Coachella: Weekend 1

There’s a lot more to Coachella than the music; it’s a place for standout street style and taking fashion risks.

Coachella weekend one has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean that I’m done reeling from all of the envy worthy outfits that my favorite celebrities and models donned to the big event.

These are some of my top outfit picks from this year’s festival (in no particular order).

Fashion’s “IT Girl” and model Gigi Hadid nailed the festival look. Her ASOS fringe suede collar, body jewelry and body chain, topped off with beachy waves made her a Coachella style queen.

Coachella1Photo courtesy of

Hadid definitely knows Coachella style and had not one, but two head-turning ensembles. She looked like a modern gypsy wandering the festival grounds barefoot in a white dress with a side slit, clad with boho inspired jewelry and a printed bandana.

Coachella 2Photo courtesy of

Look at this picture and tell me you don’t want to be apart of Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio’s clique. She and her friends look stunning -and pretty well coordinated I might add. Each of their outfits embodies a boho vibe and has a girly, feminine feel. Ambrosio (left middle) wears her own design too- a festival romper dress available from Planet Blue.

Coachella 3Photo courtesy of

This look definitely caught my eye while browsing through all of the Coachella looks. Alana Haim captured the true essence of festival fashion in this airy, ruffled blouse in a sea foam green hue (I’m currently obsessing and on the hunt for this gorgeous blouse). Kudos to her for letting this sheer, flowy top be the main focus and pairing it with high waisted, specked cutoff shorts and cool shades.

Coachella 4Photo courtesy of

Although flower head crowns were still present at the festival, hats seemed to be the new “IT” accessory this year at Coachella. I adore this hat in particular because it pairs so well with the rest of the outfit and really ties it all together. This printed cover-up with gold buttons layered over this ruffled white dress is a festival-goers dream.Coachella 5Photo courtesy of

Of course there were many more outfits at Coachella weekend one that were breathtakingly perfect, but these five were my top choices (the ones I was most jealous of and wish I had in my closet right now). I don’t know about you, but I’m anxiously waiting to see what kind of fun, funky fashion Coachella weekend two will bring!

Article by Madi Rowbotham

The inside scoop on Inspired Soles.

Anyone who has lived in the Valley for any amount of time knows that local art is very important in the Phoenix area, not only to the artists but also to the locals who experience the art themselves.

I had the opportunity to attend Inspired Soles, an event created to highlight local artists in the area, and to also raise money giving back to local artists in the area.

This event was in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, at the Luhrs City Center. There was live music, a photo booth and of course great shoes created to be great art to tie everything together.








There were enough shoes to fill the walls of the venue at the Luhrs City Center, in various categories from fantasy, nature and some even made social statements. I photographed a few of my favorites.










“It Takes Balls to be a Woman”      “Full Steam Punk Ahead”










“Oppression”                                           “Phoenix Rising”

Lindsay Viker, founder of the fashion blog, Couture in the Suburbs, has participated in this event as an artist for the past 3 years. “Every year I am inspired by different females… stilettos, females, they really go hand in hand,” Viker said.

IMG_8484“Mother Nature”

“This year with Mother Nature, I was inspired by the movement of being more connected to the earth and bringing things back to where we came from.” Viker said.

“I’ve also considered where power comes from, because I feel the stiletto is a very powerful thing for women… Mother Nature is the most powerful female figure that there is, because she is literally the universe, and that is why I chose her.”

Phoenix, although is a very large city, has many opportunities for local artists in the area.

“The really cool thing about Phoenix is that you can get in on such a small level, and you can really grow as an artist. That is one of the reasons that the blog expanded into the local arts … because we felt that is what makes Phoenix, Phoenix. Fashion, art… they all tie together in a really interesting way,” Viker explained.

So, go out and experience the local arts scene! You never know what you’ll find (I found shoes, of course!) From First Fridays to the Phoenix Art Museum, I promise it won’t disappoint. Thanks for reading, and walk fabulously friends.

