Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow: If you Aren’t Already

Whether you’re a fashion fan, art lover or just looking for something new to spice up your Instagram newsfeed, I’ve got you covered. I scoured the social networking site to narrow down my 200+ “following” list into my top ten favorites (in no particular order).


asosinstaPhoto courtesy of ASOS Instagram

Your favorite European retailer has an Instagram, and it’s definitely worth altering your following-to- follower ratio. They’ll keep you updated on the latest trends and what items you need to express ship to your home immediately. Plus, they throw in the occasional puppy picture, and who doesn’t love seeing an adorable dog on their newsfeed?

2) (@fashionista_com)

fashionistainstaPhoto courtesy of Instagram

If you don’t have time to read all the articles they post daily, the Fashionista team has made keeping up to date with the latest news in fashion even simpler. They are a great Instagram to follow during fashion weeks especially because they have front-row access. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse of the action behind the scenes as well.

3) The Metropolitan Museum of Art (@MetMuseum)

themetinstaPhoto courtesy of The Met’s Instagram

If you love art (or at least love New York City) following The Met’s Instagram will make you love it a little more. They post (in detail) about their latest events and exhibits so you’ll know what’s going on without actually being there. If you can’t book a flight to Manhattan you can at least settle for spending a few minutes scrolling through the world-famous museum’s photos.

4) Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)

kendalljennerinstaPhoto courtesy of Kendall Jenner’s Instagram

You probably know her as Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, but the reality TV star has made a big splash in the fashion world as well. She’s walked in most of the major designer’s shows over the past two years and has some crazy-talented friends (Cara Delevigne ring a bell?) so her Instagram is choc-full of pictures of her enviable life.

5) Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)

gigihadidinstaPhoto courtesy of Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

Hadid just became one of the fashion industry’s “It” models this year, but you’d almost never know it based on some of her down-to-earth Instagrams. Hadid posts pictures of her ice cream, herself with bunny whiskers on and selfies with her family members. She’s just like you or me, except with famous friends and a variety of photo shoots.

6) Olivia Palermo (@oliviapalermo)

oliviapalermoinstaPhoto courtesy of Olivia Palermo’s Instagram

The queen of street style has an official Instagram and if you’re in need of a new life goal or outfit inspiration she’s the girl to follow. She’s another great account to follow during any of the fashion weeks because you know she’ll be there. Also, her slight overuse of emojis is both unexpected and endearing.

7) Chanta Strasburger (@chantagold)

chantainstaPhoto courtesy of Chanta Strasburger’s Instagram

Ever wonder what it would be like to be an editor at Teen Vogue? Follow Chanta and find out. She posts pictures from inside the Teen Vogue headquarters, keeps you updated on her latest articles and proves that New Yorkers definitely have the most fun. You get the sense that although she’s obtained career success, she’s still a real person and I think that’s what appeals most about her Instagram.

8) Rachel Whitehurst (@rachelwhitehurst)

rachelwhitehurstinstaPhoto courtesy of Rachel Whitehurst’s Instagram

Whitehurst is a fabulously witty fashion/beauty/life vlogger that I discovered my freshman year of high school. She has a considerable following base (38.9k on Instagram) and posts everything from her #footd (face of the day) to pictures of healthy snacks. Her makeup tips are always easy to follow and most of the products she posts about are completely affordable.

9) Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

taylorswiftinstaPhoto courtesy of Taylor Swift’s Instagram

I’m slightly biased on this one seeing as I’m her number one fan (self-proclaimed, of course), but even the most cynical critics of the pop star have to admit her Instagram is adorable. There’s a little something for everyone on T-Swift’s Instagram. Cat fans will go nuts over her videos of Olivia and Meredith, Beyoncé fans will freak at the photos from her 25th birthday party (yes she was there) and Swift fans will obsess over her red carpet glam and relaxed evenings with her friends.

