

Although a natural blonde, Emma Stone made waves with her dark red hair color. But throughout her career, Stone has experimented with different hairstyles: everything from auburn to platinum blonde and back. Here is the timeline of her daring ‘dos.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At one of her first premieres, Emma Stone displayed her signature auburn hair color at the “Pineapple Express” premiere in 2008.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Going a little bit darker but sticking with her red hair color, she pulled half of her hair back for a simple but elegant style at the “Easy A” premiere in 2010.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

In 2010, Stone arrived at An Evening Benefiting The Trevor Project with straight across bangs and a honey blonde hair color.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Stone donned a sophisticated updo and a brighter blonde hair color that warmed her complexion.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Going platinum blonde, Emma Stone arrived at the Vanity Fair party with bangs that hit right at her eyebrows and loose, effortless waves.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the Condé Nast Traveler Annual Hot List Party in 2011, Stone went for a platinum blonde lob with side-swept bangs and tight curls that perfectly framed her face.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the MTV Movie Awards in 2011, Stone went back to red that was much brighter than the auburn that she had worn in the past.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the Glamour Women of the Year Event in 2011, Emma Stone showed off a deeper yet bright red hair color, keeping it simple with a loose pony.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Once again, at the Nickelodeon 25th Annual Kids Choice Awards in 2012, Stone went blonde, this time a darker honey blonde with simple, loose curls.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the London premiere of “The Amazing Spiderman” in 2012, Stone returned to platinum blonde. She wore it straight and long which perfectly complemented her dark smoky eye.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Showing off a shorter blonde lob at the Los Angeles premiere of “Gangster Squad” in 2013, Stone brought her bangs back.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

However, the blonde phase didn’t last long. At the 2014 Met Gala, Stone arrived with her signature long, red hair color perfectly styled in a side twist braid.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

At the 71st Venice Film Festival in 2014, Emma Stone made an entrance with her fiery red locks then cut into a tousled bob with a side bang.


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

With her hair now a darker shade of red and her bob beginning to grow out, Stone shined at the 52nd New York Film Festival with her side swept shoulder-grazing bob.

Story By Lindsay Roberts

Favorite Fall Trends

Every season there are the set outfits that are all the rage, and are the staple pieces in the magazines, on the mannequins and on the streets every day. They determine the must haves in order to stay chic and trendy for the season. For this season, I have accumulated five top styles based off of research collected from: Vogue, Glamour, White House Black Market, Forever 21 and Express. Enjoy!

Poodle skirts are back!

Let’s go back to the ’50s where girls wore these knee length, poufy skirts, paired with a polo or cardigan. Well, this season we are wearing block colored skirts with crew neck sweaters and high heels (as seen in Express stores). Pair this outfit with pearl jewelry and curly hair for a full, flirtatious effect.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Bodycon dresses, tights and booties

Combine any colors and textures for this sexy, yet professional look. Try a black leather dress, black tights and suede black, heeled booties for the perfect fall outfit to wear out on the town. Combine with simple jewelry to not draw away from the outfit. (Seen in Vogue and White House Black Market.)

Knee-high socks

Remember that school girl look? These are seen in berry, grey, black and brown paired with mini skirts and/or high-waisted shorts. Can be worn with a blazer for a more professional appeal, or a cardigan for a laid-back look. Wear with booties or ballet flats and remember to coordinate colors. (Seen in Forever 21 stores and Glamour.)

Colored skinny jeans

Mostly seen in berry, white and mustard yellow, colored skinny jeans are coloring the windows of stores and the pages of magazines. Worn with boots, scarves and sweaters, they bring character and color to every outfit. These are can be acceptable almost every setting, casual or professional depending on how you wear it. My personal favorite way to wear this was seen in Vogue, where a model was wearing cranberry skinny jeans, brown leather boots and a mustard yellow over-sized sweater.

Leggings and Ugg boots

Who doesn’t love this cute and relaxed look for an everyday style? You can wear with scarves, crew necks, cardigans, t-shirts, you name it. It’s my #1 because it is so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. Also, it feels comfortable and looks adorable. Try wearing with a ballerina bun and classic cat-eye liner.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Story By Anna Furrey

Shoesday Tuesday: These shoes are made for Walking

This past weekend was Parents-Weekend here at ASU. In order to show my parents the wonderful university I am currently attending, there was a lot of walking around involved. So, here are some of my favorite shoes to wear when I know I need to combine fashion and function, not just choose one.

white sandalsPhoto by: Courtney Mally

These sandals are perfect for a hot, sunny day. They provide support to the foot (which is essential for me personally, because I have very high arches) and the style of the shoe adds a little bohemian but still a trendy feel to any outfit I pair them with. I actually love them so much I bought a pair in black, too!

patterned tomsPhoto by: Courtney Mally

The pattern on these Toms always adds little bit of flare to any outfit whether it be shorts and a t-shirt, paired with jeans, or even a skirt if I feel like combining contrasting styles. My favorite thing about this pair of shoes is that they are not only very supportive, but also closed-toed. Walking around downtown, or any city for that matter, wearing open-toed shoes can allow a good amount of dirt and other things to get on your feet. These are comfortable, protective and cute!

black tomsPhoto by: Courtney Mally

When I need a more professional outfit, or I am feeling like being a little more dressed up to walk around town, these shoes are my go-to. They have a little bit of a heel on them so they not only dress up any outfit I choose to put on, but the heel also provides support and cushion for an occasion where I am going to be on my feet for a prolonged amount of time.

