Campus Street Style | April 23

This week on the Tempe campus, The Chic Daily spotted some serious trendsetters. We know black pieces are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, but ditching the bright and festive colors of spring for casual black pieces this time of year is not only bold, but also appealing and surprisingly popular right now in the fashion world. In addition to the black piece trend, we saw Middle Eastern influences with turbans, ’90s influences with acid wash and high-waisted denim, and, one of our favorite trends, lunar fashion. As the semester comes to a close and finals approach us, remember: “Dress well, test well!”


Senior Ayan Said

Major/Concentration: Psychology

Ayan’s style exemplifies ’80s and ’90s trends, as she credits her style inspiration to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Ayan Said wk 14

Junior Ryan Krebs

Major/Concentration: English (Literature)

Classy, laid-back, and minimalist are how Ryan describes his style, but no outfit is complete without certain standout pieces to make his outfit pop.

Ryan Krebs wk 14

Junior Lauren Bailey

Major/Concentration: Graphic Design

Hipster hardcore is how Lauren describes her unique style.

Lauren Bailey wk 14

Juniors Lisha Coleman-Computer Science (left) and Ilacian Johnson-Sustainability

Lisha Coleman and Ilacian Johnson wk 14


Junior Hillary Roth

Major/Concentration: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Hillary describes her style as casual and trendy.

Hillary Roth wk 14 (1)

By Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland

Spring into New Shoes

Ah shoes. We can never have too many. We need a pair for every occasion and every outfit. Good thing spring has brought about a plethora of new shoe trends to try that will definitely spruce up our shoe collections.

Spring Shoe 1

Photo Courtesy of The Dressing Room

 CUTOUTS are a great way to add some dimension to an outfit. We’ve seen cutouts in dresses, leggings, etc. And now, we are seeing cutouts in shoes. Opt for a cute pair of shoes with fun, geometric shapes. They’re the perfect amount of unusualness that won’t go unnoticed.


Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar

Another recurrent look in the shoe department for Spring ’14 is SHEER. That sheer, transparent look is a unique way to achieve a barely there effect. Many top shoe designers like Manolo Blahnik are showcasing clear or see-through shoes in their spring collections.


Photo courtesy of

 PLATFORM shoes are making a huge statement this season. For a while, platform shoes were a thing of the past, as shoes with the thinnest of heels were dominating the fashion world. Now, chunky platform shoes are making a comeback and are being sported in all shoe types – sandals, heels, wedges, and even sneakers.

Spring Shoes 4

Photo courtesy of The Right Hair Salon

When isn’t FLORAL a popular trend for spring? This year, floral printed shoes are the ideal catch, being sported in shoe styles like sneakers, loafers, flats, and many more. The variety of colors in a floral print make it easy to pair with many ensembles.


Photo courtesy of Heart of Gold

METALLIC shoes give that glimmer and shine that standout in a crowd. Metallic shoes are the new neutral option for spring and are a fun alternative to nude shoes because metallic also works with a variety of colors.
Step up your shoe game ladies and give these spring shoe trends a whirl.


By Madison Rowbotham

Once Upon a Runway…

They were maidens, nymphs and princesses; they were snow queens and witches; they were naive girls stalked by wolves in the forest, and they were the wolves; they were beauties as well as beasts. They were the models of the Fall 2014 shows, strolling down enchanted paths instead of catwalks, for these were not ordinary fashion shows, but fairy tales written by fashion designers, told in the form of a collection of outfits rather than pages in a book.

Alice + Olivia

Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia was inspired by a charming, albeit dark, Benjamin Lacombe pop-up book. She composed her own fairy tale entitled Enchanted: The Search for the Golden Monarch that was printed on scrolls for the audience and acted out by the models. The collection was sexy, otherworldly, and a little bit trippy, with butterfly prints, heavy embellishments, and elements from both the Victorian era and the 1970s. It was party attire fit for a villainous fairy princess.




Dolce & Gabbana

“Enchanted Sicily” opened up with a huge mystical tree, enshrouded in purple mist, spiraling up out of the ground. Joan of Arc walked alongside Little Red Riding Hood in Dolce & Gabbana’s secret garden. There were fantastical hoods in both fur and chainmail, whimsical appliques of foxes, geese, owls, and squirrels, and pointy slippers and gauntlet-like gloves encrusted with jewels. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana bewitched their usual tailored, womanly garments with the naiveté and magic of bedtime stories.




Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton chose stables as her setting and had the floor lined with heather, moss, and fallen leaves so the models appeared to be treading through the undergrowth of a moonlit wood. The silhouettes were rather childlike – the dresses hung like bells upon the models’ shoulders, swinging playfully as they walked. There were double bell sleeves, long hemlines, smocking and even pom poms, and high collars tied with black ribbons in a juvenile fashion. But amidst the innocence and the charm were dark undertones reminiscent of a Brothers Grimm tale, a savage quality in the fur and feathers and the models’ frosted-over faces.5e44ba62f7fa50a6aa60588a53f75ede


3a4876e6dee20ed0d1a8c552be5fef15By Persephone Price

Photos courtesy of

Friday Favorites

Favorite Magazine Cover:


Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

“Lorde made her American magazine debut on the cover of Teen Vogue this week, and it was royal perfection! The young singer looks stunning and chic, owning her curls and edgy style. I knew there was a reason I loved this girl!” -Stacia

Favorite Easter Treat: 


Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad

“I’ll admit I have a slight obsession with Lauren Conrad. OK-she’s my idol. When I saw these robin’s egg macaroon cookies, I couldn’t help but tweet (literally!) about the recipe to my friends this week. Thank goodness I’ll be fleeing from the dorm this weekend in anticipation for Peter Cottontail!” -Tamara

Favorite Sandal:


Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

“Sandal season is in full swing, and the lighter and breezier, the better, in this Arizona heat. Cut-outs are trendy right now, and they add some flare while keeping your feet cool and comfortable. I like this cut-out sandal style best! And stay posted for a full article on spring and summer shoes coming soon!” -Audrey

The new way to wear jewelry in the summer: Flash Tattoos

They are “jewelry inspired temporary tattoos,” according to the company who creates them. Flash Tattoos provide a new alternative to wearing just normal jewelry. These shiny, glimmering temporary tattoos come in metallic hues to mimic real jewelry. Their application is simple; just press the design on your skin where you would like it positioned and hold a wet cloth over it for about 30 seconds, just as you would any normal temporary tattoo, and you have a new accessory!


Flash Tattoos are the perfect option for the beach, pool parties, concerts and music festivals because they don’t get in the way or make you sweat on hot days. They are shiny enough to accomplish the same idea as real jewelry, with less hassle for those lazy summer days.

Flash Tattoos work for a beach vibe, a polished look or a bohemian style. Out of their current nine different sets of tattoos, many include cute elements like geometric shapes, feathers and palm trees. Each set comes with three to four sheets of tattoos, so you can combine your pieces for an intricate design, or share them among your friends.

The tattoos will last four to six days if taken care of properly. They are most easily removed with baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil, but will also begin to wash away on their own after several days. They are available for purchase on, and the website constantly has new styles.

By Sam Stull


The five essential items to refresh your closet for spring

As a college student with a dwindling budget as the school year comes to a close, it can often be hard to purchase all new clothes for the start of the new season. Luckily by finding a few important staple pieces, it will be easy to work them into what you already have to create a great spring wardrobe. These five perfect purchases will keep you looking fabulous for the rest of the semester.

1. Nude or White Statement Shoes



Photo Courtesy of Asos

If you don’t already have some, get some neutral shoes to make an outfit more suitable for spring. Some of the best this season are pointed-toe flats. They will brighten any outfit and are very versatile.

2. Bright Clutch



Photo Courtesy Penny Pincher Fashion

This is the perfect spring staple piece because a clutch is easy to grab on the go to dress up any outfit. Going out will be much more fun with a brightly colored clutch for the season.

3. Patterned Scarf



Photo Courtesy of A Lacey Perspective

Scarves are not just for winter! Find a bright, patterned scarf in spring colors, and it can serve many great purposes when putting together new outfits. Use it to brighten up a dark dress or tie it around the handle of your carry-all bag. The possibilities are endless with the perfect scarf.

4. Dress


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Get a versatile dress that can be worn for many occasions. The perfect spring dress can be dressed up or down, and accessorized for a different look each time you wear it.

5. Midi Skirt


Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

These are so perfect for spring. They give a new twist to the common maxi skirt and can make an outfit look so much more polished. While they can be found in many styles, my favorites are the neutral, pleated midi skirts.


By Samantha Stull

Friday Favorites

Favorite Summer Braid:

Photo Courtesy of Us Hairstyles
“Although the weather has reached a high this week in Arizona, the forecast calls for even hotter days to come. This signals the start of summer and hair days of consisting of ponies and braids to keep locks from getting sweaty and sticky. In anticipation of three months lounging by the pool and relaxing at home, I found this braided ‘do, which I will definitely be sporting in the weeks to come!” -Tamara
Favorite New Read:
Photo Courtesy of Good Reads
“I saw this book at the Phoenix Art Museum, and though I’ve yet to read it, I was instantly enthralled with its message of how to stay classy in a world with a lot of trashy. I try to exude class through my outfit choices, just as Audrey Hepburn did, but there’s so much more to being classy than just dressing the part. I’m hoping it’s a good read with great tips.” -Audrey
Favorite Red Carpet Look:
Photo Courtesy of E! Online
“From the minute she stepped onto the carpet for the ACM Awards, Carrie Underwood was a winner in her pearl fringed gown. The look was styled to perfection and something I will remember many award shows later.” -Stacia