10) Nick Jonas (@nickjonas)

nickjonasinstaPhoto courtesy of Nick Jonas’s Instagram

You’re lying if you haven’t even thought about making him your “Man Crush Monday” at least once. Treat yourself and follow him. I’m not completely straying from fashion on this one though, he posts some pictures in very nice suits.

Article by Savanah Yaghsezian

Arizona-based model makes her dreams come true – at just 21 years old

Most 21-year-olds don’t list booking a Sports Illustrated photoshoot, walking a Victoria’s Secret runway, or working with Alexander McQueen when thinking about their goals.

This is the reality for Christa Sandstrom, a model making a name for herself in the fashion industry both stateside and internationally.

2 Christa Sandstrom beauty, Photographer David Apeji Pixyst 002Photo courtesy of Photographer: David Apeji Pixyst

Sandstrom is based out of Gilbert, Arizona, but she’s jet-setted all around the globe, and she credits her experiences overseas as some of the most crucial in her career.

“The most amazing moment was getting the Glamour beauty editorial when I was in Milan, Italy,” she said. “It was honestly a surreal moment. I remember the exact place and time I got the message from my agent, showing up, being surrounded by a top-of- the-line team, preparing me for the shoot… That was definitely my call-home-crying moment that I felt I had really made it as a model.”

1 Christa Sandstrom backstage at Tucson Fashion Week 2014, Photographer Jacki Sterna 001 (1)Photo courtesy of Photographer: Jacki Sterna

Oh yeah, and going to Milan? She was only 19 years old.

“It really made me realize I wanted to make the most of the opportunity,” she said of her travels to Italy at such a young age. “I didn’t really anticipate what I was getting myself into, going into a different country all alone at that age.”

Sandstrom said that although going abroad was a bit of a culture shock, it helped her appreciate her chance to be in the modeling industry. “It really opened my eyes and made me realize I was doing what I loved at such a young age,” she said. “And I felt so lucky to be doing that.”

Her resume also includes gigs for Oscar de la Renta, Guess Marciano, Vera Wang and MAC Cosmetics.

Sandstrom, with her 5’11” frame and long blonde hair, has graced the cover of Mainstream magazine and appeared in several other publications including Runway. She has appeared on Good Morning Arizona and in a music video by Roseblack and Dreamer, an Arizona-based indie band.

4 Christa Sandstrom fashion, Photographer Michael Franco 001Photo courtesy of Photographer: Michael Franco

The biography on her website,, describes her ability to “effortlessly go from a dramatic glamour shoot to a fun and flirty bikini setting.” For her photoshoots, Sandstrom has donned pink hair, printed bikinis, studded dresses and denim cutoffs. But her personal style includes a lot of neutrals. “My style consists of mostly blacks and grays,” she said. “A bit edgy, but well put- together.”

Also essential to Sandstrom’s identity? Her personality and ability to be well-rounded.

“She has the unique ability to not take herself or modeling too seriously,” said mother Cathryn Sandstrom. “She has for many years downplayed the fact that she is a model. She doesn’t outwardly try to make that her identity.”

While she said she is always proud of her daughter, she names a particular fashion show as the most incredible moment. “It was for Pineda Covalin during the the [2007] Scottsdale Fashion Week,” she said. “She was only 14 years old. In that show, she had to wear a flowing long dress with sleeves that were way wide and then carry two poles that helped make the sleeves stand out, and almost looked like wings as she twirled on the runway.” She said that her daughter was nervous to carry off such a difficult part of the show, but that she executed it flawlessly.

Sandstrom said she always tries to stay professional and take care of herself. “Waking up and going to the gym always to be number one,” she said of her daily routine. “Usually if I have a shoot, I arrive with clear hair, no makeup. I try to prepare the night before. And most importantly, keeping a positive outlook is key to succeeding as a model.”

Her other advice for aspiring models? Stay educated on the industry. “Do your research, do your homework,” she said. “Always understand that it takes a lot. It’s never gonna be easy.”

