Friday Favorites

Favorite Magazine Cover:


Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

“Lorde made her American magazine debut on the cover of Teen Vogue this week, and it was royal perfection! The young singer looks stunning and chic, owning her curls and edgy style. I knew there was a reason I loved this girl!” -Stacia

Favorite Easter Treat: 


Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad

“I’ll admit I have a slight obsession with Lauren Conrad. OK-she’s my idol. When I saw these robin’s egg macaroon cookies, I couldn’t help but tweet (literally!) about the recipe to my friends this week. Thank goodness I’ll be fleeing from the dorm this weekend in anticipation for Peter Cottontail!” -Tamara

Favorite Sandal:


Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

“Sandal season is in full swing, and the lighter and breezier, the better, in this Arizona heat. Cut-outs are trendy right now, and they add some flare while keeping your feet cool and comfortable. I like this cut-out sandal style best! And stay posted for a full article on spring and summer shoes coming soon!” -Audrey

The new way to wear jewelry in the summer: Flash Tattoos

They are “jewelry inspired temporary tattoos,” according to the company who creates them. Flash Tattoos provide a new alternative to wearing just normal jewelry. These shiny, glimmering temporary tattoos come in metallic hues to mimic real jewelry. Their application is simple; just press the design on your skin where you would like it positioned and hold a wet cloth over it for about 30 seconds, just as you would any normal temporary tattoo, and you have a new accessory!


Flash Tattoos are the perfect option for the beach, pool parties, concerts and music festivals because they don’t get in the way or make you sweat on hot days. They are shiny enough to accomplish the same idea as real jewelry, with less hassle for those lazy summer days.

Flash Tattoos work for a beach vibe, a polished look or a bohemian style. Out of their current nine different sets of tattoos, many include cute elements like geometric shapes, feathers and palm trees. Each set comes with three to four sheets of tattoos, so you can combine your pieces for an intricate design, or share them among your friends.

The tattoos will last four to six days if taken care of properly. They are most easily removed with baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil, but will also begin to wash away on their own after several days. They are available for purchase on, and the website constantly has new styles.

By Sam Stull


The five essential items to refresh your closet for spring

As a college student with a dwindling budget as the school year comes to a close, it can often be hard to purchase all new clothes for the start of the new season. Luckily by finding a few important staple pieces, it will be easy to work them into what you already have to create a great spring wardrobe. These five perfect purchases will keep you looking fabulous for the rest of the semester.

1. Nude or White Statement Shoes



Photo Courtesy of Asos

If you don’t already have some, get some neutral shoes to make an outfit more suitable for spring. Some of the best this season are pointed-toe flats. They will brighten any outfit and are very versatile.

2. Bright Clutch



Photo Courtesy Penny Pincher Fashion

This is the perfect spring staple piece because a clutch is easy to grab on the go to dress up any outfit. Going out will be much more fun with a brightly colored clutch for the season.

3. Patterned Scarf



Photo Courtesy of A Lacey Perspective

Scarves are not just for winter! Find a bright, patterned scarf in spring colors, and it can serve many great purposes when putting together new outfits. Use it to brighten up a dark dress or tie it around the handle of your carry-all bag. The possibilities are endless with the perfect scarf.

4. Dress


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Get a versatile dress that can be worn for many occasions. The perfect spring dress can be dressed up or down, and accessorized for a different look each time you wear it.

5. Midi Skirt


Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

These are so perfect for spring. They give a new twist to the common maxi skirt and can make an outfit look so much more polished. While they can be found in many styles, my favorites are the neutral, pleated midi skirts.


By Samantha Stull

Friday Favorites

Favorite Summer Braid:

Photo Courtesy of Us Hairstyles
“Although the weather has reached a high this week in Arizona, the forecast calls for even hotter days to come. This signals the start of summer and hair days of consisting of ponies and braids to keep locks from getting sweaty and sticky. In anticipation of three months lounging by the pool and relaxing at home, I found this braided ‘do, which I will definitely be sporting in the weeks to come!” -Tamara
Favorite New Read:
Photo Courtesy of Good Reads
“I saw this book at the Phoenix Art Museum, and though I’ve yet to read it, I was instantly enthralled with its message of how to stay classy in a world with a lot of trashy. I try to exude class through my outfit choices, just as Audrey Hepburn did, but there’s so much more to being classy than just dressing the part. I’m hoping it’s a good read with great tips.” -Audrey
Favorite Red Carpet Look:
Photo Courtesy of E! Online
“From the minute she stepped onto the carpet for the ACM Awards, Carrie Underwood was a winner in her pearl fringed gown. The look was styled to perfection and something I will remember many award shows later.” -Stacia

How To: Fake Clean Hair

You decided to skip washing your hair the night before and when you woke up, it was a greasy mess with no hope of salvation. We’ve all been there. However, there are ways to make your hair look clean for days without a wash.

