Refresh Your Manicure

In addition to makeup tutorials and Outfit of the Day pictures, an essential part of any Pinterest or Instagram feed is the classic manicure photo. Sometimes, a nail tutorial is included, showing viewers exactly how to achieve the intricate look. But sometimes you may want something a little easier—that’s where these nine manicure ideas that anyone can do come in. Just pick your desired look, grab your favorite bottles of polish and get ready to load Instagram with your own cute nail pictures.


1 - Classy

This look is a nail success because of its contrasts—the black and white mixed with the dainty pops of pink, geometric stripes and free-spirited floral, the elongating effect of the vertical stripes next to the circular accent flowers. Whichever way you spin it, the look is a mix of professional and feminine that can make any outfit look more put together. Use a striper polish for the lines and a pointed Q-tip for the flowers. (They are just a series of six dots each!)

2 - Classy

Who says neutral has to be boring? Employ two classic neutral shades—black and beige—to create something a bit more eye-catching than one solid color. Reverse the colors (beige dots on black bases) to create a darker look. Just use those handy pointed Q-tips, or the end of a paperclip for even finer dots.


3 - Glam

Nails don’t have to be extravagantly over-the-top in order to be glamorous. Sometimes all it takes is a two-tone design that puts a modern twist on the traditional French manicure. The key to this look is the opposite finishes—bright matte red-orange pops next to shimmery bronze. In order to get a perfectly pointed tip, put a piece of tape diagonally on your nail, basically creating a triangle stencil. Paint on the shimmery base color. Once fully dry, remove the tape, and carefully paint the remaining triangle with the bright polish.

4- Glam

Red, black and white are great colors on their own, but putting them together as a trio takes glamour to its maximum level. Amp up classic red nails with a black and white chevron accent nail. The accent nail may sound intimidating, but just use a striper polish to make the triangular stripes. Chevron is trendy at the moment, but any black and white print (stripes for something modern, polka dots for a more retro throwback) looks great as an accent nail for this look.


5 - Girly

Implement the classic femininity of pink and lavender when you’re feeling a little extra Barbie-like. Mismatched nails also amp up the playful factor. The trick? Have one solid design (in this case, pink), one graphic design (white and lavender stripes), and an accent (floral) to pull everything together in the most fabulous way possible.

6 - Girly

Get on the pastel bandwagon with a cotton candy-inspired manicure. The beauty is in the simplicity. Paint nails all one girly color, then keep your hand steady and just paint on a tip in a complementary shade. Bubblegum pink and mint green are classic pastel hues, but baby blue, powdery lavender, or even pale yellow would also work.


7 - Fun

Throw it back to grade school with a manicure of classic Crayola hues. Draw colors from the rainbow spectrum (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple) for a simple order to follow. Anchor all the nails together with a layer of sparkling silver glitter.

8 - Fun

It’s hard to not feel happy when your nails are rocking colorful daisies. Pick two bright shades (like sunshine yellow and lime green) and paint them in alternating order. Use a pointed Q-tip to top each nail with a flower. The bright colors and dotted daisies put a little dose of summer on your nails, even if the weather outside is getting a bit cooler.

9 - Fun

Put a more bohemian twist on the above look by putting white and yellow daisies on a black (or navy blue) background. The flowers are still fun, and the contrast of light on dark really pops. But the black base makes this version better suited for cozier autumn and winter outfits.

Story and Photos By Libby Allnatt

Scarf Style

Scarves are one of the easiest ways to stay warm in the fall while still expressing your personal style. They come in an array of colors and patterns that make styling any outfit for fall both fun and simple. Here are four looks I’ve put together to showcase how versatile scarves can really be!


photo 4

Dress up (or warm up) any basic tee with a colorful fall scarf. Scarves can make a basic outfit look that much more put together with almost no extra effort.


photo 3

Pair a printed scarf with a pair of black jeggings for a sleek yet simple look. Add a solid colored top and this easy look is complete.


photo 2 (2)

Accessorize your favorite dress with a pair of riding boots and of course, your favorite fall scarf. Throw on an oversized cardigan if you start to feel chilly.

Dressed Up

photo 1

Scarves make an excellent accessory for your favorite evening dress. Keep it simple with a solid scarf or mix and match with different prints and patterns.

Scarves can be a great addition to all of your favorite fall outfits. They can be worn with nearly everything in your closet to give any outfit a bit of a stylish boost!

Story and Photos By Jillian Carapella

How to find the Seasonal Balance in AZ

Since moving to Arizona just a few short months ago, I’ve had one realization: no matter what month it is, the weather is a blessing and a curse… always hot! Now, I know that is probably obvious to you reading this, but it still shocks me that in November I don’t need to be bundled up in a parka and boots. Whether one day it is 90 degrees and 70 the next, or the mornings start out quite chilly and the afternoons are causing you to break a sweat, trying to find a balanced way to dress has been a challenge. So, here are some examples of how to stay comfortable, and look on-trend this season.