Article and Photos by Courtney Mally

Confessions of a Makeup Addict: The Six Essential Lip Colors

A few weeks ago, I shared some tips on how to whittle down your nail polish collection to the essentials by using a simple formula – pick one polish from each of six categories, and you have everything you need for a complete stockpile of nail colors. Because all of us could afford to streamline our beauty routine, I’m here to help you apply that simplification to another facet of your beauty regimen – lip colors.

The 6 Essential Lip Colors

It isn’t unusual to have a handful of lip products in a single bag. After all, every purse needs lipstick, gloss, balm, a lip crayon, plumper… well, maybe not quite all that. But just like nail polish, it’s easy to let your collection of lip products get out of hand. Those pretty little tubes that promise “long-lasting color” and “24-hour moisture” are just too tempting. But it doesn’t have to be that way; you can have a minimalist lip collection with all of the basics. Here is my compilation of the six essential lip colors to match all of your moods and vibes. The products pictured here are lipsticks, but you can also find similar hues as crayons or even glosses.

The Classic Red

1 Red


I am unsure how to even begin explaining why we all need to own a red lipstick. To channel Taylor Swift? To look like a vintage movie star? To feel exponentially more badass and glamorous than usual? Whatever motive you identify with, there’s no question that everyone can rock a classic cherry red on their lips. Tip: For a romantic vibe, use the lipstick to draw a Cupid’s bow, defining the edges of your lips and emphasizing the middle indentation of your top lip by creating a heart-like shape.



The Bright Pink

2 Pink


Pink isn’t just for girly girls anymore – it’s for everyone with a love for lipstick and the desire to be fabulous as hell. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral to avoid overdoing it – or just go all out and not care what anyone thinks. The right shade of pink has the tendency to have that effect on your attitude. Not ready to go full Barbie? Opt for a softer cotton candy or rose shade.





The Simple Nude

3 Nude


It’s fun to go a little crazy with lip color, but sometimes you just want something chic. That’s where a nice beige comes in. Nude lipstick is universally flattering, and it exudes the perfect balance of glamour with nonchalance. Pair a nude lipstick with smoldering smokey eyes for a dose of celebrity glamour, a la Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez.





The Fun Coral

4 Coral


The “fun” of lip color I mentioned in the last paragraph? This is it. Invest in a bright tangerine shade or a neon melon hue to majorly amplify your lips in a unique yet trendy way. These orange-red colors are a fun twist on more classic reds and pinks. They are also the perfect summer beauty staple, and who doesn’t want a dose of sunshine right on their lips?





The Sophisticated Brown

5 Brown


Brown isn’t a color you would typically think to slather onto your lips, but I can assure you that a raisin purple or a rich mahogany can make any beauty look instantly classy and sophisticated. “Glamorous intellectual” is always a good look to strive for, and having a deep shade on your lips is simultaneously modern and mysterious.





The Funky Knockout

6 Funky


Whether it’s a bright neon version of any of the shades discussed above or a totally unconventional shade (black lipstick, anyone?), everyone needs that one lip color that makes them stand out in a crowd, like this majorly amped-up pink. Wearing this shade makes me feel like Nicki Minaj, and I think we all need that sometimes. Makeup is about having fun, after all. Now hit up the drugstore and get ready to paint your lips with some fabulous hues.

Article and Photos by Libby Allnatt

How to: Outfits for AZ style weather

Romance In The Desert

Arizona is known for its hot temperatures almost all year round making people think that Sun Devils only wear shorts and tank-tops.

….Hmm not so fashionable right? Well if you think like me, you my friends are incorrect. Now that I live in Arizona I can tell you that it is only 3 months of hot, hot and very hot summer leaving us with 9 months to bring out our clothes to play.

And even though ASU is not known for its fashion culture, many of its students are like gems in a desert!