Clean hair 1

Photo Courtesy of Beauty Kafe

One item to invest in if you don’t feel like washing your hair is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo soaks up the excess oil from your hair. Simply spray on dry hair from about 6 inches away and let the product soak in. After about 2 minutes of waiting, style your hair as you wish. A reminder: do not freak out that the product will show up white. When you run your fingers through your hair or style it, the white will dissolve and will not be noticeable.

Clean hair 2

Photo Courtesy of BBT Style

Another easy way to fake clean hair is with a thick headband. Oils usually build up on the top of the head. Simply gather hair into an updo of your choice and pair with a chunky headband. It’ll hide the majority of your greasy spots.

clean hair 3

Photo Courtesy of Fashionising

Most people instantly think of ways to hide their shiny spots, but you can play up the shine in your look to achieve that “chic and sleek” look that is gracing the runways this spring. Gather hair back into a low pony or bun and work with the natural oils in your hair. Smooth down frizz and flyaway hairs with a smoothing serum.

clean hair 4

Photo Courtesy of Barefoot Blonde

Oily hair is the perfect opportunity for braids. The extra oil that collects from not washing your hair can actually make a braid stay in place better. If your bangs are the problem area of grease for you, simply braid bangs back and gather hair into a half-up half-down look, or into an updo. You can also try French braids or side braids.


By Madison Rowbotham

Campus Street Style | April 9

This week on the Tempe Campus, The Chic Daily spotted three major trends: thrift shop finds, dressing for comfort and DIY. It could be the weather, or the sportswear-incorporation trend, but almost every student spotted this week stated that comfort was a major element of his or her style and wardrobe choices. In addition, many students we talked to frequently shop at Goodwill and vintage stores; nothing beats sporting unique pieces that literally only you have! Speaking of unique pieces, many students also make their own clothes. How inspiring and definitive in catering to their specific style. This week’s cool crowd left us inspired and ready to break out the old sewing machine. Thanks ASU!


Junior Aditya Dhumuntarao

Major/Concentration: Math and Physics

“New York classy” is how Aditya describes his style.

Aditya Dhumuntarao wk 13

Sophomore Sky Eigen

Major/Concentration: Sustainability

Sky describes her style as comfortable and utility inspired. She frequently sports thrift shop goodies and vegan pieces.

Sky Eigen wk 13

Junior Mark Sellner

Major/Concentration: Secondary Education

Inspired by what other people wear, Mark tries to incorporate spotted trends into his wardrobe that fit his style and bubbly personality.

Mark Sellner wk 13

Sophomore Quinn Shapiro

Major/Concentration: Business Communication and Studio Art

Quinn deems her grungy gym look “fashionable lazy.”

Quinn Shapiro wk 13

Senior Tawny Manning

Major/Concentration: Psychology and Personal Health

Inspired by her parents, Tawny started sewing medieval reenactments. Striving for comfort and a vintage feel, Tawny made the dress she’s rocking here.

Tawny Manning wk 13

Junior Sara Romine

Major/Concentration: Health Sciences

In addition to shopping at thrift stores, Sara loves to make her own clothes, like the pants she’s sporting here.

Sara Romine wk 13

By Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland

Friday Favorites

Favorite Studded Accessory:

Photo courtesy of Gal Meets Glam
“Studs seem to be spiking up everywhere recently, but I thought these to-die-for Valentino heels were a stand out among the rest! The heels perfectly combine class with a little spunkiness-what more could a girl want?” -Tamara
Favorite White Hot Look:
Photo Courtesy of Moda Operandi
“Although I am nowhere near walking down an aisle, I would gladly do so when the time comes in this stunning Delpozo Spring/Summer 2014 look. It’s dreamy, girly and edgy all at the same time!” -Stacia
Favorite Pattern:
bold patterns
Photo Courtesy of Free People
“Bold, geometric patterns have been popular for a while, and I’m constantly looking for ways to wear this look in a delicate, feminine way. This dress by Free People is a great combination of an edgy print with a feminine style.” -Audrey