Trend Alert: Rompers

Rompers (a.k.a. playsuits) are coming back to the fashion scene after being on the DL for a while now. Essentially dresses with shorts on the bottom instead of a skirt, this garment has so many looks and perks that you can play with. It keeps the look feminine while allowing the modernity of women to show.

Since rompers are one piece, getting ready when you’re crunched for time is easy. It’s like throwing on a prepared outfit. You can put on your favorite romper without having to look for shorts to wear underneath or matching top & bottoms.




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Rompers, like dresses, come in all different styles. Try a backless one for a girls night out on the town, or a pretty floral print for class. A more conservative romper with a blazer will get you ready for an interview in a flash. Sometimes, you might even get lucky and find rompers that look and fit like dresses. These can double as a night or day look, all you have to do is change your accessories.

Romper 2

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Jumpsuits are the same idea as a romper. They incorporate pant length bottoms connected to a top. Jumpsuits are great if you want to have a longer look or you want to cover up a little more.

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You can see many celebrities utilizing the romper and jumpsuit trend in many of their everyday outfits, and emerging even more into a formal look at awards and movie premieres.

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This contemporary look for contemporary women will continue to shift and change with the trends of the day, with cutouts, fringe and bold prints. Who knows what tomorrow? What I do know is that this trend is here, and it is hot.

Article by Emma Biscocho



DIY ways to Enhance your Pedicure

No outfit is complete without a killer pedicure. Whether you’re a flip-flop fan or more of a gladiator gal, every kind of sandal looks better with adorably polished toes peeking out. A fashionista on a budget shouldn’t have to shell out big bucks for a pedicure, especially when there are so many cute DIY ideas. So grab your favorite nail polishes and test out these four easy pedicures.

anchors pedicure   Anchors:

   There’s something about nautical style that is preppy and hip and classic and modern all at the same time.    Anchors may look complex, but all you need for this design is a striper polish (like regular nail polish, but    the brush is extra thin, so you can do more precise designs – A.K.A. the ultimate blessing to all nail art        enthusiasts). I went with Barbie pink and classic white, but you could take the nautical theme to the          next level with red and navy blue.

Photo by Libby Allnat

floral pedicure


A lot of people would say floral prints should be reserved for spring, but I don’t think the season should put limits on nail style. Flowers are a cute and easy touch to any pedicure. Use a Q-tip (they even make Q-tips with extra pointy ends, specifically for nail art!) to make 6 dots in the shape of a flower. Use contrasting colors to make the flowers really pop. For example, bright yellow on top of pastel lavender shows up a lot better than say, pink on red or navy blue on black.

Photo by Libby Allnat

floral2 pedicure


Contrasting Floral:

We’ve all heard of accent fingernails, but accent toenails sound a little questionable. However, don’t limit      yourself to painting all toes the same color. Tie everything together by painting the big toe with a      contrasting base color then using the color of the other toes for th e design, such as flowers.

Photo by Libby Allnat


chevron pedicureChevron:

The chevron craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so hop on the bandwagon by donning the trendy  zig-zag stripes on your toes. The stripes look challenging, but all you need is a steady hand and nifty  striper polish.

Photo by Libby Allnat


Photos and Article by Libby Allnat

Jack of All Trades: Hairstyles via a Flat Iron

We all know that we can achieve straight hair with our flat irons, but they are capable of so much more! In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to achieve curls, volume, and beachy waves all with the turn of your wrist.

*Always remember to use a heat protectant when using your flat iron.


Works best with: medium to long hair

1. Straighten your hair from the roots to the middle of the hair shaft (you can skip this step if your hair is already naturally straight).

• The curl will hold better if you don’t straighten the bottom.

2. Flip your wrist 180 degrees and clamp your flat iron to your hair.

3. Roll your wrist toward your face until your hair is completely wrapped around the iron.

4. Now simply pull the iron down and you’re left with a loose curl!

Brush this style out for romantic waves.

flat iron curlscurls

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Crimped hair


  Works best with: fine hair

   1. Separate your hair into 1-inch sections.

   2. Clamp your iron to your hair, and then arch your wrist upward and away from your face.

            • Hold this position for about half a second.

    3. Then move the iron down while rotating your wrist downward and toward your face.

    4. Repeat on all sections of your hair.

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Works best with: naturally straight hair

Twist hair into two sections and run your flat iron down your hair shaft. You can also achieve this look by braiding your hair and straightening your braid.


Works best with: any hair

This style is easy: just flip your head over and straighten your roots! Feel free to add a root- boosting serum and tease as you wish.

This also works with any of the above hairstyles!

Article by Jillian Carapella

Avocado, Apple, Grapefruit Oh My! Homemade Face Masks anyone can try!

Facemasks are a great way to clear toxins from your skin and leave your face feeling smooth like a babies bottom. However, buying facemasks from the stores or going to get facials every month can be a little expensive. The way you can remedy this problem and save money is by making organic ones at home. Here are some simple recipes that you can make right from your pantry.