With an old romantic look inspired by Ulyana Sergenco, ASU student Amelia Goe finds Sergenco’s vintage romantic inspiration before picking out her outfit. For her makeup Goe went for a classy soft and catty eye inspired look by Dita Von Tesse. With a small clutch, Goe seals her romance at the desert look.


This look is easy to wear because it is so versatile. It can be taken from school to office and even dinner with the girls. Not only is it very versatile but every piece can be used to mix and match with other outfits.

Goe’s easy flow look can be replicated with any button up shirt or a fun print cardigan with high waisted pants. For comfortable but still fashionable shoes, I recommend fun flat shoes or for a fun twist; even booties can work.

Some might still feel it’s hard to put together an outfit as easy as this, but it’s simpler than you might think. Detailing the outfit to fit you is the most important thing so you can feel comfortable. We have all seen men and women with different shapes and heights who look like they have a personal stylist. This is because they have been able to choose pieces that enhance their body.

Amelia Goe, has not only rolled the bottom of her jeans so her legs appear longer, but her cardigan has been slightly rolled for the illusion of longer arms.  With high wasted jeans that tuck in her button up, Goe makes the illusion of a smaller torso with long legs. Tips like these can help any fashion beginner look more put together.

 2857bf30a14cf3e1f4d9a0e9ffeb2190Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Article by Jenny Tapiz

Flower Bands for Dakota- Headbands for a Cause

Three days before she began at Mesa Community College, everything changed. On August 14, 2014, the would-be college freshman Dakota Navarro got into a serious car accident that altered the next part of her life.

With her mother out of work and her sister’s medical bills, Dakota’s sister Francesca created a fundraiser called Flower Bands for Dakota as a way to help support her family. Since the accident in August, Navarro has continued to make and sell the flower headbands at local stores and events.


“I really just don’t like sitting back and hoping for the best, I definitely like to do something,” Navarro said.

“As long as they are taken care of in some way and I’m doing that as much as possible, that always gives me a lot of security in how I feel about myself,” Navarro explained.

Francesca, who is a sophomore communication major at ASU, said her motivation to continue making the bands is stronger because she is helping her sister.

“I’ve always been kind of entrepreneurial, I used to make hair bows and before the accident happened I wanted to start making flower headbands because I thought they were cute,” Navarro said.

After receiving help from her family to buy supplies, Navarro started with the goal to sell 100 flower bands; she has since exceeded that goal.


Part of her success has come from reaching out to local clothing boutiques, such as Here on the Corner, to partner to sell the headbands and host fundraisers and bake sales where a percentage of the proceeds will go to support Dakota.

2STANDALONEdakotaandfrancesca Francesca (left) and her sister Dakota (right) Navarro at the fundraiser and bake sale held at Here on the Corner boutique in Tempe on Sunday March 22. The bake sale and flower bands raised almost $400 and $170 was raised from the 20% proceeds from the merchandise bought.

“The fundraisers are always a very humbling experience,” their mom Suzette Beam said. “Francesca has taken on supporting our family by creating ‘Flower Bands for Dakota’ and it has been an awesome experience. I am very proud of her.”


Here on the Corner owner Julie Kent said she loves being able to do fundraisers to support something she believes in. She also thinks there is a mutual benefit for the store and the cause.

“I’m bringing in people who have never been in here before so maybe they’ll come back,” Kent said. “So it’s really a win, win for everybody when you do a fundraiser.”


Julie Kent has owned Here on the Corner boutique on College Avenue in Tempe for four years this May.

She said one of her favorite things about her business is being able to give her staff more than just a job while they’re in college. “They’re more than just sales people,” she said. “They have a lot of responsibility and I try to hire people and figure out what their talents are so it works for both of us,” Kent said.


The boutique features local designers based in Arizona such as StateFortyEight and Woman’s Touch Apparel who were emerging designers in Phoenix Fashion Week in October 2014. In her role as store owner, Kent said she loves giving local designers a chance to sell their merchandise, “I like knowing who I’m giving my money to,” Kent said.