3 Christa Sandstrom runway at Tucson Fashion Week 2014, Designer Korto Momolu, Photographer Vickie Lan 008

             Sandstrom at Tucson Fashion Week 2014, modeling designer Korto Momolu                                  Photo courtesy of Photographer: Vickie Lan

Optimism is also a large part of her belief system.

“I always hold on to and believe in my dream,” Sandstrom said. “It’s something I’ll never give up and I think it’s important to be consistent in what you believe and what you want… I can handle rejection. It’s something you’re always gonna hear. If someone doesn’t want you, there’s always someone who does.”

Several people in the industry have praised the work of Sandstrom, who is currently signed with FORD/Robert Black Agency, a Scottsdale-based modeling and talent agency.

Stylist Jackie Marin held up a magazine at a press conference at Phoenix Fashion Week’s Spring Into Style show in March, spotlighting a photoshoot featuring the model. “Working with Christa was a refreshing experience,” Marin said of the shoot. “She knows her angles and best features. Not many models know how to work in front of a camera, but this lady knows how to bring high fashion.”

Sandstrom’s business manager Chris Cashak has high hopes for the model. “Everyone in Arizona, whether working in the fashion business or not, should cheer for her all the way to the top,” he said.

Article by Libby Allnatt

5 Favorite Jewelry Trends

Here are 5 of our favorite spring jewelry trends. Some are just gaining popularity, while others are a main staple in any wardrobe.

1) Nose Chains

This particular piece of jewelry is extremely eye catching and is as edgy as it is boho. I really like how you can choose from several different styles so you can see what looks best with your face shape or experiment with how far into the trend you want to delve (see below).


nose chain 1Photo courtesy of


nose chain 2Photo courtesy of 


triple layered nose ringPhoto courtesy of

2) Dainty Draped Necklaces

I love how simple these necklaces are. Whether you’re going on a date or attending a music festival, you can style them into basically any outfit for any occasion. There’s also so many different styles and chains to choose from so you can start a collection if you end up as obsessed as I am.


layered necklacePhoto courtesy of

3) Bangles

I really hope bangles never go away. Not only do they make fun, clinking noises when you move they also look great on everyone. You buy them in a pack so it’s like getting six bracelets for the price of one, and who doesn’t love saving money? Personally, I like this set from Forever 21 because they’re under $10 and come in gold or silver.

choker necklace 1

Photo courtesy of

4) Choker Necklaces

Chokers have been resurrected from their ‘90s fashion graves to infiltrate your jewelry box in the new millennium. I always wanted one of those looped plastic ones (my mom always said no), but now that I’m older I really like the more sophisticated metallic chokers. Wear with a plunging neckline to really emphasize size the jewelry.

choker necklacePhoto courtesy of

5) Mismatch Earrings

I stumbled upon these sets while browsing ASOS (see below), and it was love at first sight. Something about not matching 100% of the way appeals to me. I mean, mixing prints is in right now, so why not mix earrings? This pair from ASOS are matching just enough, though, so you won’t feel totally off balance.

mismatch earringsPhoto courtesy of

Article by Savanah Yaghsezian

Trending: Wristlets-the night out must-have

Nothing impedes your ability to dance along at a concert or a party like a giant purse. You don’t want to leave your phone, money and lip gloss at home, but you don’t want to be carrying around a giant purse either. That’s where wristlets come in!

They are my new favorite accessory, and are just big enough to fit all of your necessities, but small enough to strap onto your wrist. You can find a variety of inexpensive options at almost every clothing or accessory store. Check out some of the cutest styles I found!

First, let’s start with the basic black look. I discovered this sequin chic mesh wristlet at Charming Charlie’s ($13.00), and I haven’t left home without it since. I can easily fit my cards, keys, and phone in here, along with a lip gloss or two.

Photo 1 (2)Photo courtesy of

If you would like an option with some zippers, check out this Mossimo Supply Co. Mini Wristlet from Target ($12.99). You can fit all your necessities in here, while slipping the strap comfortably around your wrist.