Facial Masks Found at Natural

Autumn Apple Facial Mask

Mash 1⁄4 of an apple and mix it with one teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of oatmeal. Apply this mixture to your face and let it dry for 10 minutes and rinse off.

avocado pic

   Avocado Facial Mask

    Take half of an avocado. Mash it and apply to your face.

    Wash it off after 15-20 minutes with cool water.

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    Banana, Honey and Yogurt Facial Mask

Take half a banana and mash it with fork. Mix mashed banana with one

tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this mixture on the

face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off with cool water.

   Banana Oatmeal Mask

Take a medium to large peeled banana and mash 1/3 to 1⁄2 cup of oatmeal with it.

Apply this mixture on the face and rinse off after 1-20 minutes with warm water.

Banana and Vitamin E Mask

Take a medium to large peeled banana and mash it. Then take four vitamin E gel caps and squeeze the liquid into the mashed up banana. Apply this mixture on

the face, avoiding the eye area. Wash off with warm water after 10 minutes and pat dry.

Brown Sugar and Milk Mask

brown sugar


Take 1⁄4 cup of brown sugar and 1-2 tablespoons of milk and mix them well.

Massage this mixture to the  freshly cleansed face for at least one minute.

Then let it dry for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water followed by pat dry.

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   Nourishing Facial Mask

Mix one egg and one teaspoon almond oil well and apply it on the face.

Let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash off with cool water.

Cucumber and Yogurt Facial Mask

Take half of a cucumber and one tablespoon of yogurt. Puree both the ingredients in a blender and then apply the mixture on the face.

Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with cool water.

Grapefruit Facial Mask



Take one egg white and beat it till it becomes fluffy. Then add one-teaspoon of

sour cream and one teaspoon grapefruit juice to it. Apply this mixture on the face for

15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. This is one of the best natural facemasks.

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Article by: Ebone Chatman

Shoesday Tuesday Week 2

Even though fall weather in Arizona only means temperatures being in the mid-to- upper 80’s as opposed to being in the scorching triple digits, I was still inspired to ask around to see what some people around Taylor Place like wearing for the fall season and why. I spoke with some people on my floor, and this is what they said:

Allison Bailey: “My army boots are my favorites. I have both black and brown. I have brown because I feel they match the colors of fall, and I have black boots because they make me feel edgy and unstoppable”.

ShoesdayTuesdayWeek2Photo By Courtney Mally

Sierra Theobald: “Depending on my mood, I have both Doc Martins or cowgirl boots. Doc Martins make me feel edgy, and my cowgirl boots go with outfits when my mood is more girly”.



Photos by Courtney Mally

Sydney Abeyta: “Combat boots are my favorite. They’re so classic because you can wear them over jeans and suddenly you have the fall look, it’s so easy”.

Owen Baldner: “I like my Pumas because they’re comfortable and are functional for any type of weather in addition to complimenting my personal style”.

Shoesdaypic4Photo By Courtney Mally

Atlan Hassard: “Blue high top Converse. They’re my favorite shoes any time of the year, because they’re awesome”.

Shoesdaypic5Photo by Courtney Mally

Ciara Archer: “I thoroughly enjoy close-toed fabric pumps. You can wear them with a lot things and they keep your toes warm (in this “terrible” AZ cold), and you can dress them up or down”.

Shoesdaypic6Photo by Courtney Mally

Article by Courtney Mally



Staying Healthy and Keeping it Fresh on Campus

Going to college, whether it is as a first-time freshman or returning upperclassman, can mean big changes. The change in environment can bring new experiences and the freedom to make personal choices: positive and negative. One of the most common concerns among college students is how to stay healthy and avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15.” While it’s easy to binge on late-night carb-filled snacks such as pizza, crackers, chips and ice cream, it’s quite difficult to spend the next semester trying to run the effects of it all off. If you’re already on that track, or just trying to stay on top of your health game, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone! All four Arizona State University campuses offer healthy alternatives: whether they be gluten-free or vegetarian options, health food restaurants, quick substitutes at the dining hall or even your favorite fast food joints. The bonus part: they’re tasty and they’ll fit your tight college budget.


Downtown Phoenix

If you live in the urbanized downtown Phoenix, or maybe have to take a few classes at the Mercado during the week, there’s a great selection of quick and easy spots to fit in a nutritious lunch.

Phoenix Public Market Farmer’s Market, open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon, is located a quick five-minute walk north of Taylor Place. It features food trucks, breakfast burritos, gluten- and dairy-free baked goods, fresh produce, homemade jewelry and dorm-transforming decorations, goat milk and cheese, cage-free eggs, fresh flowers and a variety of other options to bring to a picnic table or take home to make your roommate happy!



