How-To: Cut Your Own Bangs

Bangs never go out of style and are perfect for anyone wanting to change up their look. To keep them looking fresh, bangs require a trim every two to four weeks. However, heading to the salon that frequently is unrealistic and can be expensive and time-consuming. So why not cut them yourself?

The only things that you will need are a pair of haircutting scissors and a fine tooth comb.


 First, tie your hair back except for the part that you are cutting.


 Then comb your bangs down to ensure that they lay flat.


Use your fingers as a guide for where you want your bangs to fall.


 Holding the scissors vertically, start in the middle and make small, even cuts working your way to the left.


Then, start in the middle once again and work your way to the right.


Repeat this process until your bangs are at the desired length, and then enjoy your fresh fringe!



Photos and Story By: Lindsay Roberts


Friday Favorites

Favorite Fashion Week Runway Show: 



Photo Courtesy of U-T San Diego

“I keep up with NYFW the best I can for not actually being there. With the end of the New York shows yesterday, Marc Jacobs made a great finale to the week. The Barbie-esque pink house and the pink-carpeted runway were all so unique and unexpected they really stood out among the many shows that occurred over the past week. The audience even listened to voiceovers throughout the show with Beats by Dre headphones. I loved the fact that the models walked the runway with no makeup on, and I always love a model lineup that includes Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner.” -Samantha

Favorite Fashion Week Hair:

NYFW hair


NYFW hair-bun

 Photos Courtesy of Refinery29

“New York Fashion Week is where people in the fashion world discover the trends for next season. Some of those trends include the hairstyles that accompany designers’ collections. I found a few styles that are pretty cool and I think I’m going to try to do myself. The best of all is that a lot of them don’t use any heat. This all-natural style is the look a lot of designers were going for. Here’s a neat braided piece and a messy bun—does it get more simple? Happy hairstyling!” -Alyssa

Favorite Hairstyle: 


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“I think pigtails are entirely undervalued by grown-ups! When worn closer to the nape of one’s neck, they look polished rather than juvenile. I adore Brigitte Bardot’s style here, the loose waves fastened with red ribbons to match her sweater. She looks absolutely precious.” -Persephone

A Tribute to Joan Rivers

The comedic legend and fashion critic Joan Rivers, 81, died from throat surgery complications in New York on Sept. 4. She was an actress, comedian, fashion designer, critic, award-winning author, television producer and screenwriter; the woman did it all. Ms. Rivers was the first woman to host her own late night talk show in 1986 and four years later she won an Emmy for her daytime television program.


Photo Courtesy of 415 Heat

Hosting shows was not enough for the workaholic, because Ms. Rivers then launched her fashion collection, which included jewelry and accessories. The Joan Rivers Classics Collection has an elegant and girly style, making it an essential collection for both formal and informal occasions. The controversial comedian went on to create and host the pre-show for Hollywood award ceremonies, Live from the Red Carpet on E! News. While interviewing at the events, Ms. Rivers would ask A-list celebrities what designer they were wearing. Reporters and correspondents who cover fashion events today have incorporated the trademark question, “Who are you wearing?” into their interviews. Many felt Ms. Rivers’ jokes were too harsh, but her audience, along with some of the people she joked about, loved it. “I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking,” she said. E! News continued to notice her talent, and in September 2010 they gave Ms. Rivers another television opportunity. Each week she co-hosted Fashion Police with Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos. The fashion sheriff and her deputies would joke about and discuss celebrity fashion. They focused on outfits that were worn by public figures at major events such as the Oscars, MTV Music Video Awards and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Not only did Ms. Rivers discuss different styles and fashion trends, she discussed them with a straightforward, bold humor. “Every joke I make, no matter how tasteless, is there to draw attention to something I really care about,” she said.


Photo Courtesy of Zimbio

Joan Rivers’ funeral was held Sunday at Temple Emanu-El in the upper east side of New York. Family members and friends of the late comedian attended the service, including television host Howard Stern who delivered a eulogy. Thousands of fans lined up outside the large temple to pay their respects to the Fashion Police host. Ms. Rivers had no plans on retiring and wanted to work until her very last breath (which she did). Fashion Police will continue to air new episodes on Fridays and her jewelry collection can still be purchased on QVC. May the comedy queen be resting in heaven with a new Birkin—she will be missed.

By: Giselle Vazquez

Friday Favorites

Favorite Decor:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“Sometimes Pinterest can be the best method of inspiration for me. This week I came across this very elegant looking shelf arrangement as I was browsing through pins. I love the way all the colors on this wall compliment each other so nicely, and since I will be moving into my own apartment next school year I figure that it’s never too early to begin looking around for the perfect decorations. Although the toothbrush and toothpaste make it seem like this arrangement is for a bathroom area, something like this would be perfect anywhere in the house. This makes me just so excited to decorate next year!” -Samantha

Favorite Ad:

See video here.