Seasonalbalance1 seasonalbalance2








Photos by Courtney Mally

I personally love this outfit. The contrast between the preppy-ness of the collar underneath the crewneck and the edgy look of the destroyed jeans is a little unexpected, but they balance each other out for a relaxed but put-together look.

This outfit also gives you the option of taking the crewneck off and still looking on- point when the temperatures rise in the early afternoon. Layering is the key!

seasonalbalance3Photo by Courtney Mally

Now, this is the perfect example of the, “I really didn’t want to get ready but I had to because I have stuff to do” outfit. Which I think we all understand at this point in the semester! And honestly, it still looks great. The leggings allow for comfort, but give an equalizing factor with the short-sleeve t-shirt so if the temperatures are a little lower one day, you won’t be freezing. The beanie is not only one of the best ways to hide a bad hair day, but adds the right amount of fall color to tie the entire outfit together.

When I was planning my move out here, I bought a lot of summery clothes like dresses and skirts in order to bear the early-to-mid-August scorching temperatures. Since the weather, although not drastic, is taking a turn toward cooler weather, here is an example of utilizing a summer dress for your fall/winter needs!

seasonalbalance4Photo by Courtney Mally

The light, airy fabric of this dress allows for a lot of layering, without overheating. I simply have a black slip on underneath this dress; however, if it is a chillier day you could wear leggings or tights underneath. Or pair the boots with a jean jacket, or even wear a long-sleeve t-shirt to compensate for the colder temperatures. I love the simplicity of this black dress, because it allows for various uses and a lot of outfit options.

I hope this helped inspire some not-too-warm, but still hot fall looks! What is your favorite outfit combination for fall in Arizona? Post or comment below. Thanks for reading!

Photos and Article by Courtney Mally

Vogue: A History of The Fashion Bible

If you love fashion, odds are that Vogue magazine is one of your monthly subscriptions. Since the first issue of Vogue was published in 1892, the magazine flourished into a globally recognized fashion and lifestyle magazine that publishes 23 national editions, has an average print circulation of 11.3 million subscribers and 1.6 million online readers. It is no surprise the magazine is often referred to as “The Fashion Bible.” Here is a brief history of “The Fashion Bible” by its most groundbreaking covers.

December 1892: Vogue, then a weekly magazine, releases its first issue ever in America by founding publisher Arthur Turnure.


Photo Courtesy of SellMeYourCollectibles

1909: Vogue thrived after Condé Nast Publications acquired the magazine. The magazine started printing more pages and its main audience became women.


Photo Courtesy of Condé Nast

1916 –1920: Vogue made its overseas debut in England in 1916. Due to it’s popularity there, Condé Nast published the first issue of French Vogue in 1920.


Photo Courtesy of On This Day In Fashion

July 1932: The first issue with a colored photograph as the cover. Edward Steichen, a world-famous photographer, took the photo for the cover and the pages of Vogue were no longer illustrated by only drawings.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

1960s: American Vogue fell under the leadership of Diana Vreeland. Issues became more sexy and liberal as celebrities started gracing the covers. Sophia Loren was one of the first celebrities on the cover of Vogue.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

1988: Noted for her bob cut hairstyle, the infamous Anna Wintour became editor-in-chief of American Vogue in 1988. She sought to reshape Vogue by enticing younger readers. The November 1988 issue was the first under Anna Wintour’s leadership.


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Present Day: Anna Wintour remains the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. She continues to experiment with new concepts that would make the magazine appeal to a wider audience. She also discovers new talent in the world of fashion every year through the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award. She surprised the fashion world this September when she included not one, but three models on the issue’s cover.


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Story By Serena Zhang


Campus Street Style | November 17

With autumn finally almost in full swing in Arizona, we noticed a lot of sweaters, layers and flannels this week on the Downtown Phoenix Campus at ASU. Here are four girls we found with fashionable looks, and each one gave us a little insight into their unique styles.


Freshman Emily Zentner

Major/Concentration: Journalism

“I wear flannels over everything. I like to add a pop of color to a black outfit,” Emily said.



Sophomore Olivia Turner

Major/Concentration: Journalism

Olivia describes her style as a blend of cute and comfy clothes.



Freshman Erika Carrera

Major/Concentration: Journalism

For colder weather, Erika keeps her style a little preppy with striped sweaters and ballet flats.



Freshman Breanne Maxwell

Major/Concentration: Healthy Lifestyle

Breanne combines girly pieces with edgy accents, such as her combat boots, for a retro chic look.