Quick Restaurants in the Downtown Area

Bowl of Greens, located under the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, offers my favorite smoothies on campus without all the added sugar; hearty salads; copious amounts of sandwiches and delicious pastas. The downside: it’s a little expensive for our skinny wallets.

Devil’s Greens is located under Taylor Place, and though is operates on odd hours it is convenient for late-night meals or snacks after a study session. Devil’s Greens features baked chicken quesadillas, a burrito bar, whole-grain pasta, homemade hummus, a yogurt parfait and salad bar, delicious soups and sugar-free smoothies. Bonus: it takes meal swipes after 7 p.m. on weekends and 9 p.m. on weekdays; it accepts M&G and the manager will personally make any smoothie recipe that you bring in.

Fair Trade Cafe, located under the A. E. England Building, features hummus sandwiches, salads, vegan options and a juice bar!

Pita Jungle, located north of campus on West Roosevelt, serves falafel, pitas (vegetarian, made of ground chick peas and beans), vegan appetizers, salads and veggie wraps!



Tempe Farmers Market, located on Farmer within walking distance of Mill Avenue is a little store that brings in fresh produce including soy milk, vegan and vegetarian options, organic house supplies and a small cafe with food that can be taken to go. Bonus: it is open until 1 a.m. on weekends, so it’s a great, late night stop for a tea or healthy snack.

Tempe Restaurants:

Desert Roots Kitchen, located on Mill Avenue, is basically a deli and cafe, serving vegan foods that are only made with local ingredients. It has wraps, smoothies, quinoa, pasta salads and smoothies for a very inexpensive price!

Oliveo Grill, located off of University Drive is a fun, spunky college hangout that has a variety of unique, cultural foods including Greek salads, hummus, pitas, veggie burgers and many different types of rice. Bonus: it has free Wi-Fi!

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, located right in the middle of Mill Avenue, is a small sandwich shop that could be made healthy if you avoid the huge options! The owner is able to make vegan and vegetarian options if you are looking to cut back on meats. They even have faux cheese.

Pita Pit, located on Mill Avenue, is a great place to get a quick veggie or hummus pita on whole grain bread.


Finally, a few tips:

Meal plans can be made to be healthy and low in calories. Salad bars are always an option, along with the plentiful amounts of deli sandwiches, wraps and side dishes including tofu and beans. Vegetables and baked chicken are served nightly, in which you could ask the staff for a smaller portion.

If you’re in a rush, Jimmy John’s (located in both Tempe and downtown Phoenix) has ‘un-wiches’ that skip the bread and put your sandwich in a lettuce wrap, often saving over 350 calories!

Need a coffee fix? Starbucks passion fruit tea (without added sugar) is less than 200 calories, along with plain iced coffee or skinny lattes (ask for low-fat or soy milk, and no whipped cream or added sugar). Protein boxes and Greek yogurt are a good Starbucks alternative to the carb-infused croissants and pastries that entice us behind the glass.

Cut back on soda; you should be drinking seven to eight cups of water in the Arizona heat!

Jamba Juice outside of Manzanita Hall sells oatmeal and quick yogurt before morning classes.

Sushi is sold in downtown Phoenix’s Taylor Market Place and Tempe’s Memorial Union, along with a few restaurants in the area such as Squid Ink and Ra on Mill Avenue.

Story and Photos By Sophie Reiners

Music Festival Makeup Looks

Makeup is not only an accessory to fashion, it is a method of self-expression. One of the best aspects of makeup is that it can communicate your mood and personal style. Moreover, just as outfits can be created to fit a specific event, so can makeup looks. Experimenting with different colors and styles can be fun because it can alleviate any intimidation beginners may have.

One of the best atmospheres for self-expression is at music festivals, which are popular throughout different cultures around the world. Music festival fashion is distinguished by flower head crowns, lace, crochet, henna tattoos, gladiators and long, bohemian hair styles. Music festival makeup is also very distinctive, with casual vibes and hints of bright color. Most of the time, festivals are held outdoors so looks can be transformed from day-to-night. While the sun is still up,keep your makeup light, both in color and in density. Shimmery-pigmented lids with some matte colors in the crease and brow bone are ideal for daytime.


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To add a spontaneous hint of color, sweep a sparkly pastel color under the lower lash line. For extra flare around the eyes, use stick-on jewels to create a pattern on the outer corner of eyes. The design is completely up to the individual, so be sure to put your own flare into it! A light pink lip keeps this look appropriate for daywear.


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Later, when the sun goes down, add a bolder lip, like a deep rosy pink, or if you’re feeling really adventurous- a deep burgundy or plum color. For a more intense look, add some dark brown matte colors in the crease and brow bone, as well as to the outer corner. This will intensify the makeup because it creates a smokier eye look, and let’s be honest, adding some sparkles never hurts! Remember to be creative and to stay true to your own style.

bright lip

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Article by: Nicole Genova