“I just saw this on Twitter and I was so inspired. It was featured on The Cut and The New York Times Magazine, all because it was an Under Armour Ad…featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She is the first non-professional athlete to star in an Under Armour Ad. Watch her ignore the haters and show off her kickboxing skills. Prepare to be inspired, happy watching!” -Alyssa

Favorite Jeans:


Photo Courtesy of Browns

“I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I don’t own a single pair of jeans. I dislike skinny jeans because finding a pair that my big butt can squeeze into is a seemingly impossible task, and I don’t usually have any love for boyfriend jeans because they’re too casual for my taste. I had never discovered a pair that really spoke to me, until I saw these from Tu es Mon Tresor. They combine a relaxed, comfortable fit with a chic pearl embellishment—perfect!” -Persephone

Favorite Celebrity Hair Transformation:

FF sept 3

Photo Courtesy of Elle

“This is proof that Emma Stone can do no wrong. A lot of celebrities have been changing up their hairstyles lately, but Stone’s is on the top of my list. With her fiery red hair, she already turns heads, but now her new shorter ‘do shows off her neck and shoulders. Stone made a bold choice changing it up with a bob. I love how choppy it is, and her side swept bangs compliment the shorter length perfectly.” -Madison

Friday Favorites

Favorite Social Media Post:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.35.28 PM


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

“Being a big fan of Eva Chen ever since her days as a Teen Vogue beauty editor, I was naturally thrilled this week when she created a Snapchat account. That was one of the most exciting things I had seen all week from her, or so I thought. Eva posted her signature Instagram photo featuring her shoes and accessories of the day, but there was something special about this post. She had a matching pair of baby shoes to her own to announce her pregnancy and there was no better way she could have announced this exciting news.” -Samantha

Favorite Decor:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

“Having recently moved into my first apartment, I can’t get enough of unique things for the interior. As with all things in life, I’m trying to achieve a balance between creepy and classy. I have a golden skeleton hand on my desk where I lay my pearls to rest at the end of every day, and an antique clown-shaped votive holder in my bathroom that looks like it belongs in an episode of Supernatural, playing the role of a cursed object. What better way to continue the theme than DIY’ing a pearl-encrusted skull?” -Persephone

Favorite Cover:


Photo Courtesy of E! Online

“As a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, I was thrilled to see Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter covering the September issue of Bazaar. I love that she reenacted some of her iconic poses with a modern twist.” -Madison

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fashion Spread: 


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

“It is one of my guilty pleasures to actually keep up with the Kardashians, so I was thrilled when I found out that Kendall Jenner was going to be featured in this fashion spread in the June/July issue of French Vogue. I am excited to see her modeling career take off like this after walking in the Marc Jacobs fall runway show during New York Fashion Week.” -Samantha

Favorite Event:

SeeYouThere - Phoenix

  Photo Courtesy of CK Scrapbook Events

“I saw this last week and am planning on surprising my mom with an early birthday present by going this weekend! A scrapbook convention…what’s more mother-daughter bonding than that? They have vendors and classes on creating pages, using bling to spice them up and how to incorporate different materials for festive, fun pages! Many other classes are going to be held on Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to kill some time, hop on over to the Phoenix Convention Center!” -Alyssa

Favorite Accessory: 


Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

“My two favorite things right now are headbands and bugs. I’ve been wearing a headband every day since I discovered how magical they are for a girl growing out her bangs, and I really ought to invest in a pretty one. This one from Anthropologie would be ideal with its row of charming golden bees.” -Persephone

Favorite Look:


 Photo Courtesy of Instagram

“Just when I was beginning to think that the ombre trend had run its course, this dress caught my eye on Instagram. I love the two-tone blue ombre on the bottom of this little white dress. The dress is fun and flirty, and perfect for summer! I will definitely be on the hunt for a dress like this.” -Madison

Friday Favorites

Favorite Trend:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

“I am definitely having a moment of appreciation for matching separates. Especially ones that involve a solid color with some texture. I think matching sets are the perfect summer solution for hot days when you still want to look polished and stylish. When going for a more casual look, the trend can also be worn in variations of loose-fitting sets or crop tops. I have a feeling this just might be my new go-to for summer.” -Samantha

Favorite Family Photo:


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

“These photos from the Ralph Lauren Gala at Windsor Castle are stunning! Ralph Lauren has been a staple in the fashion world for such a long time and his clothing personifies clean and sophisticated. Some of the celebs in attendance were Emma Watson and Cate Blanchett, oh, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge who hosted the Lauren family pictured above.” -Alyssa

Favorite Bathing Suit:


Photo Courtesy of ModCloth

“I absolutely do not need another swimsuit. But I am absolutely going to buy this Esther Williams one from ModCloth anyway. I always appreciate a retro one-piece; not only is it modest and flattering for every figure, it’s sexy in a classic way. The sky blue color is a favorite of mine lately, and this one is made in a luxe, velvety material. This bathing suit also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and there’s a high-waisted bikini version too, which I own in red and completely adore.” -Persephone

Favorite Movie Look:


Photo Courtesy of Just Jared

“I saw the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and was obsessed with all of Emma Stone’s outfits in the movie. I love this outfit that she wears because of the mixtures of colors, prints, and textures. I love the preppy look on top and the edgier look on the bottom. The coat is just fantastic. I love the outlining in white and I think the mint green looks fabulous with the purple.” -Madison