By Rachael Bouley and Lindsay Roberts

Four Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Eyeliner

It would be difficult to find a girl who does not have black eyeliner in her makeup bag in one form or another, whether it’s chalky pencil, rich liquid or smooth cream. After all, there’s a reason why black eyeliner is the universal makeup tool—it goes with literally everything. Lining your eyes with black is a quick and simple way to wake up your eyes and easily look put together, no matter the outfit.

However, experimentation is necessary for any beauty junkie. Check out these four ways to spice up your basic black liner, because neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. The first step in all of these looks is to start by lining your eyes with basic black eyeliner, then add a little something special.

1 Eyeliner - glitter

Glitter makes everything better. This is the perfect look for a special occasion, going out, or just to glitz up your regular class look. Just add a layer of liquid silver liner over the black on your top eyelid. The magic is that you get to decide how much sparkle you want, whether it’s a sparse dusting or a thick opaque layer. Pair with cotton candy pink lips to complete the girly Barbie look.

2 Eyeliner - turquoise

A pop of color always makes things more fun. Take your black liner up a notch by drawing a line of turquoise stacked right over it. Royal blue or rich purple can also work, depending on your outfit and accessories. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to avoid looking too overdone and to let your colorful eye makeup take center stage.

3 Eyeliner - wing

If you’re like me, the idea of winged eyeliner is a bit intimidating. Does it require a steady hand? Artistic prowess? Superhuman powers? But a wing is the classic way to take your eyeliner to the next level, and it’s easier than you may think. Apply black pencil eyeliner as you normally would, flicking it up at the corner. Draw and shape as needed (using a tissue to clean up any smudges), and when everything is in place, trace over with liquid eyeliner to richen the color. Pair with nude lipstick for a classic look, or with cherry red to go full glam.

4 Eyeliner - gold

We usually celebrate fall by breaking out the leather boots and cozy flannels, but you can also use the autumn season as makeup inspiration. Add a little something extra to basic black eyeliner with a dusting of goldish-brown eye shadow in the creases. This look warms up your face and gives your eyes depth. Pair with velvety mahogany lips to really round out the fall look.


Story and Photos By Libby Allnatt


“Blank Space:” A great music video, a fashion statement or both?

With a grand total of 20 outfit changes in her music video, “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift has proven that she is one of today’s generation’s top fashion enthusiasts. Her wardrobe for this video includes designs from the late Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2014 line to Naeem Khan’s Spring 2014 line.

Oscar Taylor


Photo Courtesy of L’eclaireur

Naeem Taylor


Photo Courtesy of Olivia Palermo

This video embodies Taylor’s evolution of style in not only fashion, but also genre of music this year. Transitioning from country to pop music is not an easy task for an artist, but Taylor has done this with “1989.” This is Taylor’s first all-pop album in her musical career. Her previous albums have been a mix between country and pop music, but “1989” is a monumental point in Taylor’s career and she is proving it with her dedication to fashion in the music video for “Blank Space.” Taylor tributes her past style from her album, “Red” with her classic red lip making multiple appearances throughout her video.


Along with the multitude of outfits in this video, there was also a surplus of furry, fashionable animals that made appearances. In the beginning of the video, Taylor is in her lavish white bed in a black lace lingerie-like outfit with her lovely feline friend, Miss Olivia Benson on her arm. Taylor has been known for her “crazy cat lady” antics and by featuring one of her own cats in her video, brings a personal aspect to it that only Miss Olivia Benson can do.


Taylor is also found riding (and standing) atop of a white horse while wearing an outfit resembling typical equestrian wear in her video. Taylor blends fashion with reality flawlessly with this outfit. Her knee-high black leather riding boots and matching black leather gloves tie the entire outfit together.


One of my personal favorite outfits from this video is her black, draped dress with sheer panels, paired with strappy black Louboutins with a classic red sole. This dress gives Taylor a façade of a powerful and elegant woman in her video as she is strutting alongside her dreamy man who is wearing a suit and fashion-forward cape while walking their three Doberman Pinschers across their lawn.


Another personal favorite of mine is her glamorous nude strapless gown with pastel floral blossoms layering on top of tulle. This gown does not get much airtime in the video, but it is truly a masterpiece. Within the few seconds we get to see it, it seems as if it was taken straight out of a fairy tale. Surrounded by green vines covering a whimsical garden getaway, the dress is the focus of the entire scene as Taylor and her man share a romantic kiss under the sun.


It is evident that Taylor knows exactly where she wants to be in her career. Her maturing sense of fashion and clear cut music decisions have her on a career pathway that can only go up from here. Bravo, Taylor!



Story By Maddy Ryan

All photos are screenshots from the “Blank Space” music video unless otherwise cited.