Photo 2 (4)Photo courtesy of

rue21 has some adorable wristlet wallet options, with sassy sayings that will add a flair of fun to your outfit. The best part is that they are under $10!

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (2)Photos courtesy of

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with your wristlet! I love this blue wristlet wallet from Charlotte Russe ($12.99) or this front zip wristlet with pink swirls flowers from Vera Bradley ($34.00).

photo 5 (1)Photo courtesy of

Photo 6 (1)


Photo courtesy of

Have fun picking out the perfect wristlet to reflect your style!

Article by Rachael Bouley

Coachella: Weekend 1

There’s a lot more to Coachella than the music; it’s a place for standout street style and taking fashion risks.

Coachella weekend one has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean that I’m done reeling from all of the envy worthy outfits that my favorite celebrities and models donned to the big event.

These are some of my top outfit picks from this year’s festival (in no particular order).

Fashion’s “IT Girl” and model Gigi Hadid nailed the festival look. Her ASOS fringe suede collar, body jewelry and body chain, topped off with beachy waves made her a Coachella style queen.

Coachella1Photo courtesy of

Hadid definitely knows Coachella style and had not one, but two head-turning ensembles. She looked like a modern gypsy wandering the festival grounds barefoot in a white dress with a side slit, clad with boho inspired jewelry and a printed bandana.

Coachella 2Photo courtesy of

Look at this picture and tell me you don’t want to be apart of Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio’s clique. She and her friends look stunning -and pretty well coordinated I might add. Each of their outfits embodies a boho vibe and has a girly, feminine feel. Ambrosio (left middle) wears her own design too- a festival romper dress available from Planet Blue.

Coachella 3Photo courtesy of

This look definitely caught my eye while browsing through all of the Coachella looks. Alana Haim captured the true essence of festival fashion in this airy, ruffled blouse in a sea foam green hue (I’m currently obsessing and on the hunt for this gorgeous blouse). Kudos to her for letting this sheer, flowy top be the main focus and pairing it with high waisted, specked cutoff shorts and cool shades.

Coachella 4Photo courtesy of

Although flower head crowns were still present at the festival, hats seemed to be the new “IT” accessory this year at Coachella. I adore this hat in particular because it pairs so well with the rest of the outfit and really ties it all together. This printed cover-up with gold buttons layered over this ruffled white dress is a festival-goers dream.Coachella 5Photo courtesy of

Of course there were many more outfits at Coachella weekend one that were breathtakingly perfect, but these five were my top choices (the ones I was most jealous of and wish I had in my closet right now). I don’t know about you, but I’m anxiously waiting to see what kind of fun, funky fashion Coachella weekend two will bring!

Article by Madi Rowbotham

The inside scoop on Inspired Soles.

Anyone who has lived in the Valley for any amount of time knows that local art is very important in the Phoenix area, not only to the artists but also to the locals who experience the art themselves.

I had the opportunity to attend Inspired Soles, an event created to highlight local artists in the area, and to also raise money giving back to local artists in the area.

This event was in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, at the Luhrs City Center. There was live music, a photo booth and of course great shoes created to be great art to tie everything together.








There were enough shoes to fill the walls of the venue at the Luhrs City Center, in various categories from fantasy, nature and some even made social statements. I photographed a few of my favorites.










“It Takes Balls to be a Woman”      “Full Steam Punk Ahead”










“Oppression”                                           “Phoenix Rising”

Lindsay Viker, founder of the fashion blog, Couture in the Suburbs, has participated in this event as an artist for the past 3 years. “Every year I am inspired by different females… stilettos, females, they really go hand in hand,” Viker said.

IMG_8484“Mother Nature”

“This year with Mother Nature, I was inspired by the movement of being more connected to the earth and bringing things back to where we came from.” Viker said.

“I’ve also considered where power comes from, because I feel the stiletto is a very powerful thing for women… Mother Nature is the most powerful female figure that there is, because she is literally the universe, and that is why I chose her.”