“Our mission is local fashion, global passion, so products that give back to the community or the environment are important to us,” Kent explained. The store also sells brands such as TOMS, and jewelry brands Pura Vida and Sophia Jane.

The store décor ties into the mission, which is personalized with handwritten chalkboards describing the merchandise and unique pieces that display some of the items, such as the jewelry holder below.


Kent on the unique layout and display of the boutique:

“We’re locally owned and small, we’re different, we don’t want to look like a Target or Old Navy,” Kent said.





The outside appearance also makes Here on the Corner different from other boutiques. On the side of the building, there are bikes decorated with the logos of different local organizations. These bikes personify the Tempe culture since it is on College Avenue, a mere walk away from the ASU Tempe campus.

Picture Slideshow of Here on the Corner boutique

Navarro partnered with Here on the Corner to host a fundraiser, but another part of her success came from making a Facebook page called Flower Bands for Dakota, where people could place custom orders for the $10 bands.

“The process has been possible because of all the awesome families that have been donating to help us get supplies to make them,” Navarro said.

The ASU sophomore said she is going to keep making the bands until she and her family feel financially comfortable, but she might continue to make them for fun.

Navarro said Dakota is recovering and hopefully going to start school in six months to a year.

“She’s always been the tough cookie,” Navarro said. “(There are) tough days, but she’s not very easy to break, she hasn’t yet and I don’t think she will.”

Article and Photos by Alyssa Tufts

Shoesday Tuesday: Brian Atwood edition

Social media is a great tool to utilize to follow not only what is going on in the world of fashion, but it is also a way to get to know the designers who create the clothes.

As you can imagine, I follow a pretty great number of designers on all social media to keep up with the trends, and Instagram has to be my favorite platform to check.

Between videos of models dancing in newly finished dresses by Zac Posen to seeing new combinations of accessories being designed by Michael Kors, and of course realizing that all designers have a stylist best friend is just a few of the many things my Instagram feed has shown me!

One of my favorite shoe designers to follow is Brian Atwood. Not only are his shoes the definition of the tall, sexy pump every girl needs, he’s hilarious and shares a lot of his glamorous life on Instagram!

For example:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.14.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.16.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.14.19 PM




Now, Brian Atwood has more classic designs as well, but spring has come in full force in the fashion world, so his shoes are showing it. I love all the bright colors and the various kinds of straps on these shoes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.22.02 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.24.29 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.22.21 PM







Atwood always posts pictures with one of his good friends and stylists, Rachel Zoe and he has selfies with celebrities like Eva Longoria and Kris Jenner! Talk about star power! And he always looks like he simply loves his life I am dreaming of the day I can purchase a pair of Brian Atwood’s and maybe one day thank him for his contribution to fashion, and my news feed!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.39.51 PM

Who is your favorite designer or stylist to follow? Post or comment below! Thanks for reading and walk fabulously friends.

Article by Courtney Mally, All photos courtesy of Brian Atwood’s Instagram

PHX Fashion Week: Let’s Spring into Style for 2015!

On Saturday night, the valley’s fashion aficionados gathered in the Arizona Center at downtown Phoenix to feast their eyes upon the 6th annual Spring Into Style fashion show, put on by Phoenix Fashion Week. Vendors dotted the outdoor space, selling their wares as style fiends mixed and mingled. After sundown, it was time for the night’s main event – the runway show. Models strutted down the palm tree-lined catwalk, displaying the work of six talented stylists, each with a distinct theme. Relive the show with these highlights, and let yourself get pumped for Phoenix Fashion Week, scheduled for October 1-3 at Talking Stick Resort.

Neutrals – Vanessa Gonzales

Neutrals 1Neutrals 2Neutrals 3Neutrals 5









The show kicked off with a showcase of neutrals styled by Vanessa Gonzales. The white and ivory looks were anything but boring, with loose blouses, distressed denim, and dresses both structured and flowing. Chunky gold jewelry adorned the models, making every ensemble as luxe as the last one and majorly upping the edgy factor of the minimalist looks.