Nike'sPhoto by: Courtney Mally

Now, whether I am literally or figuratively running around, these Nikes feel like I am walking on air. I love the pop of color they give to a basic outfit, and again the support, protection, and comfort is a trifecta of being a busy-bee on the go.

What is your favorite pair of shoes to wear around town? Thanks for reading! Walk fabulously my friends!

Article and Photos by Courtney Mally

The Anatomy of a Good Arm Party

Nothing completes an outfit quite like a strategic mixture of bracelets with varied colors, shapes and styles. This curious combination of jewelry is often referred to among accessory aficionados as an “arm party.” The jazzy name alone conveys a fun sense of celebration, and what’s not to celebrate when you look fabulous? Check out these bracelet combo ideas to add some pizzazz to your next outfit, because any outfit could benefit from a good arm party.

Photo _1

Spice up a simple watch with some chic bracelets to look twice as sophisticated. The key is to pick a common color that anchors the watch to the other Bracelets—in this case, mint green. Pyramid studs and chevron, both geometric, also play against each other well. The pearl bracelet in the center keeps things classy, making this a perfect arm party for when you need to look professional.

Photo _2

Go dark with pops of jet black contrasted with simple silver rhinestones. Use a larger statement piece to tie everything together (like in the photo) or throw on a smattering of small black and silver bracelets to amp up the edginess. The mix of hip and elegant makes this a versatile combo for tons of different outfits, especially if you need to dress up but still want to throw in a little bit of personal flair.

Photo _3

White and gold are one of the chicest, most crisp color combinations. The white keeps things classic, while the gold majorly pumps up the luxe factor. The mix of sophisticated pearls and edgy studs just goes to show that opposites do attract, with the two styles juxtaposing each other in such a daring way. Implement this arm party when you want to play up the preppiness of an outfit.

Photo _4

Capitalize on the classic glamour of white and gold, but this time add a pop of color. Rich colors like cobalt blue (pictured) or other jewel tones like emerald green or crimson red can tie the arm party into your outfit even more and also add a playful element to the look. The light touch of gold on the center bracelet here makes the royal blue addition look right at home next to its gleaming gold counterparts.

Photo _5

If the ascendency of pastels into the fashion limelight rendered your stylish heart all aflutter (believe me, I can relate), then this is the arm party for you. Cotton candy colors like mint green and pale pink add a girly element to sophisticated pearls and rhinestones, rounding off the romantically vintage look. Pair with girly florals or flowing pieces to intensify the vibe, or wear with sharper, more structured apparel for contrast.

Photo _6
Truly embrace variety by wearing three or more bracelets of all different shapes. The trick? Make sure they are all in the same color or metal scheme – in this case, charcoal-grey silver. Different color choices can create different effects on outfits, but no matter what hue you pick, donning layers of a single color guarantees eye-catching appeal, and that’s the mark of a good arm party.

Story and Photos By Libby Allnatt

Trendy Traveling

With school breaks, holidays and weekend trips approaching, it seems like everyone is heading to the airport. Flying can be a stressful experience, but an outfit that’s both confident and comfortable can make all the difference while traveling.


First things first, it’s crucial to wear pants that are comfortable. A long flight in ultra-tight jeans is not ideal. Keep it simple with a pair of black leggings, or try Converse One Star Piper Longue Pants. They are soft, yet stylish with zippered pockets.15584125

Photo Courtesy of Target


When it comes to air travel, layers are key. The temperatures on airplanes fluctuate frequently, so it’s convenient to include a sweatshirt or sweater in your outfit. If you are wearing leggings, opt for a favorite tee or tank top then pair with a knit sweater or cardigan. Because sweatpants are a bit bulkier than leggings, choose a light hoodie with a zipper. Choose these pieces based on your favorite colors and patterns, so even at the airport, you can show off your personal style.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


When it comes to shoes, comfort and ease are top priorities. While heels look adorable and chic, its best to leave those packed in the suitcase. Airports are busy and big, with long lines and far walks between security checkpoints and gates. Your feet will thank you for choosing comfortable sneakers or cute slip-ons—go for your favorite pair of Converse or Nikes. If you want to add more style, colorful ballet flats and patterned slip-on sneakers are the way to go.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Jewelry needs to come off during security screenings, so it’s best to go light on rings and bracelets and instead accessorize with a favorite hat or scarf. Keep your destination in mind. If you’re flying to a warm, sunny place, choose a cute fedora or baseball cap. If you’re heading to a colder climate, a beanie is the perfect choice.