Phoenix, although is a very large city, has many opportunities for local artists in the area.

“The really cool thing about Phoenix is that you can get in on such a small level, and you can really grow as an artist. That is one of the reasons that the blog expanded into the local arts … because we felt that is what makes Phoenix, Phoenix. Fashion, art… they all tie together in a really interesting way,” Viker explained.

So, go out and experience the local arts scene! You never know what you’ll find (I found shoes, of course!) From First Fridays to the Phoenix Art Museum, I promise it won’t disappoint. Thanks for reading, and walk fabulously friends.

Article and Photos by Courtney Mally

Confessions of a Makeup Addict: The Six Essential Lip Colors

A few weeks ago, I shared some tips on how to whittle down your nail polish collection to the essentials by using a simple formula – pick one polish from each of six categories, and you have everything you need for a complete stockpile of nail colors. Because all of us could afford to streamline our beauty routine, I’m here to help you apply that simplification to another facet of your beauty regimen – lip colors.

The 6 Essential Lip Colors

It isn’t unusual to have a handful of lip products in a single bag. After all, every purse needs lipstick, gloss, balm, a lip crayon, plumper… well, maybe not quite all that. But just like nail polish, it’s easy to let your collection of lip products get out of hand. Those pretty little tubes that promise “long-lasting color” and “24-hour moisture” are just too tempting. But it doesn’t have to be that way; you can have a minimalist lip collection with all of the basics. Here is my compilation of the six essential lip colors to match all of your moods and vibes. The products pictured here are lipsticks, but you can also find similar hues as crayons or even glosses.

The Classic Red

1 Red


I am unsure how to even begin explaining why we all need to own a red lipstick. To channel Taylor Swift? To look like a vintage movie star? To feel exponentially more badass and glamorous than usual? Whatever motive you identify with, there’s no question that everyone can rock a classic cherry red on their lips. Tip: For a romantic vibe, use the lipstick to draw a Cupid’s bow, defining the edges of your lips and emphasizing the middle indentation of your top lip by creating a heart-like shape.



The Bright Pink

2 Pink


Pink isn’t just for girly girls anymore – it’s for everyone with a love for lipstick and the desire to be fabulous as hell. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral to avoid overdoing it – or just go all out and not care what anyone thinks. The right shade of pink has the tendency to have that effect on your attitude. Not ready to go full Barbie? Opt for a softer cotton candy or rose shade.





The Simple Nude

3 Nude


It’s fun to go a little crazy with lip color, but sometimes you just want something chic. That’s where a nice beige comes in. Nude lipstick is universally flattering, and it exudes the perfect balance of glamour with nonchalance. Pair a nude lipstick with smoldering smokey eyes for a dose of celebrity glamour, a la Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez.





The Fun Coral

4 Coral


The “fun” of lip color I mentioned in the last paragraph? This is it. Invest in a bright tangerine shade or a neon melon hue to majorly amplify your lips in a unique yet trendy way. These orange-red colors are a fun twist on more classic reds and pinks. They are also the perfect summer beauty staple, and who doesn’t want a dose of sunshine right on their lips?





The Sophisticated Brown

5 Brown


Brown isn’t a color you would typically think to slather onto your lips, but I can assure you that a raisin purple or a rich mahogany can make any beauty look instantly classy and sophisticated. “Glamorous intellectual” is always a good look to strive for, and having a deep shade on your lips is simultaneously modern and mysterious.





The Funky Knockout

6 Funky


Whether it’s a bright neon version of any of the shades discussed above or a totally unconventional shade (black lipstick, anyone?), everyone needs that one lip color that makes them stand out in a crowd, like this majorly amped-up pink. Wearing this shade makes me feel like Nicki Minaj, and I think we all need that sometimes. Makeup is about having fun, after all. Now hit up the drugstore and get ready to paint your lips with some fabulous hues.

Article and Photos by Libby Allnatt