“I used my personal style as inspiration – very feminine,” Gonzales said before the show. “I really love the white-on-white look. I think it is something that’s bold, even though it’s not a color. A lot of people are afraid to do it.”

Denim – Nuvia Magdahi

Denim 1Denim 2Denim 3Denim 4Denim 5









Nuvia Magdahi styled the night’s denim looks, and these weren’t your typical blue jeans. Fitted leather pants, sharp platinum wigs and even a gold head cage made the looks more rock and roll than rugged. Monochromatic colors and structured pieces kept the looks professional and wearable for everyday life, which was one of Magdahi’s aims.

“Denim is already a timeless piece,” she explained. “I’m just educating on how to be edgy, unique and still feel sexy when you wear your jeans. So I hope anybody can [wear these looks] on the sidewalks, other than just the runway.”

Boho – Jenesis Laforcarde

Boho 1Boho 2Boho 3Boho 5








Jenesis Laforcarde styled the night’s boho looks, which were characterized by bright colors,glamorous silhouettes and abstract prints. Intricate facial jewelry, long wavy hair and decadent henna tattoos (some spanning across the model’s entire backs) highlighted the beauty inherent in these unique looks.

“I hope it educates people on culture,” Laforcarde said of her looks in the show. “To me, it’s just all history. I’m taking vintage pieces and adding culture into it.”

Her message? “You don’t have to just wear jeans and a t-shirt all day,” she said. “You can wear prints and be bold… Any body type can really pull off the boho trend, because it’s so flowy. And anyone can wear prints… You can totally rock a print, always.”

Distinct Prints – Tim Boado

Distinct Prints 1Distinct Prints 2Distinct Prints 3Distinct Prints 4Distinct Prints 5









Tim Boado styled the men’s fashion of the show under the theme of distinct prints. The simplicity of fitted pants and shorts juxtaposed the edginess of button-up shirts in colorful geometric patterns. As for accessories, the men put a nautical twist on the edgy fashions by donning classic sunglasses over their eyes, preppy belts on their waists, and oxfords or loafers on their feet (or no shoes at all).

“Your closet doesn’t have to be revamped,” Boado said before the show. “With these looks here, you’ll see a lot of mixing and matching, unusual things, not crazy, but enough to be like, ‘Well, maybe I can do that.’”

Floral – Audree Lopez

Floral 1Floral 2Floral 3Floral 4Floral 5









Audree Lopez brought some surprises with the floral looks she styled for the show. The edgy looks were void of the usual rosy pastels or Crayola brights that are often associated with floral, with jet-black and muted tones taking their place. The looks played with texture on both the models’ bedhead hair and their clothing, with sparkling black lace and all-over fringe. Moto jackets and camel coats topped off tropical and romantic floral tops and skirts while stilettos and platform combat boots rounded out the looks.

“I hope that somebody can at least find one outfit on there that they would want to wear or that they would go buy next week, because there’s a wide range from casual to fancy,” Lopez said.

Bold – Jackie Marin

Bold 1Bold 2Bold 3Bold 4Bold 5







Jackie Marin closed the show with her bold looks that made all sorts of statements. Sparkling bodysuits and three-dimensional gowns that would look right at home on a pop star were interspersed with glittery cut-out gowns and skirt-and-top combos with intricate pleating. Decadent chandelier earrings and heels both neutral and bright completed the looks, exemplifying over-the-top yet artistic glamour.

“I feel like my style, which is haute couture, red-carpet… it’s very understated here in Arizona,” Marin said. “But I feel like there’s a lot of people who want to wear those gowns, those dresses, those showstoppers. I’m one of them! I think that people like that need opportunity… There’s hunger, there’s passion to do things like go out of the ordinary and do something bold.”

Article and Photos by Libby Allnatt