You can fit everything you need for the plane, including water bottles and books, in an oversized purse or satchel backpack. Black is simple and stylish, and brown leather bags are in this season.

For a final touch, bring along a patterned neck pillow. While on the plane, you can rest and relax in style, rather than cramping your neck or falling asleep on the shoulder of the stranger next to you! With a cute and comfortable outfit, and an easy in-flight experience, you will be well on your way to happy travels!


Photo Courtesy of Ali Express

Story By Rachael Bouley

How To: Make Game Day Fashionable

Game days are filled with school pride, overpriced sodas and screaming for our Sun Devils until we lose our voices. So, why not look good while enjoying the day?

For today’s home game against Stanford, it’s important to represent not only our school, but also our fashion sense. Luckily, the ASU bookstores across the campuses have a variety of options for game day.


In this outfit we have a Meesh & Mia Team Spirit three-quarter sleeve shirt with mesh shoulder accents. (Available at the ASU bookstore) The blacked out Sun Devils studs on the chest are a perfect homage to our team while still being fashionable. To make the outfit more feminine, wear a gold (or maroon) skirt to represent our school in one more aspect.



If purchasing a new Sun Devils shirt isn’t in your budget, don’t fear—DIY is here! Pinterest is always a great source for DIY fashion. With just an old t-shirt you can revamp your look from old and dingy to stylish and fresh. The variety of different looks can be achieved with just a pair of scissors and a few minutes.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


maroon shirt


High Waist

Pair your favorite DIY top with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts for a fast and casual game day outfit.

If you are feeling very adventurous and are not in a time crunch, try a pair of “Gopheralls.” The University of Minnesota created a pair of overalls sporting their school’s (and ASU’s) colors. Their mascot is Goldie the gopher, which is where the name Gopheralls originated. Although these overalls are infamous in the Midwest, I am sure we can get them trending here in the Southwest.


Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Gopheralls are typically paired with a t-shirt, but for a more fashionable look, one can pair them with a crop top and a statement necklace.

 No matter what you decide to wear to game day, be sure to showcase your sense of style. So go out, and cheer on our Sun Devils while looking fabulous!

Story By Maddy Ryan

Photos By Donald Putman

6 Fashion Forward Movies

There are some films that revolutionized style and created iconic fashion moments for fashion lovers to obsess over. Here are six movies that sent our fashion senses into overdrive.


Cher Clueless

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) had about 50 wardrobe changes in the movie and first-time viewers will begin to anticipate what epically ’90s outfits Cher and her fashionable friends will wear next. Clueless will make you fall in love with matching plaid prints, pastels and velvet all over again. Also, her computer is programmed to put together outfits, enough said.

Easy A

Easy A

Photo Courtesy of Reel Times

This modern-day “Scarlet Letter” probably comes as a surprise because Emma Stone’s character, Olive Penderghast, basically struts around in her underwear for a good portion of the movie. However, she does accomplish the ultimate DIY. I mean, who else could make racy lingerie dress-code-appropriate and a literary reference at the same time?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

Audrey Hepburn’s iconic role is, in part, so popular because of her fabulous wardrobe. Little black dresses, sparkling statement necklaces and classy cigarette holders trademark her look. She even makes a bathrobe look chic with her perfectly styled hair and flawless winged eyeliner. If you’re going for a classic look that’ll turn heads, start by watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Sex and the City

Sex and the City

Photo Courtesy of Telegraph

Just admit it, you wish you could pull off some of the crazy ensembles that only Carrie Bradshaw could put together. Whether you’re a Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha or a Carrie, you’ll drool over the big-time designers and those gorgeous Manolos Bradshaw is famous for. Plus (spoiler), wedding fanatics will find themselves jealous of the wedding dresses Carrie gets to spin around in for an exclusive Vogue shoot. Can I just be Carrie Bradshaw already?

Marie Antoinette

Marie A

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

This is a throwback (way back), but this period piece is choc-full of 1800s royalty fashion (Halloween costume idea, anyone?). Corsets, silk, feathers and those ridiculously poufy dresses dominate the film, and you can almost forget that there’s a revolution going on outside of the pretty palace gates. Plus, director Sophia Coppola adds a modern touch to the film so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a world history class.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Based off of Lauren Weisberger’s bestseller by the same name, the tale of Andy Sachs’ rise (and fall) in the fashion magazine world. Her transformation from bargain bin buys to sleek Chanel boots has to be one of the best wardrobe makeovers to date. Although the movie may be off-putting for those who wish to work in the fashion industry, the fashion is undeniably great.

Story By Savanah Yaghsezian